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Eco-friendly wood or durable plastic?

Anyone who is just beginning to build up a new home, dreaming of cozy, bright and spacious rooms, which want to come back after work and invited guests at the evening gatherings. Comfort of your own home depends not only on the planning rooms, a successful interior, but also the material of windows and doors of your home. More recently, new windows and doors were isolated phenomenon. But at the present time mod technology they probably do not have to impress anyone. Plastic firmly established its niche in the market and people increasingly began to prefer products made from this material. Is this correct? Is it better to install at home – new windows and doors or maybe traditional wooden?

The Ancient History of Modern Plastic
Mandatory attribute new apartments XXI century is the windows and doors. It turns out that the story of their origin dates back to ancient times. The material from which they are made, was created in 1835 by German chemist Rehnaldom and called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Ways to get this polymeric material is not in the laboratory and in industrial environments found nearly a century ago.
The first window frames made of PVC German designer Heinz Pasche, dated 1952 year. Extensive use of windows with the material acquired in the sixties of the twentieth century. Then, to advertise their products, a German entrepreneur has replaced the window of his client’s plastic free. Even after several years in the production of plastic windows began to use modern technology, making them the way is all used to see them.
In Ukraine, the windows became popular much later – in the mid-1990s. And now in great demand among consumers.
Why should I choose windows and doors with plastic?
Now let’s talk about the positive aspects of plastic windows and doors.
Sound and heat insulation
First of all, the consumer is well aware of their ability to high insulation. Usually, the cause of 15-20% of heat loss in the house windows and doors. Through the use of windows, even in severe frosts they retain heat well and create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. In the cold season, you can save more energy, do not have to turn on additional heaters.
Excellent sound – another major plus plastic windows and doors. Street noise and rattling is not available to you, and in a house or apartment is always calm and peace prevail.
Ease of use
The design of a good glass very tight, so windows deprive housewives opportunities every day to wipe dust that penetrates through the cracks. A time allocated for cleanings can be used in other, more enjoyable purposes. Also, the windows do not need to insulate and seal the winter.
A significant advantage – the windows and doors do not need to be painted every year. Simply wash well.
Safety, Reliability and Durability
The material from which they are made, are not subject to any atmospheric phenomena. Plastic is not afraid nor rain, nor snow, nor heat, nor frost. They will be all right in summer in the scorching sun and not deform winter. The service life of plastic doors and windows – about 50 years.
A variety of colors and shapes of plastic windows and doors will be enjoyed by people who like to seek innovative solutions and original design. By choosing windows and doors of this material, you can show all your imagination. It can be laminated in all possible shades (40) and select the shape of any geometric shape.
Let’s talk about the disadvantages of plastic doors and windows
Along with a number of benefits windows and doors with plastic also have their drawbacks. Their excellent insulation has a «downsid»: windows not only miss the heat, but do not allow fresh air to flow into the room. Condensation that forms on the windows, walls and ceilings, is a clear proof of this. To avoid the greenhouse effect, the owners usually have to ventilate the room 3-4 times a day.
Another disadvantage is the inability to repair mechanical damage to windows and doors. If you accidentally scratch the surface of the plastic, it is not clear or obscure you can not scratch.
And the last most important negative – synthetic material from which they are made. Although experts sverdzhuyut that in recent years, thanks to modern technology was able to minimize the harmful effects of chemicals, plastic is still artificially derived material. Interacting with sunlight, it has a negative impact on human health. However, given the effect on our health is different appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phones), the windows are not the enemy of man.
Wood – «breathable» material
Wood has always been and still remains the best eco-friendly building materials. However, modern wooden windows and doors have their own characteristics and are slightly different from their ancient «seed».
The biggest advantage of windows and doors is the natural origin of the material from which they are made. Unlike plastic, wood allows fresh air to enter the room. As a result – the house is created greenhouse effect, and, accordingly, does not accumulate moisture, which affects the respiratory system of a person.
However, it is always necessary to consider the price and quality of any products. It is something that some manufacturers in order to not zavodylysya in wood bugs, it is treated with chemicals. This in turn also prevents fresh air to penetrate into the room. This artificially treated wood will not have any advantages over plastic.
Wood – it’s a natural material that will never go out of style. Therefore, wooden windows and doors also can easily become your home decoration.
Their quality depends entirely on the type of wood. For the manufacture of windows and doors from the needles often use pine, spruce and cedar, among hardwoods – oak, meranti and other red wood.
Unlike scratches on plastic from mechanical damage to wooden windows and doors easily get rid of. Normal paint useful to you.
Wooden windows and doors need more attention
In order to serve as long as possible, windows and doors, wood requires a lot more care, high physical and financial costs. Nowadays, there are so many suppliers, both domestic and foreign. The latter because of high prices is not very popular among people. And the quality of domestic products is poor.
Ugly knots, pitch streaks and cracks of various sizes – all of which can be found on windows and doors made of this material. The wooden cover windows and doors require annual staining and updates. Eventually it may even rot and warp. Not a very beneficial effect on windows and doors made of wood direct sunlight or moisture. To avoid the harmful effects of external factors on them, they should cover acrylic paints, varnishes for toning or even oblitsevat laminate.
Finally, should heed the advice of the expert
Master of setup window and door designs Shchava Oleksandr Oleksandrovych says: «Mostly customers order windows and doors with plastic because this version is much cheaper. Plastic takes two to three times less costly than wood. Wood is nowadays appreciated very much. If people are still planning to install it wooden door or window, then I advise them to immediately pay attention to quality. This will avoid unnecessary costs in the future. You should always focus on proven products, such as Germany, Finland and Norway.
These countries use high-quality production techniques. Of course, the shortage of funds plastic allows people to save on repairs. But ideally, the best option is still there, wooden windows and doors. Actually, nowadays, people are slowly returning to nature, more and more away from artifice and chemistry. In the construction market of environmentally friendly materials in high demand. The only problem is that it’s not all available. Everyone should go out of their current capabilities. To do this, in fact, and there are alternatives like plastic doors and windows».
The choice is yours
As a result, it is necessary to say that the windows and doors with plastic designed for general construction, because they are durable and completely unpretentious in operation. High-quality wooden windows and doors, subject to all the requirements of production also inferior in terms of the use of plastic, but require more attention. In addition, materials from wood have a much higher level of environmental safety.
Remember the advantages and disadvantages of both types of windows and doors are conditional. For the most part, the price is manufacturer determinant of product quality. In nothing is eternal. And how long will last you a windows and doors, depends on how seriously you react to their choice. Consider your personal wishes and requirements!

Anastasiia Kozelska