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Guide to Atlants, or struggle with fatigue

Sometimes it seems as if Atlanta went on holiday without their professionally trained hands sky have to hold their own. As African women, we move it to the head. Although this method is said to allow correct posture, stubbornly nourished dream dismissed ton overhead air and use the example of the Titans. Or at least find a portable column or, in extreme cases, a tripod.

Not in vain the English word «tired» spilnokoreneve (or just a consonant) with the «tire» (English Bus)? She also has to keep his weight on the car and in addition, provide it moving forward. A bit sarcastic etymology, but it is very hard to believe for some reason.

Surprisingly, as we have not earned prym’yatyny characteristic of turtles.

Condition of fatigue did not need explanations or definitions. This is probably the only condition in which at least sometimes is every living creature. Particularly relevant in this problem during the student session, the percentage weight of air per square inch of the head over all tolerance. Ryatuyemosya as we can: build a colonnade with mountains summaries, essays, articles and of course, delighted most unexpected of any horizontal surface, moving in the best tradition of night-walker and barely refrain from caffeine administration intravenously. Colors of our eyes envy vampires, ready to face photosynthesis memory is reached and gigabytes, and the need for a special label “Caution! Object explosive “desperate.

Gentlemen Atlanta, go to jobs.

Fatigue itself is not a pathological condition. Medical Dictionary defines it as “the inability of the organism, organ or tissue normally respond to stimulation for a certain time.” The term is often used, – chronic fatigue syndrome – not quite fit the context, it is not surprising. Just this syndrome is a full-fledged disease. A tired routine pryblyzhenoyi us yet added colorful bouquet of physical inactivity, neuroses, depression, etc. memory. Consider this picture more.

Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise (from hypo – lack, dynamis – power) – is limited to motor activity and, consequently, violations of certain functions. The spread of this condition is extraordinary, and the problem arises in the world every sharper because of the high percentage of people with a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise was a bonus to urbanization, automation and mechanization of labor, sometimes also called “diseases of civilization.” Lin, perhaps, is the engine of progress, but the muscle contractions adds.

Fatigue in the context outlined is not a factor and consequence. It reduces endurance muscles and bones. And with trembling hands on the voltage in Atlanta are not. Domino effect of progressive atrophy of the musculoskeletal system especially strong effects on the cardiovascular system (heart after all – is also a muscle), and respiratory disorders arise. Weakened vascular tone inhibits blood circulation, so blood gets to the less active organs, the body gets less oxygen, disturbed metabolism (metabolism) – a man more difficult to cope with even the smallest loads. In turn, a violation of proper metabolism leads to a number of other equally diverse problems, including digestive and ability to resist infections and viruses (immunity). Behind them are hormonal (endocrine) disorders. They contribute to the possibility of obesity and diabetes risk.

Solving this problem is obvious. Any and everyone in our world requires movement. Man is no exception. To combat fatigue necessary activity, paradoxically. Tires without regular movement will not be able to work forever.

Tunnel syndrome, or syndrome wrist channel

This disease is especially true of people who perform monotonous manual work, and who spends most of his life by printing on the computer. In this disease squeezed median nerve at the ‘keeper flexor “- links, which is responsible for bending the fingers and hand. Identify this syndrome can be pain, tingling and numbness wrist, also badly bent wrist and thumb and forefinger. As with physical inactivity, you can avoid it, resting on continuous printing and changing activities.

Neuroses, or care, may bite

To buy the physiological manifestations of fatigue certainly come mental, disturbance of higher nervous activity. The body that is not getting enough sleep and rest, worse coping with stress and Bourne Again very responsive to stimuli. However, behavior in this case depends on the type of temperament. So, tired phlegmatic could become quite apathetic and almost did not react to the outside world. His movements slowed down, sometimes he seems to like sleeping on the move. Choleric may increase the voice and angry, sanguine – laugh hysterically, and melancholic – covered with tears. However, this classification is not accurate, because everyone behaves very individually.

I forgot the words

Brain, who grieved for a full bed, it may take revenge – impair memory function. If you are a student, it is particularly urgent need is to feel when performing tests or examinations. Tired body is not to zazubryuvannya new information, and certainly not to play it the next morning. That is why there is so-called “examination stupor.” To combat this, often vital (or at least record important) problem to sleep and a balanced diet. However, in emergency conditions can deliver vitamins or trenovanist memory for this kind of exhausted.

Typical sleep

During such periods, such as session when you need a short term limit and hours of time of time to do a lot of work on sleep elementary lack of time. However, it is to abandon this “luxury” is not worth it. After a sleepless days lost focus. After 2-3 days, reduced motor coordination, depressed concentrations of view, it gets worse, there is a nervous twitch, nausea. After 4-5 days comes excessive irritability, having hallucinations and obsessions (relentless desire to fall asleep anywhere and at any time, confidence that the teacher reads your thoughts, feeling unreal). A 6-8 – it slows down, limbs trembling, come short periods of memory loss, bizarre behavior. Week of insomnia may even be fatal.

Whatever you might say, but the best fighting fatigue – a proper rest. However, if the force does not, and they desperately need, you can use so-called energy. However, if other than adding a body force is a desire to preserve his health, it is advisable not to use popularized drinks ads. Nature, in turn, predicted the need for man to overcome fatigue, and created their own. For example, the famous caffeine. Its abundance in coffee and tea, especially green. However, when excessive consumption of it leads to increased heart rate and irritate the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Oranges are also a natural power, even one of its flavor improves mood and adds vitality. And the essential oils from the skin to help overcome stress. Also, a plant widely used means of Eleutherococcus, radiola pink, ginseng and Chinese magnolia. The latter effect holds the longest – about 5-6 hours, increases efficiency, normalizes sleep.

But keep in mind that energy have become a regular battery. Capture their use can lead to a dependence. Yet, nowhere children the truth that the best energy and overall healthy condition may be obtained from the proper rest.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Ironically, but chronic fatigue syndrome (hereinafter – SHV) is not the usual constant fatigue. This type of herpes infection, manifested chronic fatigue lasting 6 months. There are even epidemics of this disease. In this case, a person infected with a virus herpes seventh type. The peculiarity of this virus is that it is in 80% of people, but in a hidden state. In the active form of the virus becomes, when reduced immunity, such as after severe stress, viral diseases with complications (eg, flu).

The first epidemic was recorded SHV in the U.S. in the resort town of Incline-Villydzh, Nevada, in 1984. The doctor asked a bunch of patients complaining of chronic fatigue and weakness, depressed mood depressed, unmotivated pain in joints and muscles. But left unclear what triggered: viral infection or environmental condition.

Symptoms include:

A. Fever, fever 37-38 degrees;

2. Sudden failures of memory;

3. Pain in muscles and joints;

4. Depressed mood;

5. Reduced energy;

6. Long-term headache and lack of reaction to anesthetic drugs;

7. Lack of appetite;

8. Sleep disturbance and fatigue.

However, the main feature is the Continuing fatigue for six months.

The diagnosis is established study of blood for the presence of herpes virus in it.

Fatigue accompanies us all life, because in fact it is a natural companion of any work of man. The main rule – do not drain your body too, because then he can bring in the necessary moment and does not hold for a total weight of the sky. We, in fact, born Atlanta, and nowhere on it does not escape.

Writing this material contributed advice expert medical L. Berezovskа

Anna Dzhyhalyuk