14.05.2012 - Culture

Dehumanization of Art

Сontemporary art is rather guided by the principle that life is too short to be serious. Today, advertising, cartoons for adults, photos, fashion, cooking and design are nothing but art. Nowadays, even the ice cream manufacturers are competing who have a more attractive and stylish wrap. And many in the modern world is not done solely because of the fact that this is not “fashionable”… As for me, that’s why contemporary art has a lot to lose.

Revelation of the 21st century

Jose Ortega y Gasset in his work “The Dehumanization of Art” isolated signs of a new style in modern art. According to him, this style is trying to “dehumanize art, avoids the lifelike shapes to a piece of art was nothing more than just a work of art, according to the art of a game, and no more.” To be objective and evaluate current trends in the arts, not only through the prism of reviews and the reviews in magazines, then we can not agree that art today is not socially significant phenomenon, it is something personal and abstract, sometimes even offensive to the obscure. However, an intelligent young people today to cheer buys another fashion magazine and runs a second-hand, sits with a bottle of «Revo» «night commercials,” or short films, poetry slam happy with mats and undressing – and all this, mind you, is the art of true modern art , a sort of modern art.

And, anyway, if you live in the 21st century, all the time, side by side when faced with such “art”, you begin to get used to, and addictive, as is well known breeds, love. So do not start being mad rare for people who do not understand the art of Damien Hirst, Mariko Mori, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor and Takashi Murakami. In such cases, accurate and truthful idea that contemporary art divides society into intellectuals and “loons” (“rednecks”), thereby generating a second complex and the absolute hatred of the new art.

Certainly the art of the 21st century will not inherit the ancient traditions and art forms of Renaissance art, it would be foolish and at least regressive. Therefore, it makes no sense to dislike Gary Hume for his paintings are different from paintings by Thomas Gainsborough. Century change – people change, their essence, with centuries of change, even food, so it is obvious that the art and no change would have lost an elementary demand and disappeared from our planet. However, the same as for me, there are only artists. Oddly enough, but the art is always doing similar personality. Like thousands of years ago, today’s artists, musicians, writers, and so easy to fall in love. So it is not yet dehumanize art of our time – to love it still has. The question is how to love?

Conceptual corruption

The modern world is full of uncertainty and ambivalence applies to almost everything. Although the find something more precarious than the line between porn and erotica you are unlikely to succeed. After all, there is no single correct definition of these terms, and in all countries of their interpretation of the individual. The situation also complicates the art, as painting vulgar language does not bring myself to call, but it is sometimes much more open some adult movies. And all because the ancestors of the visual distortions were just artists.

Take the example of Japan, at the moment every image genitalia, whether in movies or on the photo, is free and is punished according to existing legislation. But, nevertheless, Ages 18-19, engraving has not been canceled. The works of such artists as Koryusay, Kienaga, Syunse and Tamaro can compete with many candid photoshoot. They are characterized by exactly the prints immoral stiffness, which is often attributed to Japanese culture in general.

In the U.S. the situation is somewhat different, Puritan morality of the 20th century has created such a thing as pin-up. It was a real graphics models in risqué situations, their creators had several objectives: first, the print edition of these pictures were in great demand, and secondly, the models are well earned, posing, and, finally, the images have helped to prevent the manifestation of homosexuality in during military service. So it is true to believe that pictures of these innocent creatures and became the precursors porn. And since this transition was due to historically, and the laws of the United States were more loyal. They are somewhat similar to European ones, too, prohibiting display of the process of copulation.

But in the world there are thousands of pictures with images of nudity and a scene showing hundreds of copulation, is it paint or pastel negate any vulgarity, transforming it into erotica? A graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Culture Anton Gusinsky says:

“Modern art, and any morality is almost pure antagonism. It rivals that without each other can not, but as it were, and interfere with each other to develop. Most of the artists, so-called creators, just want to show off once more, earn more money for another work carelessly, which celebrated to the masterpieces of minimalism. And about the corruption in the art, especially nowadays, you can never tell. The result – in the face. Ulterior motives with all sorts of platitudes and outright offensive are everywhere – from the children’s advertising, and ending with Oscar-winning film. “

But here are a few options. Some people believe that corruption is manifested only in the eye of the beholder, and aesthetics can be found in almost everything, so just need to know. But others insist that it changes the nature of accents, giving it an artistic value, because looking at the picture, we focus on an object, rather than action.

However, if you have to be realistic, the good from the bad porn erotica differs only way of feeding, the first thing you see, eating pies, just buying a CD, and the second is the trailers, previews and advertisements, it must wait. Such consumer attitudes and eliminates any value of the object, transforming the banal things stand products of society. Gallerist Tatiana Brod emphasizes that today’s art can not be assessed objectively, and even better not to evaluate and analyze it all: “Otherwise you can just go crazy. Most of the paintings, which are very popular, which are sold for thousands of dollars, drawn clearly not sober. But because they have something. That is just the power of art – to show all the realities of the world. So, everything is logical, what the realities – and the art is”.

Katya Soroka