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A wild paradise of Sri Lanka

Strive exotic and unforgettable vacation at very reasonable price? Holidays in Sri Lanka will satisfy all your needs and be convinced that there is a paradise on earth!

Once the owners here were the Portuguese, and later – the Dutch, then the power was transferred to the British, and only in the last third of the 20th century in Sri Lanka ended in the national liberation war. Finally, the owners of the land were indigenous people who gladly offer tourists from around the world to visit the island and stay alone with nature.

Tourist Maria visited Sri Lanka last autumn:

“I have long wanted to visit an exotic country, not too popular among tourists. Once, for Ukrainian curiosities was Thailand, but in recent years all go there. Only few years past after the national revolution in Sri Lanka. In this country, the tourist industry is just beginning to develop, the accumulation of tourists, especially domestic ones, is not significant, that’s why here you can feel freer.”

One of the favorite tourist cities in Sri Lanka is Kalutara town. It is located 43 kilometers south of the capital. Kalutara was once an important trading center of spices and today the town is known for its handicrafts, especially weaving baskets. Also Kalutara is one of the largest centers for the production of natural rubber in the country.

Nature and Climate

Kalutara washed by Manarsky Bay. Almost all the coast consists of sandy beaches, most of the surface of the island presents undulating plain in height from 30 to 200 meters.

The climate of Sri Lanka, sub-equatorial and monsoon. During the year occur during the rainy season, so tourists should take this into account in advance when planning holidays. Near Kalutara most intense rainy period is from May-June to October. At this time the rainfall for the month can reach 2 500 mm. The average annual temperature in the region of 28-30 degrees Kalutara. As for humidity, in the western part, where the Kalutara is, it is the highest – from 70 to 90%.

Unexpected guests

The island is fully developed. Over the years, people living with local animal, they accustomed to them and not only not afraid to approach them, but the boldly demanding their legitimate piece of dining room:

“Although Kalutara is the city, but wildlife can be found here on the streets. – Says tourist Maria. – I was initially amused when the Sri Lankan monkey tried to take away my cookies or fruit, but when one of them tried to steal my phone just out of the hands – then was not so much fun. I do not know why he wanted it, probably phone was just sparkled at sun… But the phone I recaptured, me this thing is needful. Locals later told that there was a cheeky monkey, and do not allow them such jokes.

But really troubled me local bats. They are almost the same size as the monkey, but with wings. In appearance – very scary. Once I photographed on the bridge, and when lifted up my eyes – saw just above me hanging on a thin branch this winged creature which was sleeping. I began to think that it can not resist and suddenly fall. Overall so nervous that I had to do some more foto shots.”

Also in Kalutara grow many exotic fruits including mango and rare mangosteens.


Resort Kalutara you can do many sports: water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, hunting and sailing. Kalu Ganga River you can go on a tour and see the famous manga and overgrown island hermits. River near the northern entrance to the city crossing the bridge. It leads to a huge hollow Dagobah Gangatilaka Vihara, decorated with lots of paintings and works of art.

Thousands of tourists and locals visit the temple every day to leave the coin there is a gift to the gods and ask them for favors.

Especially exciting spectacle unfolds here during the festival Navam Perahera. It is a grand march, which involves both dancers, singers, and flag bearers, candle holder and famous temple elephant. In the procession of hundreds of monks involved in formal attire. The youngest of them dressed in white and carrying Buddhist flags in front of the procession. Sacred relics ride on the backs of elephants, specially decorated for the procession.

Navam Perahera Celebration dedicated to the assembly of the first Buddhist community in Sri Lanka, which took place two and a half thousand years ago. For the first time in modern history Navam Perahera began to be celebrated in 1979. Since this holiday is superior to all other religious events. In the days of the holiday a lot of people at the drums come to worship the relics or just see the shrine.

Popular among tourists is also Gangatilaka Vihara Stoupa. This is the only hollow stoupa in Sri Lanka. It has a huge size and visible long before the entry into Kalutara. Stoupa is much more than Kalu Ganga bridge still there was a Buddhist temple located. It serves as a place of worship for thousands of believers from all over the world, because this is the only stoupa in Sri Lanka. Built this house in 1960s. The upper part of the temple resembles a dome that is painted white, and through his gigantic visible from almost any part of the city. The walls are decorated with frescoes stoupa illustrating the life of Buddha and rebirth.

At the temple as a sacred Bodhi tree grows, the branches of which tourists attach pieces of fabric as desired. It is believed that desire, you think about the temple, will come true. To fix it, you can fill a glass with water, make a wish and pour the water into the pipe that feeds the roots Bodhi tree.

Temple always crowded with parishioners who meditate, pray and bring gifts. Tourists visiting the temple can explore the Sinhala Buddhism, watching as three times a day people make offerings to the Buddha gifts, is sanctification coconut oil facilities etc. Remember that the front of the church need to take off one’s shoes.

Tourists as souvenirs brought from Kalutara spices: curry, red hot sauce “masala”, sauce “unchar” with spices and vegetables etc.

Yevheniy Mamonov, manager of a travel company “We-Land”:

Sri Lanka is a great option if you want the exotic at an affordable price. Accommodation and food is much cheaper than in Turkey or Egypt. Most of the cost of the tour actually takes flight: about $ 600. There no direct flights to Sri Lanka from Kyiv. Usually you need to fly with a change in cartoons (UAE).

If you do not like package tours, then eat in Sri Lanka can be in private schools. It will be slightly cheaper than the hotel. Also, because you can get acquainted with authentic local cuisine.

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