18.12.2013 - News

95-year-old Romanian became the oldest actor on the planet

A resident of Romania Radu Beligan hit the Guinness Book of Records: he had more than 75 years  on theater stage.

New name appears in the Guinness Book of Records recorded: the Romanian Radu Beligan became the oldest working actor in the world. It acts in the theater for over 75 years.

The first time the actor walked onto the stage in 1937. It is noteworthy that his first role was in the play “Crime and Punishment” based on Dostoyevsky’s novel.

During his career Beligan played in more than 80 plays, starred in 30 films and acted mnoochislennyh television and radio productions.

After the presentation of diplomas Guinness , he asked theatergoers stop cheering him. ” I do not have any merit. My work  is the result of the love that you showed me for many, many years,” – said Radu.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: theguardian.com