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Bowling: one against ten

Bowling (synonym to word “skiing”) today is considered to be one of the most popular sports and free time activities. What could be better than to gather the whole family and go out to play bowling, get a bunch of positive emotions, have some fun activities, support your friends, acquaintances and just arrange yourself a holiday? Modern bowling is a sport and an entertainment, it is a great way to assert yourself creatively. Due to its simplicity, it leaves no one indifferent.

From the Pyramids to the neon clubs

Everyone knows that the big victories always have a lot of creators. This seemingly easy game is considered to be a great victory, and that’s why the right to call themselves as the progenitors of bowling have many countries and nations. This can be explained by the fact that the idea is so harmonious that its creation was possible to achieve even for cavemen. Wood and stone figurines, the ball made from the same material… and I be my guest, start playing. Bowl and shoot! But this is only a speculation.

History of bowling is really continuous. According to the basic theory, the prototype of the bowling came from Egypt, where “sports equipment” – ancestor of the modern game was found. Prototypes of balls and pins were found by archaeologists in the excavation of the tombs of ancient Egypt and was dated back to 5200 BC. There were also found a few small stone balls, three pieces of marble and nine thin pins. Sir Finders Petrie, a professor of Egyptology at the University of London, in his book “The Formation of Egypt” (1939) suggested that it was necessary to throw the ball through the gate, made of pieces of marble. The aim was nine pins, which were arranged in a diamond shape. Thus, the first bowling player perhaps threw the ball more than 7,000 years ago.

In the III – IV century in Germany, a game similar to modern bowling, had a religious character and embodied the eradication of paganism. It was believed that the man who knocked down all the pins (at the time – the kind of weapon), had a good character, otherwise, he had to be punished. Gradually, more and more Germans were carried away by the fun. In  XV century in Germany, bowling has become almost obligatory entertainment at various festivals. Over time, in England, France and Spaina game of “skating balls” became popular. In short, bowling found his way into the life of Europeans. The rules varied from country to country, from century to century. The shape, material, number and location of the pins, width and length of the track, weight and diameter of the balls was also changing. “Skittles”, “logats”, “skitlz”, “Dutch rabbers”… But, without taking into account the different names, the game remained the same, and bowling has developed and won the hearts of men.

Even royalty were attracted to bowling, although at the time of King Edward IV, to get involved in this pastime was prohibited, because the king’s guardsmen put so much effort on the game that have forgotten about their main duty – this has led to a deterioration in performance of archery. Over the years among the admirers of the game were Queen Elizabeth The I, Martin Luther and Francis Drake. However, we should admit that they played not quite in the modern version of the game.

Many believe that America has become the first country to appear bowling, but this idea is wrong. The game came to the Americas only in the XVIII century from the Netherlands, which has long been fond of this sport. In the U.S. there is even a special area, “Bowling Green”, where once lived people from the Netherlands. In the New World game has made a real boom. The conversations were only about bowling, bowling alleys were built with tracks for the game, even on ordinary streets an improvisational bowling was created for people who could not afford bowling clubs. If we draw parallels, then the main game in the Ukraine was football, but in America – bowling. Entertainment is mainly captured the men who played for money. To not throw dollars down the drain, the government even created a law that forbade to play “the game with nine pins” (the name of the bowling). Some Americans have violated the law and added to the nine pins one more. So there was a game that is now widespread in Ukraine, – Ten-pin Bowling. Bypassing all the obstacles, bowling well lived up to the XXI century, and gained status as one of the most popular entertainment for the whole family on a rainy Sunday afternoon, the method that is able to break an ice on a first date, as well as a serious sport with all rules and attributes.

Bowling as a bodybuilding

Bowling as a sport and the way of leisure has a wonderful property of bringing people together. According to statistics, in America more than 60 million people play bowling. About 90 % of the players equate bowling to a specific type of sport, thanks to which you can relax, get effective relaxation, as well as challenge the competitive nature of a man. On this subject there is a joke: “Gingerbread Man has always been suspicious of offers of friends to go bowling.” I’m sure my readers do not ” Gingerbread Man” because if your friends invite you to go bowl in any case do not say “no”, but instead play – and with great pleasure.

Let’s talk about what you need to know about playing bowling.

The game involves a large muscle strain. Even if you’re just driving around the track, making an attack, execute a throw – these exercises are enough to give your feet swapped species. Movements that you perform in bowling, you can compare with the sport walking, and you’ve probably seen what the athletes foot look like. Rest assured – yours will not look worse. In a game of bowling, and there is an additional burden – you keep the ball in hands that has a considerable weight, which means that the tilt and during the throw, you gradually add mobility and flexibility of joints, tendons and muscles of the hands.

And what do you do if your goal – to lose weight and look good? Bowling can help with this. During the game you’re doing a lot of slopes and wiggle, walk, straining and also throws emotions. All this helps to get rid of excess weight. Specialists have shown that during one hour of bowling you burn 200 to 300 calories. In other words, you lost weight, pumped up muscles and also get bonus points “in the column” of interpersonal relationships, a lot of positive emotions, to calm the nerves, activate the cardiovascular system, relieve stress and irritation. All of the above leads to the conclusion that the bowling alley – one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The game and life

Does not end the list of positive resources that it provides us with a bowling alley. My dad is professionally engaged in the sport for five years, and he has his priorities regarding the game. He said: “The lessons that teach us to a bowling alley, can help in real life. Sometimes I think that’s all I know about life, I took out the bowling… This also applies to everyday life, and businesses, and everything else. Game ceases to be just a game. Believe my experience: I know all of this kitchen is not hearsay”. These rules may be they will help you in your life?

  1. Certain trends are becoming a real passion, and then stored for a long period of time;
  2. Some people are honest in bowling, but lie in his life, but if you’re in the odd game, the same in life;
  3. The success and failure – temporary phenomenon;
  4. The main reason for failure – the fear of failure;
  5. If you do something well, you can say about it, but if you do it well, people will tell you about it;
  6. To elect teammates with caution;
  7.  Luck can lead to dangerous thoughts about the uselessness of effort;
  8. For different people – different shots;
  9. Most important – it is the completion of the throw.

Use these principles and create your own. And most importantly – do not be afraid of errors, because life is the same everywhere, and dictates the same laws, they just need to learn how to design the game to life.

Fly in the Ointment

In every sport there are negative aspects, and a bowling alley – is no exception. Fortunately, they are not so much. First of all, bowling is a fairly expensive hobby. This topic is devoted to an anecdote: “A basketball, bowling ball, tennis ball, golf ball… Yes, the richer people – the less he has to play ball”. The equipment, sports equipment are not cheap, they need to be replaced often because they tend to wear out quickly. Not everyone can afford to engage in bowling every day. Of course, this situation can be remedied, knowing that in most bowling clubs there are discounts, promotions, special bonus cards. If you are going to compete in bowling, you can also get special discounts on training.

Second, if you decide to do a bowling alley, be sure to follow safety rules. Most beginners ignore them, and this can lead to serious injuries that do not need anyone. Therefore, being in a bowling alley, you must remember a few simple rules:

  1. Before the game warm-up draw. This is one of the basic rules of each athlete and fan. The most important goal is the prevention of possible workouts.
  2. Pick up the game right shoes. Bowler, who has in the arsenal of high-quality shoes, matched by size, do not slip in the game and avoid the surge of leg muscles.
  3. Do not take a bowling ball with one hand – it is less strain on the muscles of the arms and back. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 players hold a bowling ball with one hand – this is the most common mistake. In addition, it should be noted that the bowling ball is heavy, and lift with one hand it is inconvenient.
  4. Do not cross the line foul. Before the game in the bowling alley is covered with oil (air conditioning), and therefore on the player’s shoes when he crossed the foul line, is oil. Footwear becomes very slippery, and this may lead to a fairly serious injury. Stick to these rules, then you will be able to get away and enjoy the game.

Bowling is growing in Ukraine

In 1999, the Ukrainian Federation of sport bowling was established. Starting this year, this game has officially started to spread throughout Ukraine. Bowling from the youth game has become a mass sport. Today in Ukraine there are more than 60 clubs at various levels. Bowling tournaments each year collecting more and more participants, this means that the level of play increases. The number of professional players is increasing, and with it grows and the number of tournaments. Most competitions are held in the bowling club and dedicated to one theme: “Autoclubs”, “Superiority of construction companies”, “Superiority of the students of Kiev”, “Amateur League”.

The most important center of Kiev is bowling, where there are about 12 bowling clubs. They differ in how the size of the club (from 4 to 24 lanes), and the quality of equipment and services offered. The quality of bowling in Kiev at an appropriate level, because no matter what club you choose, will be satisfied. Now the competition in Kiev in bowling is quite high. Most clubs have firmly taken their positions and got regular customers. I am glad that today people have more free time to choose recreation, including bowling clubs. After bowling – is not only a team sport, but just an exciting game.

Federation of Sports Bowling often spends rating, regional, public and commercial competitions in different cities of Ukraine. In short, a bowling alley in Ukraine every year up to the next level, which indicates a positive trend.

Bowling – one of the most fun and exciting sport. I recommend anyone who has not played in a bowling alley, be sure to try it. And who has played and managed to fall in love with him, happy to invite you to a game of bowling.

Yulia Ostrovtseva