07.09.2014 - Інтерв'ю

«Being an actor – very hard profession»

Twenty-years old Estonian Vashet S. Olexandra went to London to learn the art of cinema and theater. Kingston University student told us about the development of British cinema, shared her impressions of London’s education, and told what it is to be a real actor.

- Olexandra, why among all countries in the world you choose to explore England cinematic art?
- I wanted to live and develop in one of the world capitals. London seemed an ideal option, both geographically and financially. Especially here theater paid a lot of attention, and the British movie recently on the rise. So I have long pondered.
- What do you mean by «take-off» of the British cinema? Create new masterpieces, special attention of the authorities to the cinema or increase its popularity in the circles of young people?
- The authorities have always had a special attention to the cinema. Cinema – an ideal way to promote, even if we are talking about democratic countries. Not surprisingly, the majority of projects funded by the UK government and the national lottery. Young people interested in cinema as a way of self-realization. A lot of young people create their own company and make their projects. It mostly concerns shorts are incredibly popular here. But there is, of course, and independent cinema. Speaking of new masterpieces, not to mention that the British cinema (especially British actors) recently popular throughout the world. Stunning success of «King`s Speech», «The Boy in the Striped Pajamas» and «Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy» only confirms this. Everything else, the world is in awe of the British TV series such as «Doctor Who», «Sherlock», «Offal». People enthusiastically waiting continue.
- What do you think, whether British cinema ever displace American from the world market? What will it take?
- No. It will never happen. Do not want to be fatalistic, but it is. English movie is not for everyone. Yes, it is becoming more popular because it is able to address such issues and to cause such emotions are understandable to all people. British actors play like no one plays. But Hollywood – a special empire. I studied as a Hollywood thing, so I know whereof I speak. U.S. movie releases and cars – it is their «trick». In the cinema in the U.S. invested as much money as we never dreamed of. And the money to pay off. English movie though makes a lot of projects with American, but still it remains more a product of the European type, personality is more important than when cash collection and punching.
- And what about the British patrons? How often do they show a desire to sponsor a variety of festivals and competitions?
- Most patrons act as any organization. But if they decided to give money, give them necessary. Festivals and independent film shorts are very dependent on patrons. Especially significant is sponsoring the event, company sponsors provide excellent advertising itself.
- A self-realization that English actors in their profession? There is a demand for such kind of activity?
- London – a city of theaters. And indeed it is the art here is very much appreciated. There are different types of theaters, and they seem to be created from the abilities of actors and features time. English actors so that we can say lucky. They have plenty of choice for self-realization, if only talent was.
- And is it difficult to break into the professional stage actors-students? Or British theaters require a diploma and work experience?
- The student must complete their studies. Can not speak about the professional stage while studying, because you will not actually have time for this. Education – it’s all yours. It is your dedication. If you want, you can participate in various projects that do not require a lot of time in films or other students rehearse for university productions, but your study must always be in the first place.
- Effectively built training future actors in the University of London? Are there «unnecessary» items or those which would have cost to enter into the curriculum?
- The difference in education systems (comparing with the Soviet education system. – Ed.) Visible to the naked eye. We had no such thing as «non-core subjects». All items are directly related to the profession. Much time is spent on extra-curricular activities. Alone taking a rehearsal days, especially closer to the exams. If talking about the classroom, it should be noted that nobody will have anything to chew. The class will tell you the basics, discuss the topic, to evaluate how you got it, to fix something… And then – all engaged themselves, develop themselves. And if you do not eat, then you’re gone.
- And finally, what advice would you give to people who want to become actors?
- Go for it. It is possible that you will be against the whole world, because people still believe the profession of actor something stupid and unworthy of attention. But to be an actor – very hard profession. You do not belong to myself. Do you have your voice and your body, but you’re a different person. Few are capable of it. You must be strong, because after rehearsals sometimes simply a desire to fall on the floor and die from exhaustion. You can not be afraid of the audience. After all, the audience will love you only when you play naturally exposed and without embarrassment. Talent, stamina, courage, charisma, ability to work in a group, ability to grasp on the fly, mobility, warmth, optimism – these are the main actor satellites. And once again the talent, talent, talent…

Ihor Myslovskyi