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Jewels and their properties

For a long time there were rituals with the use of jewels. Our ancestors believed that they had had a magic action. Every stone and every mineral had setting. About it we and we will talk more detailed.

Choose jewels and minerals under your name, astrological sign and month of birth

In our time, most people beautiful valuables attract attention. Stones are chosen through their status that carries the name «millionaire» or «higher class».

There is an enormous amount of advices in relation to the choice of necessity to you stone. They are classified after belonging to the certain astrological, planet sign and bind to the month of birth and even by a monthly day. We will take, for example – rams. To them inherent: diamond, mountain crystal and zircon. For a Sun, that in astrology is considered embodiment of will, vital energy and force, is a goldstone, heliodor, cornelian, topaz, zircon and amber. For April characteristic: diamond, mountain crystal, sapphire, zircon. And, we will say, for a number «6» after a monthly day, add a hyacinth and citrine.

We pick up stones after chakras

Many are known chakras everybody have that – the family accumulators and at the same time generators of bioenergy of cy, also can up to a point cooperate with jewels. The Indian healers were able to influence on them by means of these decorations that own certain frequency descriptions also. On sick organs, points or corresponding chakras laid, whether that «in’ » stones that drew out pain, whether that «ian’ » stones that added to energy excited and stimulated. In that behalf methodology of old east healers deeply differs from practice of western astrologers that pick up stones to the people in accordance with their horoscope. They are unaware frequently, that their bad feel is related to the wrong chosen decoration.

Sahasrara befit: agate, diamond, anhydrite, mountain crystal, malapropisms, kahalong, kal’cyt, quartz, topaz, fluorite, zircon, charoit.

Adgnа befit: agate, azurite, amethyst, quartz, malachite, sapphire, fluorite.

Vishudga befit: agate, azurite, aquamarine, amazon-stone, apatite, turquoise, pearls, cat’s-eye, chalcedony, charoit.

Anahata befit: goldstone, agate, actinolite, alexandrite, belomorit, beryl, heliotrope, emerald, diopside, dioptase, jadeite, worm-pipe, кальцит, monthly stones, malachite, nephrite, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rubelit, ruby, saga of years, serafinit, chrysoberyl.

Manipura befit: agate, apatite, beryl, jadeite, worm-pipe, flint, malachite, nephrite, onyx, tiger’s-eye, chrysolite, citrine.

Svadhisthana befit: agate, almandine, anhydroferrite, heliotrope, ruby, spinel.

Muladhara befit: agate, actinolite, gagate, anhydroferrite, pomegranate, obsidian,rauchtopaz.

A dream of any girl is a diamond

Almaz the hardest mineral in the world, he is considered «king of stones». Ancient Greeks named him adamas – that is translated, as «unshakable». Exactly through such status, majority aims to own diamonds. Although not everybody, from the point of view of finances, can take the liberty of this royal luxury.

By mistake to consider that diamonds befit to each. For example, to the people impulsive, with enhanceable pressure, constantly carrying them is not recommended. It is also impossible to lend stranger decorations, because they already carry to the power engineering specialist of other man. In old times, the stones of force and dominion named diamonds. Also this jewellery is curative characteristics: protects a heart and releases from illnesses of skin. And after zodiacal statements, most a diamond befits to the rams.

Decorations that befit to your name

It is correct to choose a decoration is yet simpler. In the European culture a betweenness is already a long ago mine-out by the widespread woman names and jewels. It remains only to find the name to know, what jewelry will correspond to him.

Alice: alexandrite, lazurite, topaz; Alevtina: worm-pipe, nephrite; Alexandra: pomegranate, malachite, chrysolite; Alla: agate,olivin; Anastasiya: fluorite, chrysoprase, zircon; Angela: lazurite, opal, citrine; Ann: amber; Antonina: agate, dymchaty quartz, fenakit.

Bella: kahalong, cat’s-eye, topaz; Bronislava: fell off.

Catherine: beryl, tiger’s-eye; Claudia: pearls, onyx, mother of pearl.

Darya: chrysoberyl; Darya: diamond, obsidian.

Elena: onyx; Eugenia: goldstone,rubelit; Eudoxia: monthly stones, selenite.

Ganna: mountain crystal, cornelian.

Inna: diamond, pearls, emerald, mother of pearl; Irene: belomorit pearls, coral, mother of pearl, chalcedony.

Karina: jasper.

Larisa: turquoise; Lidija: gagat, malachite; Liza: olivin; Lina: nephrite; Ljubov: dioptase, pink quartz, chalcedony; Ljudmila: alexandrite, pomegranate.

Margaret: ruby, tiger’s-eye; Marina: amethyst, turquoise, chrysoprase, jasper; Maria: pomegranate, sapphire, cornelian.

Nadezhda: agate, coral; Natalia: beryl, obsidian; Nina: amber; Nonna: sodalit.

Oksana: goldstone, citrine; Olga: fell off.

Raisa: anhydroferrite, fenakit.

Svetlana: coral, malachite, rhodonite; Sofia: tourmaline, spinel, evklaz.

Taisija: nephrite, topaz; Tamara: lazurite, fluorite; Tatyana: gagat, obsidian, jasper.

Valentina: amazon-stone, olivin, cornelian; Varvara:gagat; Vasylyna: rhodonit; Vasilisa: turquoise, onyx; Veronika: pink quartz, sapphire; Victoria: variscite; Vera: aquamarine, ruby; Vita: rhodonite, tiger’s-eye.

Yulia: jadeite, emerald, rubelit; Yana: Labrador, citrine; Yaroslava: azurite, quartz.

Zinaida: emerald; Zoja: jadeite, cat’s-eye.


Connoisseurs of minerals and jewels, jewelries recommend to carry. Accent our attention on that before acquisition of decoration it is first of all needed with him to become familiar. To know this stone befits to you or no, to revise his history, value and curative actions.

Jeweller Liudmyla :

«…jewels really have curative forces, but it is necessary correctly to pick up for itself a decoration. That understanding, which one stone befits to you, is possible to use a horoscope or proper name. It is very important not to take stranger decorations, otherwise they will operate negatively on you. Also, if you want to feel the curative action of jewels, then it is not necessary to forget about quality».

 Olha Liashenko