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Welcome to Croatia!

“You have to look for the traveler who would have remained unhappy holiday in Croatia. Magnificent nature, pristine beaches and waters of the Adriatic, priceless reminder of history and architecture. ” What more do you need for happiness?

Prepare paper, reach for bags!

“Farewell daily life unbearable and metropolitan hot – I’m going on vacation! I’m going to … But where? “- I think, waiting for Pavlyk Irynu, a travel agent of” Lyubosvit. ” Here she is.

“You have to look for the traveler who would have remained unhappy holiday in Croatia. Magnificent nature, pristine beaches and waters of the Adriatic, priceless reminder of history and architecture. It will be for you to be what you wish: a quiet and remote from civilization, or a fun, modern and unpredictable “- and these words are gradually fascinate me, especially the photos of this paradise. And, importantly, there are no problems with the visa, and easily accessible – a charter flight directly to your destination. Prepare paper, reach for bags – we go to Croatia!

Meet me, Croatia!

A minimum of luggage, maximum good mood – with this set I get into our plane, as always at the window. Everything becomes so small, and then the clouds, white and fluffy as drawn. The plane sits in Pula loud applause of passengers. It’s time to turn on the phone and I immediately get the message “Welcome to Croatia! .. “And the plane is over, Croatia meet me … meets the rain in buckets … Not the best start, but the rain – a temporary phenomenon, especially here. The bus carries our group in Porec, where, in fact, I decided to stop. Rain seems to have become even stronger, and I have no umbrella, no warm clothes …

Club “For those over 70″ and other surprises

Here we are! At the entrance to the hotel “Plavi” we are met by a very polite receptionist Paolo, a beautiful dark-haired italohorvat, our future personal tour guide, driver, and now, just friendly people. To the hotel door we walk through a beautiful garden, and it seems that there is no other color except lavender: in an ensemble with sea wind they give the tourists a wonderful flavor. Overstep the threshold. Yes … My mood is ruined completely: the hotel lobby looks like a club “for those over 70.” It seems, have a week in the evenings to play bingo with German pensioners. The room is cozy, albeit small – a bed, a mirror and a small closet – and all white as snow. Given the weather conditions, beach holidays for today is canceled. This prompts me to look around the hotel and talk to Paolo. He manages to improve my mood, he promises the sun and a new race of young people tomorrow.

So, the first thing I learned about Croatia: June – a quiet month: most of the clubs and bars have closed or are open until 22:00, so here rest mostly pensioners and families with children. In July, have fun: open discos, amusement parks, gradually coming youngsters, especially the Ukrainian and Russian. And August – the month-clock fun, because in Croatia, namely on the peninsula of Istria, the Italians go en masse. Then here and the songs and dances, and performances – noisy from the night until the morning.

Paolo decides to set me up a little bit and the geography of Croatia. As it turned out, I had chosen the right place for their age and needs. Istria – busy area, there are plenty of restaurants, discos, hotels, combined with cozy beaches, magnificent Adriatic Sea, as well as a wealth of historical heritage makes it a wonderful tourist destination for an active and interesting holiday. Dalmatia – Croatia’s another area that is in demand among lovers of luxury villas past, surrounded by rich nature, in a green corner of the planet away from the hustle and civilization.

Time to go for dinner. On what scale it serves food! The hotel buffet is rich in seafood, meat and fish dishes, salads, side dishes for every taste and fruit. Fish and seafood are more likely, they are perfectly combined with a dry red wine produced locally. Croats make a great wine: great taste and flavor, and nothing more. By the way, the dinner’s easy to see who came from which country the Germans eat sausages with beer, Italian – pizza and pasta, and the Ukrainians – all and more.

A little paradise on earth

A new day begins with the sun and good mood (Paolo did not lie). Quickly let’s go eat breakfast and the beach! Beaches in Croatia features: First, the sea is not open, but in the form of a complex of bays, secondly, the banks are covered by lush vegetation, which flows directly into the sea, and the third, the very design of the unique beaches – there is no sand or pebbles, only green grass and stone beach. Particularly noteworthy waters of the Adriatic – the impression that they are the cleanest in the world – such clear up close, such a good sky-blue from a distance … Surrounded by a natural feel in total harmony and peace. Perhaps I would have spent all his days in Croatia, if Paolo did not insist on the tours, which are, in his opinion, it is impossible to understand this country.

To understand Croatia, you must feel it

Rovinj – Little Venice, as she is called by the local people – the first sight of Croatia, which I visited. It is called this because the city is not in vain. Indeed, it houses a lot like the Venetian and the narrow streets emphasize the resemblance even more. In the town are many small shops where you can buy cheap olive oil, house wine, local cheeses and sausages, usually smoked and subacute. And also there are a lot of souvenirs, handicrafts products, and the best decoration of the city, in my opinion – a store with Venetian masks, bright and elegant, but not cheap. Familiarity with the city filled up my bag of souvenirs, and life – another happy memory.

A new day – a new acquaintance with Croatia. My attention was drawn to the Plitvice Lakes – the world-famous Croatian national park. An excursion to the Temple of waterfalls and unique nature is not cheap, but Paolo taking me there in person. To go to this park even in a car far away, but the views that were enjoying the road, make up for this. The beauty of the park to put into words, perhaps impossible. Here at every step waterfalls, big and small, strong and calm, they fall into dozens of lakes, they, along with the sun’s rays create tens of rainbows. The lakes are playing with different colors and shine as if they are millions of diamonds.

The last day should be spent alone with nature. It becomes a little sad to leave such a beauty, but no one vacation does not last forever. Therefore the coin – the sea, the things – in bags. I’m going home. Croatia, to a meeting!

Brief tourist information

Location: South Central Europe.

Capital: Zagreb.

Sea: Adriatic.

Area: about 57 thousand km ².

Relief: a contrast – the mountains, the rocky coast of the island.

The largest islands are: Korcula, Hvar, Brac, Cres and Pat.

Population: about 4.5 million people.

Religion: mainly Roman Catholicism.

Climate: variable. In the north and east it is continental, on the coast – the Mediterranean, and in the mountains – mountain.

Transport: Croatia has good road and rail network. International airports are located in Zagreb, Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, on the island of Krk. International ports – Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik. There are regular ferry services to the Italian coast.

Language: Croatian. To find a common language with the locals and understand some basic household items you can, because Ukrainian, Russian and Croatian languages ​​have many similar words. The majority of Croats, especially on the coast, or a good command of English, or German, or Italian. In recent years, many restaurants and hotels offer information in Russian.

Customs: duty-free into the country, or you can import 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, 1 liter of spirits, 1 kg of coffee or tea, 50 ml of perfume or toilet water for personal use. The duty on the goods, the amount of which exceeds the specified quota of 50% of their customs value. Always declared sports equipment, electronics, cameras and video recorders.

The sea and the beaches: the Croatian coast – is, in fact, continuous beach. The sea is clean mamym around the Mediterranean basin, and 98% of beaches suitable for swimming. Istrian mostly artificial concrete platforms, natural stone and plateaus. In Central Dalmatia pebble beaches and are considered the best on the coast. Pine trees grow here in just 3-4 meters away from the surf line, so no umbrellas are not needed. These places are especially attractive for families with children. In southern Dalmatia, there are sandy, and rocky, and concrete, and on islands in the Dubrovnik area – and the sandy beaches.

Nature: In 2005, the magazine «National Geographic» Croatia called the fairest country in the world. The main wealth of the country – its unique natural and geographical conditions. Here – 8 national parks with total area of ​​994 km ², of which 235 km ² fall on the water surface.

Dovzhenko Khrystyna