14.10.2013 - News

Attractions U.S. once again open to visitors

The tourist office in Washington , DC, on Friday announced that the city once again open for business, even if the federal government does not work.

 U.S. officials decided to resume funding of national monuments , not to lose revenue , because every day tourists swell the budget for thousands of dollars.

Annual Report tourism industry in the District of Columbia gathered on a rainy day under the tent at the Museum News («Newseum»), to determine the list of places that will be open to visitors even when the Smithsonian and other federal institutions will be closed. Then hotline was launched to provide an opportunity to create appropriate conditions for group and individual tours. Also created a web page on the county , which describes in detail the 55 museums and other attractions again earned.

Tourists should have the opportunity to visit the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon (Arizona) , Park Mount Rushmore ( South Dakota ) and a number of attractions in the garb of Utah and Colorado.

Recall from October 1st series attractions were closed to visitors because of the serious economic crisis in the country.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source : usatoday.com