29.10.2014 - News

Flights delayed due to Wi-Fi network

Flights to Los Angeles was delayed by 17 hours because of network Wi-Fi, named after the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

American Airlines plane en route to London, he returned to the gate after a passenger noticed the available connections to Wi-Fi network access point called “Al-Qaeda terror network is free.” A passenger informed the stewardess at the time when the plane vyrulyuvav to the runway.

Scheduled flight was scheduled for 20:00 on Sunday, but it was delayed for 3 hours at an airport in Los Angeles, and the passengers were asked to turn off all your electronic devices.

Passengers originally reported that the delay was due to technical problems, rather than searching through Wi-Fi network. Eventually the flight was moved to 13.00 on Monday. Some passengers had to spend the night in Los Angeles until they were able to board the next flight.

American police on Monday said that the crime was not committed and therefore no further action will not take.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Sourse: telegraph.co.uk