29.12.2013 - News

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Launches in Africa

Bear Grylls, a British traveler and Star TV show “Man vs. Wild” on channel Discovery, announced the launch of its first Academy survival in Africa.

The Academy will provide outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to learn survival techniques in extreme conditions. First Academy will be held at Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve near Victoria Falls in January.

Course “Victoria Falls”, which includes tasks for survival in water and on land, completed an expedition into the desert designed a final check to practice new skills participants. Participants should complete the following tasks: lighting the fire, emergency shelter construction, knife skills, search for larvae and rodents, survival in extreme weather conditions, river crossing, rafting down the mighty Zambezi River and others.

The course was designed Grylls and his team will be highly trained survival. Lead instructor Scott Heffild said: “A huge area of Victoria Falls is an ideal place to launch Bear Grylls Survival Academy. Terrain, rivers, incredible Victoria Falls, extreme weather conditions and the African wild nature are important factors to consider when trying to recreate that environment, that simulates real-life situations Bear Grylls.”

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton