28.09.2012 - Hobby

Beads – not new

Today was a remarkable popular beads. He decorated clothing, footwear, home, jewelry making … With what began as a way of colored beads and beads took place today?

Few people know since we came to the beads. No, not in the last century. He actually has more than 40 thousand years. The name comes from the Arabic word “library,” which means “artificial pearls.”

Originally beads called stones, shells, bones and teeth of animals. Incidentally, the first product of it began to be no women, namely men. They even invented many kinds of needlework, which are now women.

In one of the earliest forms of religious beliefs – fetishism – there was a belief in supernatural properties decorations. Embellishing the neck necklaces of various natural elements, it was believed that their power will be passed to people. Such ornaments were used as charms, amulets, talismans. By choosing treated seriously, with great responsibility.

Beads goes the planet

History of the beads began with the appearance of glass. The first began producing glass ornaments Egyptians. They decorated clothing, nanyzuvaly bracelets, necklaces wove. Even the pharaohs wore jewelry combined gold and beads. That the Egyptians learned to give each biseryntsi desired color.

Beads in ancient times is appreciated. Yes, in China it can be exchanged for tea and silk, and in Africa – gold, fish, ivory.

From year to year beads distributed throughout the world and gaining new colors, shapes, Improvement in its production. The Romans learned to clean the glass of impurities. Muslims – to biserynam different shapes.

From the eighteenth century and by now the leadership of the producing beads keep the Czechs. They learned to facet it, cover a variety of enamels, which made it possible to manufacture a large range of colors and sizes.

In our home for the first time colored beads were in the eleventh century, but then appeared and the first workshop. Most products from beads made in monasteries. These spiritually pure places he decorated not only icons, but their frames (salaries).

From this brief excursion into history we see thorny road bead to its perfection. Many craftsmen produce all of the beads today. By the way, their works are of great value not only financial, but spiritual: they put the soul and warmth.

Beads and present

Watching the secular lady and fashion shows, once again we can be sure that the beads fairly valued. Fashion designers represent a large number of evening and everyday dresses, embroidered with beads. With it you can do not only clothing, jewelry, and a picture of home furnishing items and some cute knickknacks.

Today, buying beads, there is no interference. This can be done in any place of sale hardware. Before we revealed considerable diversity of colors, shapes and sizes. Transparent, glossy, matte, duotone, pastel and bright colors. So by going to the store, anyone can choose an option. In addition, the buyer is represented different range of prices, which, of course, depend on the quality of the goods. The higher price the better quality. It is up to it often depends on how successful will result of hard work.

Beading is interesting not only adult people, but also children. Training is useful even for school-age children. Working with beads develop fine motor hand what a positive effect on psychomotor function of the child, has artistic taste, develops imagination and contributes to the aesthetic expression of personality.

Circle of beading

Engineering work accessible to everyone wanting to master this art form. One has only to sit down and start work as soon eye myluvatyme your own work. Among the many techniques that everyone can find one, which would address repeatedly. But do not be afraid to experiment. The more techniques ovladeete, it will unikalnishym product.

In the Kiev region of Kyiv is a center of scientific and technical creativity “scope” of his Methodist – Nina Yevtushenko. Among the many groups have found place and beading circle. In addition to his technical work Nina is pleased to teach children how and what you can do with beads and auxiliary materials.

- What prompted you to actually work on making beads?

- I led the group “Souvenir.” There we are embroidered, crocheted and wove and made macrame and other products. Then the beads became popular, I decided to try yourself. I already had a little bead and the program was scheduled such sessions. Girls like. So to start, and beading. Very little studied and taught the girls along. That way I began to weave and embroider beads.

- Nino Ivanivna, from which age you taught children? Are there any restrictions?

- Our group visited the children of school age. There are two groups: younger and older. Trying to was a small difference in age, but not always. Often parents bring pershachkiv, mostly girls. Guys are not interesting to weave something of the beads. Before going to us for 2-3 years or more. A couple of years ago long fail to attend classes. They came, learned something and immediately go.

- Which beads are your students?

- What parents will buy, so be it. Beads now expensive. I do not demand expensive to buy Czech beads, because not everyone can buy a good and durable material. Junior Group recommend buying big. Mothers just show already ready to work it with a bead. For children it best: will not spoil vision. Senior weave with small beads, again, that people acquire.

The girls then are required to pick up beads. Always say that if they began to weave a large bead, then the end of the work to match it to be the same. Otherwise, the whole scheme can be corrupted and not work the desired result. In accessible to us a cheap beads biseryna not like the other: the small and large, or some kind. Of course, the best Czech beads yakosti6 it smoother, bead does not differ. So working with him and would be more neat and beautiful.

- What is the difference in the selection of beads depending on the type of work?

- Everywhere important quality beads. If work is planned on a wire, you need to biseryna had a great opening to the technique of parallel braiding wire could easily double pass. Embroider better small beads – the picture comes out accurately. Fishing line is a different thickness. If you first bought it, then beads to match appropriate.

- Have you held exhibitions of works of beads?

- Yes, of course, occur. The exhibitions are presented of not only our students but also from other schools. This year we present the best work and older group and younger. Students do not just brasletky and animals, but the whole composition of flowers, beads, illustrations for fairy tales.

- What qualities should a child to make a work of art?

- Well, first of all patience, perseverance, of course, and aesthetic taste. And most importantly – the desire to do so.

Most children do not always know what you can do, what to do. Much depends on the parents. If the mother is interested, maybe once she studied in this circle, the resulting child. And these kids are much better trained, they have more diligence. If the kids brought to school the whole class and forced to do something, then she does something, it’s no fun. So the main thing that parents pryvyvaly child love to different kinds of art.


From a conversation with a teacher-methodologist, and indeed from their own observations, we see that a women’s beading hobby. Men, apparently, like beaded jewelry, but only to women of their darling.

Each master has its own feature. One likes to embroider, weave another in fishing line or wire. Each of these types of work is unique and requires specific skills and attention.

Necklace, bracelet, painting, tree or flower – all saturated with warmth and love of the wizard and it passed everything. In addition, these works – ever. If cleanly they are treated, they are not zlamayutsya not lose color. And most importantly, you can show them to their descendants tapryschepyty their love for this art.

Oksana Romanenko