07.01.2014 - News

“Brilliant cube” illuminates Gangnam

Spectacular “kinetic cube” will illuminate the area of ​​Seoul Gangnam.

“Shiny Cube” consists of 576 LED poles that move up and down the matrix, measuring 36 square meters. He constantly shines hypnotic colorful patterns and images in one of the busiest, and now one of the most famous districts of Seoul.

Korean media artist Jin-Yo Mok 3D matrix created in collaboration with a group of Seoul media artists Jonpasang, animations and asked colleagues media artists Jussi Angesleva and Alvaro Cassinelli.

More than 50 people within four months engaged in the creation of this work of art.

“The construction was to take a lot more time in fact, but the Korean work environment does not allow the delay, so we ended up very quickly,” – said Mok.

Mok was also the author of the beautiful facade of the three-layer LED sign another object in Seoul – the store “Shinsegae ” – as well as installation “Hyper Matrix”, exhibited in Yeosu Expo last year.

Hyundai Motor Company commissioned the work, costing $ 1.5 million, with additional support from the Gangnam District Office.

“Shiny Cube” was launched in October with great fanfare. It was planned that he will be on display until December, but the show has been extended until March because of its popularity.

“It will probably be moved to the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul in late March,” – said Mok.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: cnn.com