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Give the yoga for people!

 Perhaps, in the life of each of us there is a time when you have to take care of your health, or more precisely, of immunity. Agree, not always convenient to go with yogurt drink in her purse and Immune liquid from plastic bottles. Compassionate glances of passers and say, “Poor thing! And no time to eat right … All on the go.

What is Yoga?

Health contributes to all that he was not hurt. The care of the women, and men. Each of us believes is right or that method of care of their “precious treasure”, a lot of young business people prefer modern methods. This fitness and balanced nutrition and the correct mode of the day, and walk in the fresh air, and yoga. Let’s talk about the latter.

About Yoga have heard it all. Almost everyone will be able to explain what it is. But do we understand it right? And why is the difference between these explanations? The word “yoga” is used everywhere, from the religious community and to circus acrobats. No brand can carry such ruthless exploitation. But yoga survive …

What is the paradox of yoga? Perhaps it is in its democratic and ambiguity? Discovering this ancient teaching, everyone sees it a little differently, breaking world of yoga in their treatment. And yoga is forgiving, because even the dim light – it’s still light.

So, what is yoga? The word comes from the Sanskrit root «yoj». Its common meaning – “to unite”. The very concept implies a connection to which a person enters herself. Yoga – a way to work with your body, breath, mind, consciousness. In other words, the constant study of himself. And, of course, the goal of yoga can only be a positive message. For some reason many people think that yoga – it’s just the ability to stand on his head. But is this really so? Bats spend most of their lives hanging upside down, but no one calls them yogis.

First of all, Yoga improves body. It is different for each. Someone grinds physical perfection, but someone – your perception. For others, there is nothing better mental clarity, and for some it does not matter. When you exercise you can buy yoga greater physical and spiritual strength. Over time you can learn to control your emotions, control intelligent vibrations, thoughts, reach a state of psychological and physical balance. This ability is very important for our time.

With a reserve of a person can overcome any difficulties he was pleased with destiny, as a result of the quality of life it is much higher. When a person moves from mind control to mind control, this allows the state of peace and quiet, to find in it something unchanging, perfect. Integrity. Completeness. Freedom.

Achieving higher forms of consciousness is not possible without receipt of all required types of experiences at previous levels. The desire to jump over a certain stage may end a long delay on the way to the final goal. If something is incomplete, it will be back again and again man in his own field, until there is understanding.

Working on the body and not only …

The work on the physical body – an important part of spiritual practice. This is the basis, the pledge of future protection of safe areas of the mind. Insufficient training of the physical body can come back to haunt those who want quick results: some nerve diseases are often the consequences of burned-air channels, mental problems – the result of a loss of control over the objectivity of perception, premature death, as careless use of energy.

We continuously perceive huge flow of information, but are used to pay attention only to a small part of it. Shifting the focus to the edge of the field of perception, you can see the phenomena that our minds can not describe it, but they do exist. These effects are seen in the form of a strange feeling, vague shadows, change and break the concept of transience of time and so on. So the key to the development of new states of consciousness – active management attention.

Unlike regular exercise, yoga classes do not bring fatigue. Yoga – a balance between tension and relaxation. Yoga – it’s not long fasting, not insomnia for several days in a row without a vow of silence and the ability to talk non-stop, which indicates an imbalance, lack of harmony can not be a member of Yoga. Yoga means to keep a balance in everything from the food to the gait.

Yoga exercises are divided into physical, breathing, meditation. They are complex: the person becomes aware that he has a huge domestic potential, becomes the harmony of body and spirit.

There is wisdom: If a woman is a good cook, she meditates well. Do not get a delicious meal if you do not focus on the process of its preparation. Today, forget it with salt, and salt twice tomorrow. The researchers note that people scattered milk on the fire will expire no less than twice a week. When this happens, a person usually says, “I was distracted.” If you do not fly in the air and are fully aware of their actions, it is called yoga. Unfortunately, this is quite rare. Often, during a walk, say, in Kiev, our mind wanders the streets for a long time a very different city. To draw thread a needle, requires skill, and to see it, you first need to focus on. If you concentrate on your work on the relationships in the family, at his own actions, you will easily learn the true essence of yoga – a skill.

Why Yoga?

In fact, all human progress or misery caused by consciousness. The monks, students, housewives, doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists, and statesmen – all achieved excellent results in their work and live happily, if they are not only healthy in body, but are of sound mind. Execution of any work requires concentration, pure consciousness and deep peace. Yoga – a way to cultivate these opportunities.

Eyes can see the outside world, but only through the consciousness you see yourself. The practice of yoga is essential for the spiritual awakening of man. If you regularly practice certain exercises that suggests that teaching, you will be able to discipline the mind, body and feelings. By controlling a person can achieve incredible – that is beyond conventional thinking.

Our life – a complex system. To the question “Why do men and women, parents and children often have huge impenetrable wall of selfishness?” S. Adhyatmanada in his book “Yoga and Health” gives a simple answer: because of the lack of awareness. According to him, one of the most serious problems of our world is a “chronic overwork.” The practice of yoga gives us strength and promotes physical and emotional balance. Yoga leads to normal digestion, sleep, relieves anxiety.

“Many people believe that it makes no sense to practice yoga as a person, and so the whole day busy. This is wrong, – the expert Sergey Kryzhanovsky – because we do not erase the laundry and washing machine. When we need to vacuum the track or do the dishes, we do it standing up. We have almost no way to stretch your knees. We eat pasta, pizza, cola, loading vessels cholesterol. Now, it is not surprising that in times of advanced technology and “high living standards” are so few people who are satisfied with their lives. “

In humans, there are six systems: respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, musculoskeletal, nervous. Yoga affects all the systems of the body. If we do exercise, the mind keeps a balance in all conflict situations, and the body copes with the disease. Necessary condition – should do yoga all the time. This way you can avoid most of their problems. In this practice, no flaws. With a serious attitude and regular, even if not long-term, yoga you will find enough strength to succeed in life. Furthermore, the practice of yoga enhances sensuality.

Medical Recommendations

If you choose yoga for therapeutic purposes, find a teacher who has the necessary medical knowledge, as well as pre-check with your doctor. Yoga treatment can be successful only if you are under medical supervision, adhere to certain dietary changes and perform exercises (called yogasanami).

You can not do yoga, if you are seriously sick!

So, yoga does not contain something terrible and supernatural. On the contrary, it is quite natural and ordinary care of yourself and your body. What experts say?

Sergei Kryzhanovsky (instructor, Kyiv School of Yoga): “I do yoga about five years. Chose it because I wanted to have better health and add to your life a little diversity. Yoga is no different from the other systems of the body and mind. This is just one form of mind control and emotions. Everyone finds their system. Each of them is effective when it is not harm. Yoga is like a sharp sword of samurai. If the weapon to work properly, you can benefit yourself and loved ones. When doing a good teacher, take your time, do some exercises regularly, you will be fine. Of course, I can see the results. The years go by, and the body remains in a more or less healthy, relationships with people become calmer, less I blame them. Speaking of those who learn from me, then perhaps they feel some positive changes – otherwise there would be engaged. “

Inna Semiryadchenko: “I do yoga and a half years. Six months after the first few times ceased to feel back pain, headache. I am attracted to Eastern philosophy. Become calm and balanced. In yoga, slow motion, so she came to my liking. Going to continue. “

Alexander Zayats (doctor Sumy Regional Hospital): “I do not rule out the treatment in this way, although it did not put it as a basis. I am not against yoga. Contact, but the treatment that I have appointed to be a major. When people ask me, “Can I be treated and strengthened yoga?” I never refused, because the hope for the sick – this is important. “

Iryna Makarenko