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Take care of your teeth from an early age

A cup of coffee in the morning as a wake-up ritual. Citrus and chocolate – a daily “snack”. Evening fatigue is that beyond the power even to brush your teeth… Yes, of course, and even cigarettes! Here is a simple set of actions and omissions which are contributing to the yellowish color of teeth.
Modern busy man lays everything associated with health over the weekend. It’s at best. At worst – “somehow, it will be!”. If it comes to a visit to the dentist, the white hospital gowns and white cause fear, but white smile – delight and envy.

The attack on the teeth everywhere.
We should not expect that a little black spot is not able then hit the entire tooth. Better cure than later suffer from pulpitis or periodontitis. The external manifestation of the well-known decay – the destruction of enamel and dentin. Theories about the causes of the disease 400. One of the newer explains that the tooth enamel is formed soft plaque in places where it is not removed when chewing or in the crevices of the chewing surface of molar teeth. There, the bacteria formed, about half of which – streptococci. These undesirable “residents” produce lactic acid, which can demineralized enamel. You might ask: why, then, do not allow children to use a lot of sweets to save teeth, if the cause of acid? The answer is: streptococci from sucrose produce even dekatron which also destroys the strength of the enamel.
Not only the food is the cause of this unpleasant disease. Protection of tooth may be low due to weakened immunity rights. An interesting and not very pleasant is the fact that even the composition of saliva matter. What saliva, the more it matters that increase the risk of getting into dental chair. But this is not the first reason we should not fall into extremes. In any case, you are not alone. We are already 95% of the planet tooth decay.
Come to patch all the holes!
Okay, let’s say that you are not intimidated by caries and black points and you did not interfere. Then you can in a month or two to read the continuation of the article. It will be very useful and needed!
The following discussion will focus on stopping. It seems there is nothing easier – the more, the better. This can be a topic of conversation around an hour – both interlocutors will be interesting. And someone must start thinking: “Is it always justified the high price?” To begin with history – she will answer.
The oldest is the seal of dental silicate cements. They need the highest precision when mixed and rapidly absorbed food coloring. In their place came acrylic plastic, which often cause complications in the form of, for example, pulpitis. Because their reputation is not very good. These fillings are durable, resistant to various influences, with a high aesthetic effect. The last quality is somewhat inferior to composite materials as well has long been proven.
The most expensive and the most recent is seal. Some can reflect the light, and the very process of hardening is caused by spectrum.
So, it makes sense to ask the dentist to pinpoint the material of the seal is made and which is quality. It is necessary, if only to disagree on plastic, which, containing mercury, quietly last long in the tooth 10-15 years. Fortunately, these seals is prohibited in many countries.
Remove? – Not true!
If the “last warned” still did not work, then early to say goodbye to loved by clove and tie the other end of the thread to the door handles. Then read the saying with a hint of Soviet dentistry, “Mouse, Mouse, take a simple tooth, give me the” golden”!”
Delete – this excess in a time of rapid development of European dental equipment and their presence in the Ukrainian dental offices. The tooth should “leave” you only if it injures the tongue or gums, can cause other complications, prevents removable prosthetics and more. Remove absolutely contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation, myocardial infarction, diseases of the blood from clotting. No adjustments to and during ischemia, hypertension, while OMR.
Tooth directly associated with pain and shock is like: “Never, never! And though I have not hit go!” But pain is stopping at, and when you remove is not a fixture. Discomfort – this is normal for this operation, but the majority do not. Anesthesia can work wonders for every occasion – his ” miracle.”
The simplest method is the application of anesthesia lidocaine spray. It can be used for light treatment. As noted by Ms. Skulska, chief physician of child dental clinic Bila Tserkva, Application anesthesia is very weak and is used for the treatment of mucous membrane with stomatitis and periodontitis and in no-pain operations. The second type – infiltratsion anesthesia. Prick “freeze” is not only superficial tissues, but also deeper about an hour. If weary a painful procedure, it is used in conjunction with spray – even no discomfort. More serious is the conductor and stem anesthesia. The first blocks one of the branches of trigeminal nerve, and the second – all. Of course, it is used in severe operations or those that occur over large areas of the gums and teeth.
Hollywood rest!
Bleaching technologies are prominent in the dental treatment. The main causes darkening of teeth I noted earlier in this article.
Eliminate unwanted shade today can be 25-60 minutes – any teeth shine like stars in Hollywood. The difference is that you still own, and not “porcelain” teeth.
There is clinical and home bleaching. The first involves the use of plastic kappa manufactured using a plaster model of the teeth and whitening gel.
The most modern type of clinical bleaching is «Air-Flow» – cleaning of plaque (especially pigmented plaque smoker) and polished using a special powder mixture of air and spray. And ultrasound are effective bleaching by ultrasound and water jet. A relatively new method is Photo-whitening that takes 1.5-2 hours. This method involves coating the tooth mixture, which under halogen light, oxygen that breaks down plaque. If you have absolutely no time, but “It is not!” That will fit a few second laser bleaching. But note: most – does not mean safer.
Whichever procedure you choose, you need to visit to heal and strengthen tooth enamel, and after him – refrain from smoking and drinking food that contains natural dyes.
The venue may change.
Where do go for quality health care at a reasonable price? To name a few leading dental clinics Kyiv that offer discounts on their services. The basic set of services is as follows: treatment of teeth and gums, prosthetics, dental surgery, implants, orthodontics (braces), children’s dentistry, hygiene and prevention.
“Pro-dent” was created for the Dutch “system” with the appropriate equipment. This clinic emphasis on the patient-physician relationship. Branches are in other cities. Not far behind and “Stomatgarant” in Pechersk district, which offers discounts of up to 15%. There is an option for the treatment of insurance. “Formula” offers discounts of up to 7% as “Medistar”. The second is free and tested to consult. Exclusive is free ceramic and nylon prostheses. “Dent-Universal” treats at home, and “Delta- Dent” treats at home even at night!
Professionals are waiting for your teeth and “Smile” and “Renaissance” and other dental clinics in Kyiv.
Do not “repair” tomorrow that is “the broken” today…
Calculate how much time you spend on day to ruin your teeth and give yourself the answer to the next question. Is it worth each tooth for 10 seconds, morning and evening, in his defense, care and cleanliness? Is this too much for a living particle of your body in your mouth? After we wash hands not 2 times a day!
The method of cleaning the teeth can be any – Leonard, Bass, Rtg, charter – but it went to about 3 and 5 minutes. We should not forget the massage the gums and clean the surface of the tongue and cheeks for 80 % of the bacteria found here. Help prevent tooth decay and flosses use – threads for cleaning interdental surfaces. It is better if they are soaked in wax, with fluorides and pleasant fragrance.
The brush should be chosen depending on the sensitivity of the gums (hard, medium hard, soft or naym’yakisha). Pasta – from tooth sensitivity if you feel pain when consuming too cold or hot, you should choose a paste that will help avoid discomfort. Better quality is a paste that you can buy in pharmacies: their prices start from 20 USD. They justify the money spent.
The most important is the attention to your teeth. This includes cleaning and timely treatment and medical examination twice in six months. Do not consider yourself a squirrel that can eat nut, or a champion of opening bottles with his teeth. We should not expect that you, like your grandmother (grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather) and will be in 70 years to have another 15 of their teeth! Note to our environment and way of life – they did not keep our teeth. Save them white and healthy can only you!
Comment specialist.
Minute Interview with Skulska Svitlana, chief physician of the Children’s dental clinic Bila Tserkva. (tel. 80446347564)
Svitlana: Prevention is a priority in medicine. Of course, the most recent is in its infancy. There are primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. It helps keep your teeth healthy and prevent the occurrence of primary caries. There are various preparations containing calcium fluoride. These varnishes, gels, solutions, applications. Also recommended is a brush (Oral-B, Colgate, President) and paste the new generation (Lacalut, Colgate, President).
I: Do recommend you paste distributors? For example, R.O.C.S.?
Svitlana: No, because they are not officially registered. Also, most of them “are” past tax me… These pastes have long been available on the market and prove a serious side. But there are many fakes, so you should buy them in pharmacies.
I: Caries causing bacteria, do have an impact on dental health diseases of the stomach and vice versa?
Svitlana: Yes, of course, they are state of the gastro- intestinal tract and mouth are interconnected. It is rational to eat following the established regime. It is important to normalize the protein and mineral metabolism.
I: In our time is the actual bleaching. What risks does this procedure?
Svitlana: We do not recommend you spend bleaching, but not campaigning against him. The fact that it involves the use of strong acids or strong bases. The best time to remove plaque mechanically. If you look under a microscope to bleached tooth enamel it is like a sieve: all holes covered…
I: So better be prevented and reviews 2 times in six months, rather than prevent. But patients often go for advice?
Svitlana: Unfortunately, it is very rare. We do everything: write an article appears on the radio… culture should be better in relation to health! Our people must learn to love and take care of yourself!

Nadiia Drozd