24.10.2013 - News

House of 360 degrees is designed to Sao Paulo

Brazilian architect Isay Veinfeld designed the unusual house in San Paulo – 62 ” houses with yards ” that overlap each other, as in the game Jenga.

360 ° house, which was presented at the World Architecture Festival earlier this month, is a 20 -storey tower block located at the top of the ridge between the outskirts of the Alto de Pinheiros and Alto da Lapa in the western part of the city.

Isai Veinfeld wanted to avoid the typical San Paulos compact apartments that have a little outer space or haven`t  it at all. ” We tried to create the house of 360 ° as an alternative to the vertical multi-family residential model,” – says the creator of unusual house .

Instead, small balconies, the architect gave each apartment its own terrace . This space is located between the flats .

Apartment sizes from 130 to 250 square meters. On each floor are two to four apartments.
These characteristics provide six different floor types that are alternately remind Jenga – a children’s game where wooden blocks removed from the tower and mounted on top.

The base of the house set into the hill. Residents enter the path directly to the first floor where they cross the pool, which flows around the entire perimeter.

Recreational areas and laundry facilities are on the ground floor and three floors of parking are in the basement.

Autor: Valeria Riabyk
Source: dezeen.com