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Secure relationships for the sake of the future

Family planning is an important and necessary step on the way to the birth of children. It must undergo both the parents, because the pregnancy should be cherished for both women and for men. Assistance in solving the problems the couple may be received in the center of reproductive medicine. On the basis activities of the clinic, we describe you the way to the birth of a healthy and a desired child.

Our history is our fate

In our country there was a huge demographic problem: the death rate exceeds the birth rate. Homo sapiens did not multiply their numbers, but only, at best, creates a replacement. If a family with two children is a luxury and outstanding rarity, what to speak of three or more children in the family. But the two children – it’s just replacing his father and mother after their death. So we go to zero. However, when you consider what a large number of young people for various reasons, leaving our world, most of all, we are in the red. It turns out that the nation of Ukrainians do not increase, but decreases. And if every family had at least three children, each couple would give a gain in one person.

If the primitive family had five to eleven children, we can be of such a dream. Salary average Ukrainian does not give the opportunity to become a big family, and health is not perfect. Young people, in whose hands all our future, not too hurry to start a family, the priority for her is to achieve career success. When successful in their business woman wants to have a baby, it may be too late. Then we will have enough for saving straw, last chance. Some may, but do not want others want, but can not.

In the world, every fifth marriage is infertile. In Ukraine, unfortunately, this figure is even higher. Overall World statistics show that 35% of men are infertile. For the period 2003-2005 have 185 million pregnancies, 75 million of them are undesirable, and 45 million – abortions, of which as many as 20 million illegal. Such statistics do not suggest an optimistic note, because every abortion is a killing of a living person who has took the chance to exist.

Movement “For the birth!”

The government seriously tackle the problem of birth control. If China allowed to have more than one child, then we have probably soon will fine families without children. Today, the government took certain cash payments for the birth of a child. The largest amount reaches 120 living wage, paid for the birth of the third and each subsequent child. Parents will receive the money within 72 months. For the second child in the amount of half the multiple of 60 living wage and is paid for 48 months. And for the first-born child to the state promises 30 living wage, the payment would be 24 months. It’s all spelled out in the Law of Ukraine “On State aid to families with children,” so, if necessary, you can refer to it.

In order to improve the health of couples, 13 Sept. 1995 in Ukraine has started a national program “Family Planning.” Throughout its activities (ceased its operation in 2005), the number of abortions has decreased to 200 thousand took over the baton adopted by 27 Dec. 2006 a program called “Reproductive Health of the Nation”, approved until 2015. As stated in the document itself, the goal “is to improve the reproductive health of the population as an important component of overall health, which greatly affects the demographics and socio-economic development of the country.”

Life without “killing”

Family planning is planning a wanted pregnancy. And to the pregnancy proceeded without complications and the baby was born healthy, you need to be screened regularly and comply with doctors’ recommendations. Twenty years old – this is the period when a young girl is not the first time think about the children. But the health of the unborn child depends not only on the mother, and from his father. If the newlyweds have bad habits, they should fast get rid of them. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are your enemies. Healthy lifestyle – all you need now. The main reproductive system specialist of the city of Kiev Elena Boris says that the best interval between the birth of children of 2-3 years. During this time, a woman’s body time to rest and recover for bearing the child. But do not delay the birth of a child, because in older age decreases the percentage chance of getting pregnant.

If you are not ready to have a baby, in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy should use contraception. Nowadays there are a variety of means, and everyone will be able to find for yourself what works best. The easiest method that does not require hormonal effects on the body, is a natural. It is the basis of “safe” days. But not all women know how to properly use it, which is manifested through the pregnancy. According to the survey, out of 100 women who trusted this method to become pregnant within a year 38. Those women who use oral contraceptives are not too risk – of the same 100 women became pregnant only one. But, as joked Elena, a reliable method of birth control – a combination of all the possible methods of contraception. Haphazard use of contraceptives or total neglect leads to pregnancy. And if such a pregnancy is unwanted for both men and women, they decide to have an abortion, equal to murder. In addition, it entails a lot of unpleasant consequences: inflammation, bleeding, menstrual disorders and infertility.

Before the use of hormone pills should consult a specialist. He will advise them according to your hormonal composition and other individual indicators. Proper and consistent use of these pills helps keep the molecular ovarian reserve, and also serves as the prevention of ovarian and endometrial cancer. The use of tablets provides training for ovarian pregnancy, they “rest.” Application of combined oral contraceptives reduces the risk horionkarcinome (malignant tumor). Elena dispels the myth of the possibility of infertility after long use of hormone pills. On the contrary, sometimes it even helps to get pregnant. There are times that women who are long time could not get pregnant after consuming tablets for six months happily wore a child’s heart. Tablets also help to improve skin color and remove acne. And the ability of overweight, and this deterred hormone pills young girls, very small. This is not the pills that our mothers ate more.

Punished by infertility

Reproductive health of the parents is the guarantee of health descendants. But, unfortunately, today, very few people can say that. The fact that a young person receives the first sexual experience an average of 13 years, will be felt in the future. Still, there are many harmful factors – environmental, psychological causes, illness, transmitted by inheritance. All this can lead to a terrible diagnosis – infertility, loss of the joys of fatherhood and motherhood.

For women infertility can be caused by abortion, miscarriage or past diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Inflammation of the female genital organs cause a variety of infections. To avoid this situation, you should use condoms and, in any case, do not forget about personal hygiene. If you notice at any trouble, you need to see a doctor, because the sooner treatment starts, the more effective it will be.

As for male infertility causes include be trauma, disruption of spermatogenesis as result of inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases in childhood (especially mumps), urogenital infections (gonorrhea), the presence of cryptorchidism, and intoxication with alcohol or chemicals.

Today in Kiev are registered 2 546 infertile couples, 764 of them – men, both – the 255 married couples. And that’s just registered, and there are those who do not report their problem… The number of infertile couples in the world is in the range of 10-20%, in Ukraine are at least 1, 25 million infertile couples.

Infertility treatment is not cheap (up to 40 th uah in private clinics), and not always efficient. If you are undergoing fertility treatment for a year, especially where you download large amounts, but there is no result, an urgent need to go to another clinic. After proper and conscientious treatment should give the result of at least one year of treatment.

So think of the future is already at a young age, because a large percentage of our problems and failures – our way of life, irresponsibility and indifference to their own health.

Instead of conclusion

According to Elena Nikolaevna, “The doctor is always ready to help you. But we should not forget that he is not the fairy with a magic wand that will solve your problem instantly. So first of all get protected by yourselves.”

Natalia Yurash