11.04.2014 - News

London City Airport should be closed

London City Airport should be closed because it is not profitable.

So believe in an independent British think tank New Economics Foundation.

Despite the fact that the airport is large enough, occupying 500,000 square meters in the heart of London, it has been criticized as “his direct contribution to the UK economy in 2011 amounted to £ 110 million – less than a fifth of which brings nearby exhibition and conference center ExCel».

Problem importance airport was raised in the report New Economics Foundation, which says that the airport serves only 2.4 percent of the total power of flight London.

Flights from City Airport rely mostly business travelers.

The report states that the territory in which the airport is located, should be transferred to the construction of new homes for the capital and the expansion of local businesses.

Passengers who currently enjoy City airport may instead fly from Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted.

London City is one of the smallest airports in the country, so many large model aircraft can not use it. Because of this, in difficult weather conditions it is likely that flights will be canceled if the aircraft is considered too heavy for takeoff.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: telegraph.co.uk