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12 weeks of life

The problem becomes more acute abortions each year. Whether globalization affects the change in priorities when a woman more willing to devote his entire life ‘s career than the child’s education, or falling morale of young people who launched the sexual life of almost 13 years, often forgetting the protection and not thinking about consequences are at the destructive impact of society. Causes and consequences of abortion, we tried to isolate in the material below.

Today, women normally marry. Given that feminist appeals are heard everywhere like “Every child should be wanted”, “Woman alone controls his body,” this change of priorities is entirely natural phenomenon. Well what a woman is obliged to spend their time and energy to raising children, if she also has the right to live for himself, realized most in life? But is this self-realization is possible without the joy of motherhood and whether it is complete?

History of abortion

If someone believes that abortion is a problem only of the last century, it is deeply mistaken: the first mention of abortion date back to the third millennium BC. Attitude to abortion has always been different. For example, Plato and Aristotle favored abortion and recommended it as the best method of birth control.

In the Roman Empire to abortion had a special relationship. Abortion is strictly prohibited there, but the reason for this was the lack of soldiers and slaves in the empire. However, Roman women found a way to interrupt pregnancy: through the use of special plants they were causing a miscarriage, which resulted in the death of the fetus or infant had significant side effects.

In ancient India, according to law, abortion was banned for representatives of the highest caste, in order to increase the size of a privileged family. For other castes such a prohibition existed.

In the Middle Ages, abortion was considered a serious crime in a similar murder of a relative. As it is known, then the influence of the church was very strong, and in the Christian conception abortion deprives the unborn child ritual of baptism, and therefore is a huge sin. In the XVI century under the influence of the Church of abortion punishable by death, after this punishment was replaced on torture and imprisonment. And this applies not only medical, but also patient.

The world’s first abortion was legalized during the French Revolution in 1791, and Russia was allowed after the October Revolution in 1920. However, if this permit in France lasted until around 1810, then in Russia, it works now.

The cause of abortion legalization in Russia was increasing the number of criminal “underground” abortions, which are often not only causing serious complications, but also led to the death of the child as well as the patient.

In 1936 abortion was banned again in order to prevent the extinction of the nation in time of war and repression. Overall, Stalin always opposed abortion and only after his death, by a decree of 1955 a ban on abortion was again removed.

By the way, by the mid 60′s made abortion in most cases without any pain, just a little later began using air and then nitrogen are fed through a mask. Intravenous anesthesia was a rarity and the cost was very expensive, so it was accessible units.

Today abortion is completely banned only 4 of the 193 countries of the world (information from the report of the United Nations, 1996). In Ukraine, as well as in Russia and Belarus, abortion is a crime and is permitted.

Stats of today

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide annually make more than 50 million abortions and 30 years of operations carried out more than a billion.

Session of the Council of Europe Bioethics in December 1996 decided that an embryo is a human at the 14th day after conception. Thus, medicine recognizes abortion interruption of human life, is intentional murder, which logically should be punished by law. However, in different countries to this problem a different approach. Only in Russia, according to official statistics, one year makes about 4 million abortions.

In Catholic Poland, abortion laws are among the toughest in Europe. Abortion is only allowed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and only in case of danger to the mother’s life, rape or fetal pathologies. For Poland this policy more than once been criticized by the UN according to Community law banning abortion causes an increase in the number of criminal abortions.

In India, the situation is catastrophic: doctors estimate that over the past 20 years the country was held about 10 million abortions of girls because of the traditional desire to give birth to boys. For a while it was even forbidden to do ultrasound to women did not know the sex of the child.

An interesting development in the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the United Kingdom is famous for the highest level of teenage contraception among Western European countries, the number of abortions among teenagers (!) much more higher than the number of abortions among women over 21 years.

In Ukraine abortion is punishable only if abortion is made by a person who does not have a medical certificate in “obstetrician-gynecologist.” On sanitation, as we see, is not mentioned. It turns out that the gynecologist can do abortions even outside the hospital, which in most countries has called abortion a criminal and punishable by law.

The psychological aspect

Women who weigh in on abortion, usually just explain their decision, saying that the child I now useless. And there is no fundamental difference whether it’s a student or already a woman of so 35. Well, imagine you are seriously engaged in career or join the university or go on increasing, and then became pregnant, and the first thought that leads to abortion is “I lose my job, I lose everything they have been followed and what wanted so much.”

This reaction is common and by men if steam is not configured to refill, she immediately assumes the unborn child subject to its partner relationships. A woman feel important support during pregnancy, whether it be beloved husband, family or friends. If a woman did not even think about abortion, but also parents and friends, and (most importantly) convincing her husband that she did not need a child, you see, it is very difficult to defend their opinion and do not doubt the correctness of his or her decision.

But this psychological conditions, and what are the consequences? You will not find a doctor who will argue that abortion will not affect the psyche of women. Apart from the traditional sense of guilt, depression, suicidal tendencies often appear, she starts drinking alcohol or even drugs. Psychologists explain this as a kind of attempt to escape from guilt, to avoid responsibility for such action.

Abortion often causes deterioration of relations between the partners. For one reason for this may be a violation of women ‘s sexuality, on the other – a purely psychological aspect of when a woman begins to blame the man that he did not save it from a similar injury and he led her to a way out of the situation.

Such mental disorders in medicine called post-abortion syndrome and occurs without exception in all women who have experienced abortion first time. Austrian psychotherapist Rose Shtummer post abortion syndrome explains this: “Think like this is it possible to just go out and kill people without any consequences to his psyche? In the same way she instinctively understands that committed the murder.”

Health Effects

The most optimal time for abortion – 12 weeks, that is three months after conception. In general, abortion is prohibited until after the 28th week, but at any stage of abortion leads to some negative consequences.

Because abortion in 12 % of women disturbed menstrual cycle; in addition, abortion is the most common cause of severe gynecological diseases: after the abortion they develop in every five women. Also abortion disrupts the endocrine and nervous systems, the immune system reduces women.

A special place among all the complications of abortion takes post abortion syndrome. As you can see, it includes not only psychological symptoms, but also physiological. The most common signs of post abortion syndrome doctors believe infertility, premature birth, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, sexual disorders, anorexia and others.

That explains the negative consequences of abortion gynecologist Liudmyla Smahytel: “Any abortion is a mechanical removal of the uterine lining. During mechanical removal of the shell, which is attached fetus, opens a wide area for the development of various infections. Of course, if the gynecologist does his job properly, no infection of the uterus did not fall. In addition, abortion often causes infertility. The reason is that abortion somehow disrupted the structure of the uterus. Wanted abortion for young girls, in which the body and so by the end of unformed, and just for those women who would give birth for the first time.”

One of the worst effects is the sudden increase in the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that women who have decided to have an abortion, the likelihood of developing breast cancer increases three times. If a woman has already made more than one abortion and her first child was born not earlier than 35 years, the risk increases 8 times. The reason is quite simple: any woman who is pregnant, is experiencing an increase in breast cells that eventually formed only at the end of pregnancy. If the woman to have an abortion, the cells of these glands remain unformed, their development is not completed, so they are vulnerable to danger of cancer.

Anyone more or less familiar with embryology or genetics knows that human life begins at the moment of the merger of male and female gametes. Since then, the zygote is formed, each individual has a substance set of chromosomes that determines a person’s blood group, its height, color of hair, eyes, voice and so on. On the twelfth day after conception, the embryo starts beating heart, in four weeks he had already formed limbs, two or three months the child begins to stir. So consider whether or not illusory professional success or “extraterrestrial” love of victims when knowingly agree to kill living particles themselves.

Olena Removska