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The Giants Causeway – the main lure of Northern Ireland

Once there were giants here, and today it is a royal place for a walk. The Giants Causeway affects not only by its size but also the mysterious legends of its origin. This Irish natural phenomenon deserves the popularity and admiration.

Irish myths and world science

About 60 million years ago, powerful volcanoes rocked the area. They raised the pillars of ash into the sky, and on the ground throwing a large amount of magma. This event has left a legacy of the Irish giant mysterious way. But according to legend, by walking yourself it is really giants.

Once a warrior of Irish mythology, Finn McCool going to compete with the one-eyed giant by the name of Hall, who lived overseas. Finn decided to build a bridge to the other side, so as not to wet his feet. He hewed with the sword, and drove to the bottom of the sea a number of stone columns. Charter, the soldier lay down to rest and fell asleep. At this time the formidable opponent he had come to him on the same bridge was built. But they could not compete. It turned out that Finn was a very clever woman – Sadb. Her sleeping husband, she gave a little boy. Pretending that she is waiting for Finn, began to treat Sadb Hall cakes with baked them in the iron pans. When Finn awoke his wife gave him the same cake, only without the pans. Hall was very scared when I saw how quickly a child eats loaves. He introduced what is yet to be the father of the child. Hall ran back. And the bridge of his terrible blows broke down and broke.

Legends of the legends, but the scientific explanation of the giants of the road is quite simple. It is associated with the volcano. Columns – a vertical crack that formed during the solidification of lava. And in most angles of six columns of natural origin explains their analogy with bee honeycombs, not myths. There are several popular versions of this territory – stoned bamboo forest, or the result of deposits of minerals from seawater.

For over 30 years, this wonderful place is a national nature reserve in Northern Ireland. Columns of the giants of the road from 6 to 12 meters in height, the total length of 275 meters. Imagine a journey of 40,000 columns, which enters the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere in the 150 meters. Alex Barnett wrote about the visit of the road: “From the capital of an independent Ireland, I finally decided to go to Northern Ireland to look at the way the giants, a world heritage site by UNESCO. It was a pretty arduous journey, but I never for a moment regretted. This place is really amazing. “

Interestingly, the Giants opened the way for Derish Bishop back in 1692. The fact that he ordered the artists paintings that accurately reflect these rocks, stones. So dear giants interested in the public and scientists. And artists still draw inspiration from this mysterious and majestic place.

How did get here? Book flights to Dublin. From there a bus for 3 hours you can reach the city Bushmil, where is the road giants. And do not forget to take all the important things that you will come in handy while traveling this beautiful country.

All my my stuff I bring with me

Everyone has their own idea about what he may need to travel. However, the specifics of Ireland requires to bring some things are mandatory.

First, it is … an adapter for the Irish outlets. In order to use its technology in Ireland will need an adapter with three contacts. Also, you can not do without clothes for rainy weather. Rains – a common and regular occurrence in Ireland, so easy to rain, you can throw over the rest of the clothes and a cap will certainly come in handy. But take the umbrellas is not recommended, as their way of life is likely to be completed ahead of schedule because of the aggressive Irish wind.

Although Ireland has a great selection of illustrated books about the country, we can not deny himself the pleasure to make some pictures for memory. A small, lightweight camera with a zoom lens is ideal for traveling got into this. Do not forget to capture the data storage device, or a spare film for the camera: buying them in Ireland can be an expensive pleasure.

Travelers should take care of health insurance. The ideal would be an option when insurance covers possible emergency flight home. Continuing the financial theme, nice to be with you Irish or British money is already at the time of arrival, no extra hassle to pay for travel from the airport to the city. In Ireland, the euro was introduced, and in Northern Ireland continues, as well as across the UK to operate the pound sterling. In general, everywhere in the island both currencies are accepted, but pay off foreign currency such as U.S. dollars are likely to fail.

Irish weather is not generous, not only in the rain, but in the sun. Therefore, sunscreens are a must during a walk along the beach or the mountains, where you can quickly burn. No sunglasses will not do, if you plan to travel by car. The island is known for its long sunsets and sunrises.

If your plans include a detailed sightseeing tour of Ireland, many of whom are in rural areas, you’ll have a lot of walking. It is recommended to bring the most comfortable shoes with soles that provide good traction with the ground. Even a very warm and sunny day in Ireland could end up a cool evening. So, warm clothes – your best friend.

In addition, you will need a good guide and advice. Even those who travel to Ireland as part of the tour, it will help fill in missing information. Finally, the guide can always be a great souvenir.

Have a pleasant journey!

Roman Pylypii