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Chihuahua: crumb with a large heart

Representatives of breed of chihuahua are the littlest doggies in the world. In spite of the sizes they are very brave and always able to protect an owner. Read information at a miracle doggies and I am sure that you will not remain indifferent to them!

A chihuahua is guests from distant Mexico

A chihuahua is a breed an aboriginal, some researchers, consider that she exists already more than three millenniums. Therefore about the origin of her we know approximately so much, how many we know about ancient civilizations. The motherland of chihuahua is traditionally consider Mexico, however sometimes a breed is bound to Egypt, Malta and Japan.

History of appearance of this breed takes beginning from ancient earth that were inhabited by the tribes of tal’tekov, aztecs, and then by the people of Maya. To our times mentions reached about the little dogs of te-chi-chi, that tendons in the tribes of tal’tekov. Their images are incuse on lithoidal bits and pieces of tal’teckoj pyramid of Chuchula. The clay figurines of te-chi-chi were found in the same locality, that very look like modern chihuahuas.

To this breed many legends and myths are related. For example, aztecs buried a dog together with an owner, because thought that an animal assumed all sins and helps the soul of owner to find rest in the other-worldly world. Maya also considered these dogs sacred, because through them people could call to the deity.

Modern chihuahuas appeared only in 19 century in Mexico, by the way the name a breed got due to the Mexican state Chihuahua. That did take place with doggies during millenniums? Presumably, it will remain a puzzle.

A breed acquired vogue gradually. There is legend, that even Hitler tried to use a chihuahua in the soldiery strategies .

Variety of breed of chihuahua

The variety of variations of original appearance of chihuahua does not have limits. you will never find two absolutely identical representatives of this breed.

Firstly, they are two types: «similar on a deer» and «kobi». Similar on a deer of doggy have a long thin body, nose and tail, that for them, as a rule, «costs a pistol», extended a bit. In a counterbalance to them, the doggies of type of «kobi » have a wide breastbone, short body and paws with middle length, that does their body «square», a nose in «kobikov » is short, a bit killed to above, and tail by a «wheel».

Secondly, chihuahuas are two types after length of fur: long – and smooth – wool, last yet name a «royal miniature». «Sunny doggies«(long-wool) differ after ears with the »brushes« of wool and »collar« on a neck.

And finally, most various is colouring of chihuahua: there are white, red, silver, black, brown, and also two-, three- and even four-coloured doggies. Their weight is varied from 500 gr to 3,5 kg Therefore every puppy of this breed is unique.

Hot temperament

Motions for the representatives of this breed are easy, jumping and at the same time very elegant. A dog loves people and easily yields to training, he can be taught to what pleasingly: from elementary to «sit», «lie», «serve» to fighter skills. This crumb will be the good guard of the house, as soon as will hear approaching «stranger» will break away on a vowel bark stopping that not so easily.

Dog very near with a man. He is tied to the owner, sense of his life is love to him. With pleasure participates in all matters of man : in a walk, work in an office(where it is possible calmly to sleep, a while favourite owner works), or in a hike in guests, where, undoubtedly, a little doggy tries to become the spotlight of all present person.

One of advantages of breed of chihuahua is his quiet disposition. No doubt, exactly he – most quiet and most balanced among miniature dogs .

An interesting page in life of doggy are his relationships with other animals. They are always benevolent to those, who behaves to them without aggression and threat. Often crumbs hold together with the dogs of large breeds or with lady-cats. Success of similar general habitation always depends on that, as far as friendly or hostilely animals will meet the new small cock of family. However the doggy of breed of chihuahua realizes the sizes, he tries to be a leader in a company, and, that interestingly, often animal largenesses acknowledge him a fugleman.

To the stranger children he belongs with (as well as to all unknown to the doggy to the people) distrust, feeling in them, foremost, hidden danger. He «allows» whatever «it», by the way, a crumb never will take revenge on or behave aggressively, whatever with her was done.

A dog needs permanent contact with a man. He loves, that he was combed, petted and constantly paid attention on him. If he does not have this attention, then, believe, he will think of any methods, to turn him on itself.

How to see to the chihuahua?

From all decorative breeds of chihuahua less all needs the special care, but however needs.

As he mostly is in a house, his claws are not almost ground off in natural way, therefore they must be cut at least one time per a month. For this purpose it is possible to use cat-like tongs for cutting away of claws. To this procedure a crumb needs to be taught, and what before, so much the better.

Periodically a dog is necessary to be bathed: by child’s shampoo 2-3 times per a year. After any inoculation, washing him is impossible during 7 days. It is needed carefully to watch at bathing, that water did not get in ears.

As well as all dogs, chihuahua, love, when they are encouraged. But it is needed to be careful, choosing a that or other present. These can be the little pieces of cheese, peanut. It is necessary to be careful with encouragements, as overweight is a serious health hazard any dog. It is needed to be consulted with a veterinary in relation to his ration, and also cleaning of ears and teeth, vaccines and facilities from vermin. The representative of breed of chihuahua is well well-groomed lives 18 from 11 to. Therefore care of the favourite!

A spoon of honey is in the barrel of tar : how to bring up an obedient dog

Due to a wonderful rumor, sense of smell, and also it is easily yielded the developed mental abilities of chihuahua to education. It is first of all necessary to know how it is correct to take a doggy on hands: only by two hands – the left go under a breast, right – under a buttock. But only not for paws, not for a stomach and the more not for ribs.

If for other dog some permanent location can be determined in a house, then chihuahuas consider the natural habitat all house, in fact he is a little fugleman of family. And there are favourite places (as a rule, arm-chair, bed or some high place from that they carefully after everything watch) in them. Sometimes owners buy for them the special houses that they very love and consider them the shelter. It is impossible to put such houses near batteries, doors, on draughts and in passage-ways!

A doggy it as easy as anything to carry: for this purpose there are the special bags and containers. From the first days of appearance of puppy in a house it is necessary to train him to order a natural necessity to the street. At the same time it is necessary to define a place, where he can walk in the rest room of house (to put a cat-like tray). This is important, when puppy little, because he can sometimes not undergo to the walk outside, but also it may need to the adult dog, when on some reasons a walk stays too long.

A chihuahua is a dog strong and enduring. She will go for a walk both on snow and overice. But it and not working dog, therefore a warm clothing will not harm in winter. Smooth wool to the chihuahua, grazing in cold weather is necessary rarer, and duration of walk must not exceed 15 minutes.

In summer they very like to warm up on a sun. It is here necessary to be very careful: it is impossible to assume an overheat, to warn a sunny or thermal blow.

Education of puppy is begun with his first day in a new house. First he is necessary to be taught to communication, he must react on the name and on the gestures of owner, to get used to the new rules of behavior. Among widespread errors is excessive loyalty. It is impossible all the time to hold a dog on hands, constantly to pet her et cetera. A strictness in education is simply needed, if the signs of disobedience appear in his behavior, to irritability: grumbling and unprovoked bark. Principle of «whip and cake» always operates.

A dog distinguishes good from bad only from the reaction of man, tone of her voice. If she behaves well — give to her it to understand; if behaves on, not superfluous will be to «grumble» a little — as it her own mother would do. A crumb does not must grow neither bashful nor wicked. If something not so, it is necessary to find reason. A dog never does something for spite.

The representatives of breed of Chihuahua must more often intermingle with other dogs. It is needed to begin to destroy a crumb «in people» at once after inoculations. Outside it is very important to forbid to the puppy to growl, «swear» with other dogs, pursue lady-cats and birdies, and especially, to lift anything from earth I am. The last carries in itself a danger to catch up an infection, poisoned, or suffocate from a very hunch in a throat.

From childhood of puppy it is necessary to teach to the leash. It is first(in 5 weeks) simple to dress a soft breast-band. Then, in a few days, when a doggy to her will get used, to take her on a leash. Only it is not necessary to pull her a «belly» on an asphalt! If she shows character, it is needed simply to distract attention of dog, wait, while she will calm down, and then already to conduct forward.

In respect of commands, then this matter of owner. Not necessarily to bring up a chihuahua as official dog, but such commands as «fe !», «to me!», to «stand!» she must know and execute. By the way, these dogs very well memorize words (pavlovian reflex) and with fascination execute commands, for them education is a game.


A chihuahua is a merry, active dog with brave character.

«She is very curious! Everywhere sticks one’s nose, especially, when gets in a new environment. Character for her yet that! Will always get own way, even understanding that for it will get on nuts. I remember, my Monica, while I was busy at important conversation, quietly got out on a table (as it succeeded her I do not have not the least presentation until now!) and ate a whole dish with soup and chicken wing(as it climbed her too I do not have not the least presentation, in fact she weighs one and a half kilograms only!). Always something such will abort merry«! – with fascination a happy possessor tells chihuahua Anna Yaremchuk. 

«The representatives of breed of chihuahua are very miniature. Without regard to the sizes they, can «snatch» even, if someone will try to offend an owner. But a doggy will with pleasure play with children or will become faithful a friend to the elderly people. The best doggy-partner – not to find«! – Iryna Kornieva, cynologist of breed, talks.

Khrystyna Dovzhenko