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“Wonder Island” of eternal spring

There are places on Earth where time visiting, be sure to want to return. For some it’s a small house near the lake, someone loves the penthouse of a skyscraper in the bustling metropolis, but someone’s taste tent on the exotic island … As they say, to each his own. But certainly everybody likes to get their rest accompanied by a comfortable temperature. For those who have this factor a priority, in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast is the island where winter temperatures do not drop below +20 ° C, and in summer rises above +25 ° C. It is the largest of the seven islands of the Canary Islands Tenerife, which is due to the warm climate year round is called the “island of eternal spring» (Isla dela Eterna Primavera).

A little history

Tenerifeformed 3 million years ago due to the merger of the three islands of volcanic activity Teide. But the oldest mountain range in Tenerife rose from theAtlantic Oceanas a result of volcanic eruptions another 12 million years ago.

The first people on the island came about between the V century BC. BC and the beginning of our era. They are called the Guanches. Before the Spaniards (1496 m), they were the only inhabitants of the island and evolved in complete isolation, trying to best adapt to the environment.

Versions of the name of the island a few. According to the most popular and common name comes from two words «tene» (mountain) and «ife» (white). Since the island natives called the island of La Palma. After colonization of the island by Spain, the name did spanish and merged these two words with the addition of sound “r”, which gave the usual now called “Tenerife”.


Tenerifeand you can enjoy a relaxing holiday, fun and loud. For example, the city ofCosta Adeje, Los Cristianos and Las Américas – rather “animated” resorts are known for rich night life. A Puerto dela Cruzis perfect for passive recreation “alone with nature.”

Lovers grand street festivals need to go to Tenerife in February. This month the main holiday island – Carnival. In scale it is the largest in Europe and second in the world after the Brazilian Carnival inRio. Carnival processions are held throughout the island. Traditionally, the carnival begins with the election of the Queen. Festive procession – the next stage of the carnival. The streets of the city moving colorful procession of people wearing masks and colorful clothing. But this is only a “rehearsal” of the main events of the carnival. The culmination of the festival – many hours a costume parade, followed by fireworks and dancing till dawn. Finalized Carnival ‘funeral sardines “: huge fish of papier-mache, which symbolizes the holiday spirit of the outgoing burned by” crying “disappointing” widows “(usually whiskered men). Children spend their “mini-carnival” with the election of a young queen and a festive procession, so if you have children, they lose heart just will not.


Not only in February but throughout the year the island has something to do, where to go, what to see. Walking on a yacht, catamaran or a jet ski can be alternated with visits to interesting places.

For example, the pyramid Huyimar. This six step pyramid of unknown origin. He opened their Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl in 1990 during his visit toTenerife. It is hypothesized that the Guanches built them for ceremonies that are associated with the cult of the Sun. Pyramids strictly astronomically oriented, and stones of which they are composed have been extracted from volcanic lava flows. In order to protect the island and explore the pyramids Thor Heyerdahl made Ethnographic Park “Pyramid Huyimar” that everyone can visit.

A symbol of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerifeis the opera Auditorio de Tenerife. Built in 2003 by Santiago Calatrava, it is considered one of the greatest works of modern architecture. Opera has two terraces overlooking the ocean. Within the walls Auditorio de Tenerife regularly hosts cultural events such as the “Tenerife-dance”, “Atlantic Jazz”, “World Music”, “Great Artists”, an orchestra Tenerife Opera Festival. Sometimes space opera is used for conventions, conferences and show movies.

Pilgrimage center and the largest sanctuary in Tenerife is the Basilica of Candelaria town – the church was consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary, the patron of the Canary Islands. Local residents twice a year – February 2 and August 15 – celebrate in honor of the Virgin Candelaria. On the night of 14 on August 15, the church remains open, and is visited by thousands of pilgrims from all the Canary Islands. Events on this day also include theatrical performances – the appearance of the Virgin and move the image of the Virgin Candelaria streets. Accompanied by holiday folk festivals and fireworks.

Monument of Tenerife

Home monument of Tenerife – Teide volcano. It is the highest point inSpain (3718 m) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain is a major tourist attraction and is located on the slopes National Park.

From whatever side you drove to the volcano, the road will pass through spectacular landscapes nature park, resembling a moon, then Mars, the planet the time of the dinosaurs. No wonder that his time here made films “Million Years BC” and “Star Wars.”

200 years ago, naturalist Alexander von Humboldt took 29 hours to climb to the peak of Mount Teide. In 1971, tourists greatly facilitated the process of raising the top of the volcano, building a funicular that 10 minutes rising to a height of 3555 meters 164 metersremaining, you can go walking path. From the top of the lift to see all theCanary Islands. It should not forget to bring warm clothes, because on top of the volcano is always cold.

Afraid eruption is not necessary, because Teide is “asleep”, and the last eruption was in 1909, and significant damage to anyone or anything not dealt.

Therefore, visiting Tenerife, you should definitely rise to the top of his domestic attractions.

Flora and fauna

See the largest collection of parrots in the world, and the largest pinhvinariy aquarium with over 15000 sea and river inhabitants from around the world can be found in “Loro Park”. This zoo and circus, and a botanical garden under “one roof”. At 135000 m² garden area located variety of exotic plants, cacti, more than 7000 trees. Great success with visitors enjoying the show of sea lions in the pool capacity 1200000 gallonsand dolphin show inEurope’s largest dolphin.

Equally interesting in Tenerife “Park of Eagles”. “Visiting card” of the park – a show of trained eagles and other flying predators, birds which artists open-air show spectators their talents. In the park there are several specific areas – “Mirador”, a height which can make stunning panoramic images.

Another place that is worth visiting the island – “Butterfly Museum” in Icod de los Vinos. This is not just a museum and research center dedicated exclusively to the study of butterflies. The Museum Centeris a garden where the wild fluttering butterflies laboratory to observe the caterpillars and pupae, as well as themed cinema. Here are more than a hundred species of butterflies from Central America, Asia andAustralia. Depending on the season calendar and reproduction regularly occurs “, adjust”, ie species diversity of butterflies in the garden is quite broad.

If you feel you do not have time to visit all the attractions of the island, you can see them all in miniature in the park “Pueblo Chico” (“Small Town”) near the town of La Orotava. Herean area of ​​20000 m² are most famous copy of Canarian architecture and landscapes in the scale 1:25.

Pricing Policy

About how much should be in your wallet to relax in Tenerife, said the organizer of the project «Tenerife from Ukraine» («The organization of individual trips to the Canary Islands”) Inna Stemkovska:

“Talking to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers to me, I often hear people unfair stereotype that the Canary Islands – it’s expensive, distant and inaccessible place for the common man with tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Have to tell you the truth. This unique place on Earth deserves to not talk about it stereotypes. Relax here may not exactly millionaires only. So the bulk of the cost of the trip up the airfare and accommodations. I note that accommodation on the island versus continent inexpensive. The cost of housing in the south and north of the island is different and very south and north of the island with striking differences. South a tourist, so the prices are mostly higher. But you can find both luxury and budget options (also with good living conditions). As for air travel, there is no one specific price. It is constantly changing, so be sure to plan a trip in advance. So you can choose the best option. It is worth considering the price of a Schengen visa, because to get to the Canary Islands, you can just it. As the price fluctuates, it is better to look directly at the site of the Embassy of Spain. If you take the hotel with average conditions and average price of tickets, the relative cost of the trip (not including entertainment) for 10 days for two is about $ 1200-1500.

Infinitely long you can talk about what to do in the Canary Islands: learn to surf in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary admire the architecture, enjoy meals Canarian cuisine sprobuvaaty royal wine, fish in the ocean, ride cool “serpentine” eat fruits in the mountains, on the fly paragliding, visit relict forests age of dinosaurs, have a picnic on a yacht… and it’s not even half the list! So grieve for “WonderIsland” you definitely will not. Even if you just love to bask in the sun, then the opportunity you definitely will, because here, as in the famous song “Chunga-Changa”, “summer hosted hour”.

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