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10 steps to the smile, or How to overcome depression

The reckless rhythm of life of ХХІ century notedly influences on everybody in the world. Bad mood, daily stresses, insufficiency of sunny energy and positive emotions is created not very useful “cocktail” for your organism. If you already tried him to the taste, then seems an enemy that must be quickly overcame appeared for you. About the best arsenal of weapon from depression we now and we will talk. 

Step 1

A strong dream is a mortgage of beauty

“Asleep beautiful woman” is not simply fairy-tale for little children. The secret of elixir of eternal youth and beauty is covered in this phrase, and also excellent mood. It is knowingly talked: the “Good dream is medications from all illnesses”, but all Hollywood stars assert with a hundred-per-cent confidence, that secret of their charming, and thus and to success exactly with a strong dream.

Convincingly? Then that, maybe, will your vitally important businesses be able a bit to wait? Moreover the known proverb it is said that the “morning of evening is more wise”. Now you have a complete right to conduct it legal 8 hours in the reign of Morpheus.

Step 2

Sport as factor of strengthening of health

In any displays sport assists a good mood and to the begun to swing stomach, and yet and to strengthening of immunity. You will become more enduring to physical activities, and whole day conducted on heels already will not be for your legs such global problem. Besides from the whole world it was succeeded a scientist to prove that sport is the first enemy of depression. And electing group employments in the clubs of fitness, you can miraculously spend time with friends and and with a benefit for a health. Thus, forgive, depression - hello, “sexy back”!!!

Step 3

Life is in the rhythm of dance

Does know, why project “Dances with stars” became so popular, that our entire country could not unstuck from a screen not on an instant? Will reveal secret to you such success of the program. He consists in that the used for setting fire rhythms of dance promote a mood that is passed to every spectator considerably.  Therefore and people, with the bated breath, watch every step dancers. So why and not to set fire you the star in dance?… In quality of reward you will not only promote general endurance of organism and will improve co-ordination of motions but also will attain a royal posture. In a club there will not be the even you, in fact all looks will be sent only to your grace. You will become a star to the dancefloor and for depression in your life already there will not be a place!

Step 4

Shoping therapy

Shoping of this season must become inalienable part of leisure of every fashion plate. A spring is time for unexpected decisions and brave fashions. And bright colours will remind about summer that we expect so. Thus, call of friends and attack your favourite shops. There you are expected by the sea of surprises and pleasant trifles. Stop depression laying hands on you! In fact summer already so soon.

Step 5

Ripened for a wonderful mood

“Wake up and sing” even for the prophylaxis of the mood. As a bonus, you will fix the muscles of press, and also you will train the respiratory system. And quite possible, that the world soon will see the new star of the large stage – purposeful and cheerful woman all 365 days in an ordinary year and 366 in bissextile.

Step 6

Give life to the hidden talent

A long ago does dream to draw a picture, eventually take up an unfinished novel about school love or to link a scarf to the fellow? Do not put aside by tomorrow, realize the potential and creative capabilities already today. And if second Ajvazovskogo or Tolstogo will not go out even from you, then in winter your boyfriend, indisputably, properly will estimate creation of hands of sweet one.

Step 7

Do not forget about near people

Your grandmother does remember not, when did see the concerned grandchild, but for the friend of school years you always “out of zone of reach”?. Forget about businesses and problems, about a supernew diet, even on one evening and visit these, not indifferent to you people. Grandmother patties are a wonderful method to improve to itself a mood, to remember without careful childhood and to make happy an eye to the native man. By the way, and when did you arrange the last evening-party for friends with discussions in relation to new cream from Dior or scuttle-butts about Vasya and Katya from nearby home? Sure that old. Quickly phone to the friends! Let each bring something sweet, and you but will provide the guests a few new films and comfortable sofa with soft pillows. That is it yet needed for happiness?!

Step 8

Give to itself paradisial rest

Does want to feel a goddess, keeping indoors from an own bathroom? Arrange to itself a spa-salon at home. Aromatic candles, fragrant foam for bath, mask for a face and hair and weakening music - here that from what you will forget about all domestic caring. Mainly, to get down from skies to the home-coming of your darling. He will not understand exactly, that sour cream pell-mell with a strawberry is the real paradise for your face.

Step 9

More often smile!

Children laugh minimum 400 times on a day, at that time when such V.I.P. a person, as you, devotes to this “unadult” employment 10-15 times. Whether this is important? Right answer: it is “Vitally necessary!!”! Can even smile now! Scientists proved in fact, that a laughter took off a tiredness and promotes a capacity, but more main all, increases excretions of endorphins, that, by the way, responsible for your good mood! So that, laugh on a health!

Step 10

Do not refuse to itself in sweetnesses!

A “way to the heart of man lies through his stomach”, to the good mood of girl, it appears, also. Do not refuse to itself in such small pranks, as a piece to the cake or ice-cream in a favourite coffee shop. Well and certainly is a chocolate! He for the counted minutes will promote your mood and you will be able bravely to say: “Goodbye, depression!”.

From an author

Step on life with a good mood and confidence in itself. Charge all the energy and effulgent smile. By scientists it was recently well-proven from the whole world, that a smile is able to start a reverse mechanism!

Smile  and be happy! And then in your life hundred-per-cent there will not be a place for depression!!!


“Depression has ten of faces : age-old, post-natal, depression that is caused by changes in our life, on what of us are unable to influence, – a mrs. Oksana tells. – Sometimes, we name depression autumn depression or so-called seasonal highly emotional disorders. For her a dismal, slowness of ideas and language, loss of interest in life, sense of guilt, parahypnosis, loss of appetite and even suicidal intentions, is characteristic. Sometimes, this state is accompanied by a strong alarm or motive excitation at that a patient cries, hurries, tears on itself dressed. From a side, the signs of depression reflect weight of the state and risk of the actions related to suicid not always, that is why weight of this state can estimate only specialist. And moreover not in that it is time impossible without consultation of doctor independently to appoint to itself or native antidepressants”. (Pidgurskaia Oksana, doctor-psychiatrist)

“When feel the first displays of depression as a bad mood – at once become on a war path with her. Dye hair, do a new make-up, can take the liberty of a choc, go along with friends to the restaurant or in the cinema. Or simply phone to someone near and native, that will support in a heavy minute. Here it is happiness. Hope, my own cunnings so it easily to lead around that round a finger depression me not may need yet long”. (Maiok Julia, student)

“Depression? No, it not for me, – smiling Viktoriya, student that works as a journalist, talks. – And, maybe, my advices someone will be helped, even a bit. Tile of choc, glass of milk and favourite music or film on DVD – here the best method to rest and accumulate forces for new exploits, and to no depression not to overcome you! Smile – and a good mood will accompany you on life”. (Lopatina Viktoria, student)

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