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Dysbacteriosis: pseudo-disease?

Recently, in our country there is a tendency towards a Western-style disease prevention through the use of nutritional supplements and organic products. On the screen we hear: “Only one week of miracle yogurt and you strengthen your immune system and warn dysbiosis.” To not be afraid of the enemy, you can not swallow the questionable means, and know it in the face. According to statistics, in different regions of Ukraine the number of people with dysbiosis is 70 to 90%. What is this disease that is so fashionable today to scare off the screen advertising the next superuseful food? For the answer, we turned to the experts and ordinary people who know from their own experience the dysbiosis problem.

What is it about

In the intestinal tract of humans live and perform various functions more than 400 species of beneficial microorganisms. The bulk of the normal intestinal flora  lactose, bifidobacterias and Escherichia coli. All these organisms are not just live there  their activities favorable to humans. What is expressed by their use? Normal flora protects the body from excessive penetration and growth of harmful microorganisms and produces specific substances, prevents putrefaction and fermentation. It trains local immune system is involved in the synthesis of vitamins and other essential substances in the digestive process in the destruction of cholesterol and allergens. If normal Escherichia coli, for whatever reason is not enough, all conditions that appear in the body of other bacteria. Such qualitative and quantitative changes are called dysbiosis (or intestinal dysbiosis).

Bacteria overgrowth may occur due to the use of antibiotics, intestinal infections, digestive diseases, stress, poor eating habits. When it comes to babies, dangerous for them artificial feeding and disease incurred by the mother during pregnancy.

Main symptoms: unstable stool, abdominal pain, nausea, aversion to certain types of foods, allergic rashes (especially on the face and abdomen), restless sleep. If this list you find something familiar, do not rush to the store with the products mentioned above. You may need to see a doctor?

Dysbacteriosis  a disease or condition of the body?

Opinions of doctors divided. Some believe that it is an independent disease, it must be treated with a variety of biological products and food supplements. This idea was strongly supported in advertising, because it is actually  a very profitable commercial project. Another opinion is that dysbiosis  this is not the root cause, as a consequence, it is necessary to find the factor that led to it and eliminate it. For example, if a person has a chronic disease of the biliary tract, it ignores the advice of a doctor, sooner or later he would have a dysbiosis. And if a man will only eat dairy or organic products, such treatment has no effect.

The opinion of pediatrician

Most of the diseases does not require the intervention of a narrow specialist. Pneumonia, bronchitis, gastritis, rickets, anemia, goiter  all this must be suspected, identify, and if necessary to cure a pediatrician. Therefore, it is important to listen to the opinion of a pediatrician children’s hospital number 9, Julia Viktorivna Artyukhova, about the problem that we are interested in:

Dysbacteriosis not treated as a distinct disease. It is always the result of some reason. The simplest  excessive antibiotic against which killed normal flora and raises his head conditionally pathogenic. Whenever watching dysbiosis, you need to conduct a full examination of the gastrointestinal tract.

Today, there are three words that scare modern moms  anemia, goiter and rickets. From the point of view of mothers is terrible disease. All others, it is somehow not reflect. Dysbacteriosis itself it is not a disease  a violation of intestinal biocenosis. “Bio”  that’s life, bacteria, and “dis”  imbalance… That is, these bacteria from the intestines “are not friends.”

In the intestine, there are three types of bacteria: useful, relatively bad (they are called opportunistic) and the actual pathogen. Normally, a healthy person should be kept a certain proportion of “good” and opportunistic. While the relatively high number of good, relatively harmful living quietly and no one is prevented. If there are any sudden changes in the body, leading to a decrease in the number of normal or infected with bacteria, which should not be at all, it may be a shift in the flora.

In the current environment, virtually every third year until the child has certain disorders of the intestinal flora. Most often this is due to a congenital condition, because some strange flora were settled, or acquired  linked to inappropriate diets in the first months of life.

When a small child is born in his gut flora is populated, it has been around my mother. If problems occur in the digestive tract mother is likely the child will receive the same flora, as well as from her. Therefore, women who are preparing for pregnancy, should be examined by a doctor and take preventive measures. Now operates without prescription medications in all pharmacies, which is why mothers should be very careful when self-medication. Uncontrolled use of drugs also can cause problems.

Most mothers to seek help because they believe that the child goiter, when in fact there is nothing to be alarmed. Abnormalities in the body of the child can not be associated with the intestine and the pancreas, gallbladder, allergic reactions, and in the end may be incorrectly matched nutrition, child learns his abnormal (insufficient absorption of lactose, carbohydrates, sugars).

The opinion of infectionist

To the main infectious diseases Podolsk district, Elena A. Doskach, patients often turn to the problem of dysbiosis. However, you acknowledge that the main thing in this case  the right to make a diagnosis and determine the fine line between dysbiosis and intestinal infection:

 I do not consider dysbiosis disease: the ultimate state between health and disease. In the international classification there is no such diagnosis as intestinal dysbiosis, as it is not a disease but a state of the body. Necessary to eliminate the root cause and not to self, and to consult with a specialist. By the way, the key to the treatment of the patient – not a piece of paper with the result of the analysis, which brings mom. Sometimes, in order to understand the causes of the condition, it is necessary to ask about the features of pregnancy in mothers and the child’s life from the moment of birth.

Generally dysbiosis  a very broad concept. It can occur anywhere in the body where germs live: in the ears, in the oropharynx, skin, even in the genitals. For example, seborrhea, and thrush, which is now often remembered on TV – it is also a manifestation of dysbiosis. However, in most cases we are dealing with intestinal dysbiosis.

Treat dysbiosis easy. In the early stages it almost does not manifest itself. When there are any complaints, goiter is already “in the prime of life.” Need a lot of time to understand the cause and fix it.

To be treated and it is now easier and more difficult. Previously come to a country doctor, he gave the patient a tool (no one knew how), but all silently swallowed and could not do anything to protest. Today, patients have access to information about any of the disease and to receive most often come prepared: read the note in the newspaper article or the World Wide Web. Therefore, on the one hand, the doctor is easier to get in touch with the patient and explain their actions. On the other hand, people are not always able to assess the accuracy of the facts taken “from outside”.

Sorry, but people often do not realize that the information on the screen is supplied with a commercial purpose. On television, saying, “Have a drink, eat  and be healthy,” And is it true? Usually the patient is a “cure” has no effect, but the manufacturer receives a whopping profit. Those are the products that are advertised in the media, in fact, do not treat. They do not eliminate the causes that lead to the development of dysbiosis. Thus, they provide important matter, but it is not a panacea, although this impression of how the information is fed to the screen.

The opinion of epidemiologist

Work epidemiologist is to oversee the sanitary well-being of the population. Epidemiologist Podolski SES Irina Alexeeva  a representative of the group of doctors who believe dysbiosis disease:

 The problem of dysbiosis is very serious. The reasons are many, especially the effects on the body uncontrolled use of antibiotics. They prescribe as necessary or not – that we dysbiosis. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics to “play it safe” and this is another reason for the excitation of gastric flora. After many OTC sale is treated independently, exaggerating the need for medications. On the intestinal environment affects the environment, which worsens by the day. And if disturbed intestinal flora, disturbed digestion, will be destroyed and the liver, and pancreas  the entire gastrointestinal tract.

My youngest son, the problem began with the hospital. The doctors prescribed me a course of antibiotics, and I breast fed. Therefore, the child developed goiter, and then have problems with the intestines. Later they became more complicated with other diseases, so dysbiosis occasionally have to treat today.

The opinion of mother

We appeal to mother who is standing in line to see a doctor. Her son is five years, but with dysbiosis at an early age the child the family has already faced. But consider whether Elena is a serious problem?

- With dysbiosis we met, when the child was one and a half years. After undergoing intestinal infection in son having problems, let’s say, to walking to the bathroom. This confused me, so I decided to investigate Vadimchik. According to the analysis of the child appointed a course of treatment due to lack of bifidobacteria and was diagnosed with “dysbiosis”. Was he really did not know.

We have been treated and the problem disappeared in a relatively short period. I believe that dysbiosis – it is not a disease but a condition of the bowel, which can occur in anyone, including and endless treatments and antibiotics, and, finally, the environment.

Let us make a conclusion?

So, do not be afraid of the enemy, now that we know him in the face. Of course, opinions about whether dysbiosis disease broke – the conclusions of every reader would make himself. Regardless of the position should remember a few simple things. First, you need to consult with doctors and not to rely on self-medication. Secondly, you need to be careful with the purchase of drugs without a prescription. Third (and this is perhaps the most important), you can not blindly trust the advertising. Dysbacteriosis – not fiction, but clearly an invention is that it is treated with a delicious yogurt for a week or a miracle drug.

These preventive measures are simple and do not differ from what is called the three words “healthy lifestyle”. Must be balanced feed (added to the diet of milk, unrefined foods, those that contain fiber, vitamins). Mandatory physical activity (at least ten minutes a day of gymnastics, swimming pool once a week), healthy sleep (at least seven hours a day for a young body). Finally, as far as possible, avoid stress. This will keep and from dysbiosis, and many other, much more important issues.

Eugenia Perutska