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7 days a Raw Foods: experience non-rawfoodist

Celery juice for breakfast, salad for lunch and few dried nuts instead of dinner. Just look daily menu rawfoodist. And while advertising promises us “heavenly pleasure” of regular chocolates, they focus crunch raw carrots. What pushes people to refuse the customary system power supply? As they confront the many culinary temptations? And how influence upon health diet of «caveman» XXI century? Correspondent «Otiumportal» decided to check it out for yourself, a week turned to the real rawfoodist.

Day One
Coffee and tea are missing in the menu rawfoodist. However, vigorous chases residues morning snune worse than caffeine. A fruit salad instead of a full breakfast saves the extra half an hour for the same son. You have more free time, which previously went to a tea party or cooking. The closest not share my enthusiasm. My brother started to ignore me as soon yakyomu had to cook dinner.
Conclusion one: raw food saves time. (But annoying your loved ones).
Day Two
One of the main rules of the system of food – eat when I want. And I want the nearly constant. Find the nearest supermarket is something appropriate impossible. And in specialized online store for a little disappointing. For example, for 100 grams of pine nuts had pay 50 hr, while a normal store that can be purchased at 25-30. This is not to mention the cost of the more exotic products.
Conclusion two: raw food diet – is expensive.
Day Three
Spend time with friends turn to test for resistance. Invitation to a cup of coffee was invited to study the menu in terms of there being something “raw”. A spring does not inspire drinking cold juice. The waitress also looks at me almost with pity when I ask not to add salt and salad oil. Apparently, he thinks that before her next victim diets. Girlfriend with nice eat your cake and innocently offers me a taste.
Conclusion Three: Raw food-eater – people with superhuman willpower. (And others – a bit sadistic).
Day Four
I dream of sweets, but have vdovolnyatysya apples. It seems that everyone has known for fruits and vegetables in my holiday menu. Therefore visit at a cafe for rawfoodist «Ilive». The choice is quite large, the prices very reasonable for the center, and the staff does not have to explain what has to be your plate. But that lime soup tastes like bubble gum, asyroyidnu called pizza pizza exactly wrong. What they do – do not want to know, especially since in my drinks were «prairie grass».
Conclusion Four: first interest what you eat. Even if you raw food-eater.
Day Five
Rawfoodist often talk about their own energy. I feel it myself. Truth was born into question: Can this light constant hunger supports the body in such a state? How primitive people whom he forced to rush in search of food. So I just find it still is not exactly threatening. This is a little unnerving and makes everyone look at as a potential victim. But do not lose enthusiasm, “One, two, three, four, five, now I ‘m going to look!”.
Conclusion Five: Raw food diet not only makes energy boost, but also irritability at first.
Day Six
Found. I saw a recipe online and decided to try the chocolate. At the same time she knew what kerob (sweet powder from the fruit of a tree), where in Kiev can buy cocoa beans and that there is a vegan plate. The last can be dried vegetables, fruits and reheat food. As for me, a little «un- raw food». However, “to a stranger monastery with its law…” A chocolate did not come out for the famous plates from friends I rawfoodist not found. And freely buy it there.
Conclusion Six: Not all that raw, that eat raw foo-eater. And buy “raw food” technique rather problematic.
Day Seven
Mentally make a plan that will eat tomorrow. A week lost 4 pounds, so limit yourself coming days nedovedetsya. A native bullied particularly elegant: Mom cooked cake. Unfortunately, this experiment failed. Cake won professional duty.
Conclusion Seven: raw food diet requires sacrifice. (A correspondent «Otiumportal» they are not ready).
Through the words rawfoodist
Kateryna Bondareva, a student of the Kiev National University of Theatre, Film and Television University Karpenko-Kary:
“For me it all started to communicate with his girlfriend, rawfoodist. It was simple curiosity. First, I decided to try to eat only food unworked month, but likes to previous system food I have not returned. Improved health, have more free time. After cooking for even the most complex dishes I spend no more than 10 minutes. And it’s a good savings. Of course, exotic fruits are expensive, but much cheaper than the same meat. And disappeared desire to buy something for the “snack”, as food for rawfoodist sold in a few stores.
As for the experiment, then, of course, this week rawfoodist not become true. But it is a wonderful experience that will feel all the advantages and disadvantages of this way of eating”.
Hanna Anisimova, designer:
“I have six months as raw food-eater. During this time felt positive changes in the body. For example, short-term memory was restored almost lost half years ago while pregnant, and was even better. The mind became sharper, faster. Hair was less dirty. And not “pull” on any drinks. Drink only water. Become sleep for 3-5 hours. Fatigue did not feel at all! Even after a very active day. I can feel a slight pain in the muscles, but plenty of energy. I wake up and fall asleep instantly. Just open your eyes – and I’m ready for a day although only coffee and tea helped awaken the brain. Became a lark. It used to get up on weekends at nine, and now at five already on his feet. And at night I fall asleep very quickly. I rather take a horizontal position.
Much thinner – is failing. Beginning to deal with weight training, and even try to eat more sweet fruit and sprouted grains. By the way, after switching to sprouted grain cereal do not accept. They seem somewhat decomposed and dead. And all the meat is no longer perceived earlier. I gave him a long time. In place batonakrim foam can not see anything.
According to doctors
Tetiana Solovianenko, doctor-gastroenterologist:
As a doctor, I am against the raw food diet. This system greatly reduces the range of food products because the body does not get a lot of materials needed to complete its work: minerals, proteins, amino acids. In addition, the average Ukrainian digestive system is not adapted to the normal assimilation of large amounts of raw food. The majority rawfoodist also eager to try something exotic. This may cause a number of diseases.
Although I had to examine almost rawfoodist who had good health. But it seems to me a coincidence. And he occasionally used the fish dishes, seafood and cereals. That raw food for him was kind of diet, which he followed periodically. And in this case it is a positive impact on health. But to live only on raw fruits and vegetables is not necessary. Especially dangerous move for a food to children and youth.

Yana Honcharova