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Euphoria of eight wheels, or I want to go for a drive on rollers

In the modern world of ролерство with every day becomes yet more popular. In what his secret? One consider him a method beautifully to spend time within family circle and blown about from problems, and other – by the way of life, related to feeling of drive, speed and freedom. In dependence on this choice, a man elects for itself his style of rolling and methods of achievement of successes with him.

Extremal lovers rollers

This people, that fly streets, lifting a dust. When someone from them speeds away lightning for a turn, at other the mouths open up from a surprise. Their bodies are adroit and strong, their feet do not walk, and ride. They are children of megalopolises that breathe and move with an identical rhythm and can not live without speed and risk. The level of adrenalin in their tendons exceeds an average norm.

Watching their mastery, each has a desire to become the same.

They are kings of streets and large areas.

They are ROLLERS.

Roller sport as healthy way of life

Today, when people realized all negative influence of our ecology, not mobile way of life finally, everybody tries to find time for sport. Parents mass give children in sporting sections, teenagers begin to search fashionable and useful youth employment. Even adults begin to think of that, how to diversify the spare time so that the spent clock passed with pleasure for the soul and benefit for a body.

And here many roller sport occurs to. In fact, on the face of it, nothing special, as though learning easily to this employment – became and went. But all so simply, how does seem? What roller sport? What is it needed to begin from? How to become good roller?

Beginners have always many questions. But on each of them it is possible to find a simple answer.

From what to begin?

First of all – it from a sober comprehension. It is needed to be determined with what you want to attain in roller sport and on what ready to go for the sake of him. It is first of all necessary to find style that likes you, in fact the choice of your rollers and further studies will depend exactly on it. It is also needed to understand that here without bruises will not do. you want to learn – will be to suffer the row of falling. If this prospect you does not frighten is time to choose the style and rollers and proceed to the studies.

Styles of rolling

This type of extreme sport is presented by a few styles of rolling. The most popular are below described from them.

A fitness is the most widespread style of roller sport. It is based on active rest on rollers, by a word, rolling for pleasure.

A slalom is style that consists in rolling on a slalom path. It is two kinds: speed and figured.

Agressive has three varieties.

Vert is rolling on vertical footlights, rotation and flights of different complication. Needs good physical preparation, material expenses and obligatory defence. Here already in any way not to do without a helmet.

Street is the “street rolling”. To motion borders, stair, rails, go and anything other, on what it is only possible to jump on rollers. Popular enough type of rolling, that does not need additional equipment and superfluous financial charges.

The park rolling is an association of two previous styles, id est, skidding (street) and turns with flights (vert).

For today very popular is freeskejting. This one of the newest directions, that envisages the sure rolling on a city. Freeskejting unites in itself a few disciplines. Basic are jumps and extreme sliding seats (braking).

Everybody can choose that likes him. It is needed to be only clearly determined with own desires and possibilities. The best of all a that man that not only felt roller sport the soul and body in direct sense words can advise only, and yet and attained in this area of great enough successes.

We go to buy rollers

To put a bold laugh on in the shop of sporting commodities, it is necessary clearly to know why you came there.

If you simply want to try to drive, that understanding, this employment will please to you or no, is not needed to buy to itself expensive rollers. It is better to ask a salesman to show the so-called rollers for rest. Nothing superfluous, only comfort, besides, and price moderate. It is the best variant for beginning a roller.

But if you plan constantly to go for a drive, ride on large distances, collect high speed, by a word, to spare to this employment much time, then rollers for a fitness the best of all will satisfy your requirements. Certainly, it needs large charges.

If you love sport, does not present the life without it, already a long ago captured a figure-skating, play hockey or well go for a drive on skis, then ordinary rollers it can you appear not enough. It is better to choose between rollers for a fitness and rollers for a slalom.


Well here, new rollers already on feet. Forward???

It is not needed to hurry. It is better to look in advance after defence, not to injure the elbows and knees. And it is a quite not whim. It is not needed to ignore her because as though “knee-guards do not suit to my jeans”, in fact wounds from falling hardly will befit anymore. First of all, it is needed to protect elbows and knees is ” easy” defence. Also will not prevent to put the special gloves on without fingers for defence of wrist.  It, probably, most necessary part of defence. During falling she protects from a break and wounds. Moreover, if to learn to fall it is correct, then to the amateur nothing, except gloves, and not may need. We send is a no less important element of defence, but it is very often scorned them.

Realities of rolling

Circumstance that all go for a drive, beginning from kids, ending grand-dads and grandmothers, quite not means that this easy employment and it is possible at a time to “become and go”. Id est, doing it is not really difficult, but hardly sorting out by feet and chaotic wave hands someone will satisfy. Mainly – to put to itself a correct aim, to go for a drive so that to feel confidently. Roller with experience is able to be dispersed even to 40-50 kilometres per hour.

Each, who goes for a drive on rollers gets from it such advantages:

  • Strong feet and pumped buttocks
  • Joints become more movable, that positively influences on a health
  • Healthy heart ready to loading
  • Good posture
  • Increase of level of own endurance

It only began list. When you will begin training, then will open for itself the whole spectrum of pluses and minuses. First, certainly, will prevail.

Advices for beginners

Main rule for a beginner: “Go for a drive with a mind”. Nobody needs superfluous heroism.

It is not needed to try to study, in fact watching other, it is far easy to avoid errors. And considerably merrier and more effective to go for a drive together. If friends or acquaintances do not wish to keep company is not trouble. The Internet will always help at that rate. Finding like-minded persons is possible on various forums. Rollers is merry and open people, will always accept, will show and will teach. To adopt experience usually better for the real people. Thus, it is possible to be consulted in relation to rollers, defence, studies and the best territories for rolling. Roller must care of the health and necessarily to have a medicine chest in the arsenal.

It is necessary to know that rollers quite not love moisture. As a conclusion – it is not needed to ride puddles and on a wet asphalt. Bearing can become rusty, and rollers spoilt. Besides, risk will slip and to fall down grows twice. A beginner must be able to expect own speed. “Creeping” on rollers is not needed, because so you will learn nothing. But also to fly from the first days of training – too early.

At first it is needed to learn to go for a drive on an even surface and not hurry with every hills, by steps and others like that. It is needed objectively to estimate own forces and possibilities. In fact, dispersed to 40 kilometres per hour on rollers, to control a situation far heavier, than, for example, on a bicycle. To learn to brake – here yet one obligatory task for a beginner.

It is needed to spare the special attention to the ride on “soft knees”, id est to learn confidently to feel on arcuated feet. It is a mortgage of the correct rolling and safe falling, because it helps to hold an equilibrium. Going for a drive on direct feet is simply impossible. It will never save you in an extreme situation, because feet will not be simply able to execute what you want from them.

Rollerstvo as a lifestyle

Often enough human fascinations outgrow in something considerably anymore. It is possible to begin from curiosity, and then live with it all life. Rollers are a thing to that get used very quickly. Rolling releases from superfluous emotions, helps to be deprived stress. Rollers seem fearless people often. Sometimes there is the impression, that they do not experience pain and are not afraid of falling. Surprises many, why little children without superfluous fear drive streets while it is afraid to do the grown man.

Explanation extraordinarily simple: children got used to fall, for them it not so terrible, as for adults. A man falls exactly through feeling of fear. Takes place or complete weakening, or excessive tension. It is necessary less than to think that it is possible to fall down. With acquisition of practice it can be brought up in itself.

If fears retreat gradually, it is desirable to arrive at all new and new tops, to go across from the amateur rolling to rolling of professionals.


S. N. Shostak Nikita

Age: 18

Experience of roller: 8

Experience: trainer’s activity; victories of the Allukrainian level on the competitions of rollers.

Among them is an absolute winner on an annual youth festival “Street art” SNICKERS URBANіЯ 2006 and 2007 in Ukraine.

Fascination: extreme types of sport

Supporter of healthy way of life, in fact only it is so possible to attain a good result.

Now all more children aim to learn to go for a drive. I began in 10, simply from curiosity. Very important is position of parents. Without traumas it is simple not to treat in this type of sport. Many novices stop to occupy already after the first break. Parents must support in such situations, but not forbid something.

Rollers are passion and pleasure. But from them it is possible to expect что-угодно. And it is better to purchase good defence to the own child, what then to take away him home in a gypsum.

The persons of ripe years must understand also, that this sport is counted on those, who loves a risk. There would not be a risk – there would not be so much rollers on streets. Certainly, all depends on that, on how many in earnest a man behaves to rolling. To occupy vert, it is needed to have a certain base, good physical form. It is two years of the permanent rolling somewhere.

In the modern world, street becomes all more popular. Guys study to go for a drive simply on areas, streets. In Ukraine, unfortunately, while there are not prospects of development of rolling on footlights.

Pre-eminence of rolling on rollers – it that beginning is possible in any age. To begin to go for a drive both a child can from a zero and adult. It helps to cast aside fears and perfect the body, getting a maximum of pleasure here.

It is not needed to be afraid! Only try – and you will not be simply able to refuse!

Kateryna Riepina