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Suitcases for battle – going to rest

Had only nature breezed spring warmth in the face and remind people’s of the approach of the hot summer, as the enterprising travelers jumped at the tourist brochures. “Where to go in the summer?” And “What a vacation you should choose?” – issues of concern to anyone who is planning a holiday abroad, but must take care of their voyage now.

For those wishing to visit one of the Schengen countries, namely, their preference for Ukrainian tourists, it’s time to take care of your visa. If at the bottom of your pocket is not a diplomat or a witness lying around MP – hold on, you will find the nine circles of hell. The best option – book a tour through an agency, or a risk to stay without a visa is too large. Consider the fact that the patronage of travel agencies do not give any guarantees. The Embassy will require you to documents and information that the Europeans would call a completely confidential.

Interference in private lives of our citizens – not a double standard: the fact that in Europe we are – someone else’s. Therefore, in order to successfully cross the yellow strip at the airport checkpoint, you have to assemble the following documents: passport, which will run for three months after your return, pictures, insurance, income statement and the state of current account, which should convince the embassy that you are not going to work and is solvent. In order to be credible, for example, the Embassy of Monaco, you should have in the account for at least 10 million euros available. Others, of course, is not so demanding, but in the current account balance must pay attention. Do not ignore early (preferably within a few months) reservation, otherwise we will have to choose from what’s left. As the years of experience, recollecting himself, in late May, you’ll have no choice: good hotels will be busy until the end of the summer season, and what remained to be honest, will not cause a trust.

Meeting Place Can not Be Changed

To the question “Where to go?” compatriots with their own wallet: the latest statistical data was derived dozen countries where Ukrainians love to relax. Greece led the leaders of the decade. However demanding travelers trying to get round the country of myths: the recent crisis and persistent strike force tourists to think carefully before you buy a ticket Kiev-Athens. Second place went to one of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean – Cyprus. The top five favorites also included azure Croatia, Italy expressive and friendly Turkey. Not gone unnoticed Ukrainian tourists, and countries such as Tunisia, Malta, France, Spain and the Czech Republic. However, all travelers in a voice will call you to the main drawback of all these resorts: “Too many of his!”

If you do not want to interfere with their compatriots: meet at a nearby palm of his neighbor, colleague or boss – Numerous tour operators offer you a happy holiday for everyone in the lesser-known but no less beautiful parts of the world.

While you are in doubt, consider the top 10 in more detail. Thus, the championship was Greece. We have all heard about the myths of the mother country, but now travelers are increasingly concerned about the issue of its own safety and comfort. For about a year the Greeks fought with the terrible crisis that unfolded in the country. Almost every week from the TV screen once heard the news of the strike or riot in the streets of Athens. However, an employee of one of the tourist companies Olena Bratus, “Travelers, couch potatoes do not have to worry about. Typically, passive recreation enthusiasts prefer pretty and cozy islands of Greece, where most hotels have their own small beach, but tourists have known for a week off many natives and visitors to the island in the face. ” For outdoor enthusiasts, who want to join the country’s cultural life in Greece fell on hard times. A strike by bus drivers, vendors or employees of any other service sector can significantly affect your impression of the ancient country – the cradle of the ancient world, which is surrounded by myths and legends.

Next on the list is Cyprus, which is constantly playing the object of gossip between Greece and Turkey. However, the conviction of Mrs. Bratus, guests do not feel this country: they are always waiting for the glorious beaches, wonderful nature and interesting culture. Most travel agents promise an unforgettable vacation on the island for those seeking rest, or traveling with children, and for “Party People” and the lovers of active rest.

Copper was Croatia – a country of picturesque scenery and gentle seas. Small state, which appeared on the ruins of Yugoslavia, has won its place in the sun, and this year entered the European Union. On the one hand, it shows a certain level, the country’s economy and the welfare of the population, but on the other – the complications of visa regime for Ukrainian travelers. However, to assure you, you will not regret it. Visiting Croatia, be sure to select at least one day for an auto tour along the coast. Small bays fascinate you with its colors, rivers and lakes will hit a different color – so many shades of blue you’ve ever seen! Country of contrasts: the impression of bald, sometimes burnt mountain (forest fires – a huge problem Croats), will be improved by spectacular views of cliffs. Dear common parking space, so you can stop for a few minutes to hold your breath and enjoy the incredible scenery. “This is a true paradise on earth” – says most people who ever saw Croatia.

Rome – The Eternal City, Italy – an unforgettable country. The words seem superfluous. It is impossible to miss the opportunity to touch the eye of world famous shrines (the Vatican), try one of the world’s most popular dishes on the original recipe (pizza, pasta, tiramisu), look at the city that poets compared with a pearl, which has risen from the bottom of the sea and should be recalled and plunges to the same. Ladies and gentlemen, scientists have proved that Venice is sinking faster and faster. Therefore, we recommend a look at this miracle, for unknown whether humanity will not lose this opportunity in the not too distant future. However, it is worth noting that most Italians prefer the same Croatia for the summer vacation: the good beach areas at home in a very well-known places are not so much.

Do not ignore the Ukrainians, and Turkey. Resorts such as Alanya, Kemer, Side, and many others, millions of tourists annually. Despite the fact that the level of service significantly different from European, national tourist draws in the first place, the price. Most tourists say that some of the resorts in Turkey are much cheaper than the proposals of Crimea native who also has a good service. Moreover, among the main advantages of Turkey – food “all inclusive”.

Large segment of the tourism market in Ukraine is Tunisia. Familiar to the Europeans and the Mediterranean Sea, an amazing and mysterious Arab culture are the main ingredients for success in that country. Walk on a camel, sand dunes and unusual mentality attract travelers like a magnet. Exotics in conjunction with the European service makes the most of the tourists return to Tunisia than once.

Another Mediterranean resort, which is so small that it is not seen on most maps of the world, lurking off the coast of Italy. Malta – a small country, covering an area of only 320 square kilometers. km, annually receives many tourists. The island nation was once widely known thanks to the Order of the Knights of Malta, whose character (Maltese cross), and is now flying on the flags of the country. The friendly people, narrow streets, interesting flora and fauna and, of course, the rich history of this region will give an unforgettable vacation for everyone. In Malta there is a network of English language schools, where children come from all over the world. Usually, minor travelers can move around town independently, indicating that the appropriate level of security. “Once, I forgot the camera at the beach, and what do you think? When I came back – he was lying there, where I had left it “- Julia shares memories tourist.

Among the countries included in the “golden” ten, you can see France (Cote d’Azur, cosmopolitan Paris and finish smiling Mona Lisa), and Spain – sweet fruits, warm sea, coupled with an ardent temperament of the Spaniards, inspired by the genius of Gaudi and Salvador Dali. And, finally, closes the top ten in Czech Republic: Karlovy Vary here and for tourists who want to soak in thermal waters, and Prague – the peerless city of kings and lions (the oldest city in Europe).

Vacation of a suitcase : to be or not to be?

Hopefully, the final destination of your choice. Left at first glance, the most prsto – choose the shape of the tour. Travel agencies vying with each offering wedding, exotic, extreme, children’s tours, but you did not choose you will have to specify the form of travel, such as: air tours or bus tour.

If you have children under 12 years of age (preferably to 14-15) you will not hesitate to decide to get to recreational aircraft. Air transportation will choose those who like beach sand and cocktails with umbrellas. Tourists with high requirements have to think about. Of course, what to say, a comfortable flight, one seat is much easier life and relax, but how much is left out!

“Vacation of a suitcase” – so called bus tours avid travelers. “If you have decided on a similar journey,” – says the travel agency employee – “let me give you some advice.” First, the majority of bus tours in the program account for visits to several countries, so try to keep your documents with you. It is more convenient to travel on one bus, but it depends on the company, which is responsible for organizing the tour. If you are lucky and for the whole voyage you have identified a transport, the majority of tourists are practicing the following: a suitcase does not necessarily every night to take the bus every morning and then put it back. You can take a small bag or backpack, with a minimal set (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics). Pajamas and chargers for mobile phone or camera is better to put in a suitcase on top, so that should not have been a long time to dig in search of some things. In the bus tour, according to the program that tourists do not stay in one hotel for more than 3 to 4 days, and basically just spend the night in a room, you must be prepared to ensure that the case will not have to disassemble. If you want to hang your clothes in the closet – be careful of discarded things do not come back. On a trip in handy comfortable clothing that does not need ironing. Although, in case of emergency, each hotel offers pet or wash clothes at an additional cost.

Another disadvantage of the time frame up. Typically, a viewing of one of the city allocate no more than 6 hours, if the daily routine a few towns – about 2 hours each. Note also that after the hour tour, you will have free time. The group leader – guide – point you to a place and time of departure of the bus. “Who did not have time to really liked the city – and we leave it there” – a sly joke, and team leaders who know, believe it or not. It is clear that you have no special leave in the “like” the city, but rest assured, your group (20 to 40 people) will not be grateful to you for the continued delay and, consequently, the delay. In addition, the more you are late, then moved on time (sweet and desirable, because you’re tired after a day of running around and filtration experience) when you finally reach the hotel locally, will fall on the bed and fall asleep like the dead.

It takes most of the time, frankly. Kaleidoscope of impressions from all seen and heard will be able to sort through, along with viewing the photos. Travel is very tiring, and while on long journeys you can watch a movie, the majority is still asleep. But how wonderful it is! The love of new experiences and good company will block all the shortcomings of the bus tour. Holidays of a suitcase, you are welcome!

So, if you plan to spend summer holidays new land, or just going to crush the silken sand on the sea coasts and beaches near the ocean, you should take up the realization of your dreams now, and no matter what you choose, we wish you a good holiday!

Hanna Cherevko