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What breathes air or south of the peninsula treasures

Southern coast of Crimea… Not the most amazing places in Ukraine. Come here for different reasons: to see the rampant sea, mysterious forest walk, meet monuments of history, or perhaps for a chocolate tan… But, whatever the purpose of the trip, all domestic resort guests agree: Crimea – is unmatched air at the same time gives unceasing energy and sweet tired…

Aroma Southern Wind…

Spring… Can not imagine a better time to discover the Crimean air. Sudden rain, wet ground, flowering apple tree, a cool breeze – and it is not a complete list of what can be found in the unique flavor of the southern wind. Following winding streets of the city alley or park, often breathe because every breath that would have profound it was, only multiplies craving oxygen, from which urban dwellers spinning in their heads.

An evil air instantly transforms a person. In the eyes appears to shine cheek stain blush, improved appetite and sleep. And as always, changing, for example, in Kyiv region – as if to stress uncomfortable peace insomnia in bright Mari headache for endless happiness.

Treats me wind!

Tale… Unfortunately, the man makes love to a rational explanation of any fairy tales. It happened with the Crimean air. At the beginning of XX century in the air were detected biologically active substances – volatile. This discovery and explained all the miraculous properties of southern atmosphere.

Volatile – antimicrobial compounds that emit their own plants to protect the immune system (among other things, essential oils, which are often bought by tourists, as in these medicinal substances). For example, volatile garlic kill pathogens cholera and dysentery.

U.S. scientists have calculated annually into the atmosphere produced about 490 million tons of protective compounds. As the number of produced volatile leaders are conifers – juniper, pine, arborvitae, fir. These trees also represent the lion’s share of the Crimean forest.

As a man on? Volatile, with the ability to enter the body with oxygen, inhibit the development of infectious diseases. In addition, they normalize heart rate and blood pressure, are involved in metabolism, affect the processes of circulation, liver condition, bactericidal activity of the skin and the immune and nervous systems.

Considering the therapeutic properties of the Crimean air, do not forget the contribution of the Black Sea. Sung by poets and romantics, the sea breeze also has considerable practical application. After all it is – a mixture of ozone, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, bromine, and the above-mentioned volatile seaweed – a unique natural inhaler. Salty sea kisses expand the bronchi and blood vessels, improves mood, energize…

Olena Pikulova, head of travel company “Tavrika” chartered tour guide, said: “Few of the peninsula visitors know that the climate of the Crimea is unique because of the diversity of the air and temperature. Such “recreational” atmosphere found only on the Cote d’Azur of France”.

Botkin. Dmitriev. Shtanhieiev.

Volatile… The lack of information about their existence has not prevented scientists interested in wellness qualities Crimean climate in XIX century.

So Sergey Botkin, a leading physician of the Russian Empire, encourages contemporary society Yalta – “medical stations” It emphasizes the uniqueness of the southern air is full of the aromas of pine trees, flowers and the sea. This review popular scientist could not attract attention – the resort begins to develop.

Wife of Emperor Nicholas II Alexander, TB patients also listen to the recommendations of jaundice. Incontestability result was the emergence of medical authority Livadia Palace – one of the residences of a large family.

At this time the region was a center of recreation and entertainment, but in the 90s of the XIX century motif visiting changed: even physically strong people rushing south for ” better health”.

The planned study of the effect of climate on the Crimean patients starting in the 70s of the XIX century. The pioneer of this area became a doctor, Vladimir Dmitriev, who himself suffered from tuberculosis. In January 1890, he (along with other activists) creates Crimean mountain club, one of the main purposes of which was to organize national health tourism.

The most serious work on the effect of climate on the southern shore of TB patients – the book “Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in Yalta”, published in 1885 – belongs to Fedіr Shtanhieiev. The basis of the study were approximately 1,000 medical records of patients. Scientist proved exceptional value Crimean air treatment process.

Later studies continued climatic properties. We can say that the then Crimea became strategic base country fight against TB. For example, a tradition has become part of the imperial family in the annual Days of white flowers – a special charity event whose purpose was to help patients with tuberculosis.

Оlena Pikulova emphasizes: “Improving the mountain trails created in XIX century, there still bear the names of doctors and Botkin, Dmitriev and Shtanhieiev”. These hiking trails wander pine forest, demonstrating the amazing southern views, walk to the very rocks…
From playwrights to poets Botkin, Dmitriev, Shtanhieiev… Therefore, health climate southern coast of Crimea attracts more and more people. Among them – the well-known artists, executives, representatives of contemporary artistic and political elite.

For example, Lesya Ukrainka – Ukrainian poet and writer – ill with tuberculosis, a visit to Yalta in 1887. Here she spends 12 months and creates a cycle of poems “Crimean Memories” and the poem “Iphigenia in Tauris”. 1907: Lesya Ukrainian coming back, along with her husband Kvitka Klyment. Only the state of health makes it abandon the city after 7 months…

Another, equally significant figure in literature XIX-XX centuries – Anton Chekhov – TB also forced to turn to the south of the city. Playwright buys a small plot of land and built the famous “white cottage”. In September 1889 he became a resident of Yalta. Here Chekhov many and serious work, though admitted that “during the Crimean air is easier to take off into the sky, then write whatever time”. In Yalta, he wrote “The Lady with the Dog”, “Three Sisters”, “The Cherry Orchard” and many other novels and short stories…

In addition to Lesya Ukrainka and Anton Chekhov came to phytocity Nikolay Nekrasov, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Korsakov, Sergei Rachmaninov, Nikolai Roerich, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Ivan Bunin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Gorky, Fyodor Chaliapin and others…

Emperors, doctors, scientists, composers, poets, writers, like me, do not make mistakes! So if you have ever been on the south bank of the country, you can not disagree with that region – is unsurpassed air while giving tireless energy and sweet tired… Despite the fact that you came, perhaps to see rampant sea, mysterious forest walk, meet monuments of history or for chocolate tan… so… if not the most amazing place Ukraine… This southern coast of the Crimea…

Anastasiia Kosynska

Photo: Maksym Tkachenko