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El ritmo de la salsa. In the rhythm Salsa

What is dance? One would say that this – movement, the second – the emotions, the third – the game, the fourth – witchcraft. Each can have its own answer. But we rather agree with the statement that the dance – a rhythm and soul. Latin American dancing – unique in its ability to give positive emotions, and therefore become more popular. Meet Salsa – dance, caress soul.

Awesome sauce


Translated from Spanish Salsa – sauce, because like it includes many components, combining different styles and variations! It is believed that the birthplace of this dance is Cuba, and predecessors – Cuban son, but very difficult to say – who is still its creator? Life gave Cubans, Puerto promoted, keepers of musical traditions are Colombians, while other musicians continue their experiments in the style domishavshy in this wonderful new musical sharp sauce ingredients!

In general, each improvises on your taste and color, and in the result is new, interesting sound. Although there are conservatives – the supporters of “classic” salsa without any deviations from the canon. But without a doubt, this dance has become an international genre.

The philosophy of this dance is similar to the philosophy of making the same sauce – the best ingredients in specific proportions give a special taste and unique ensemble of emotions.

Salsa – Dance Ethnic: All movements in it – organic. They are suitable for the body – nothing artificial, bizarre! – As if the very nature of their invented. Therefore, when done correctly, pain, tension and similar troubles excluded. In addition, the movement is done correctly, the body immediately if falls – triggered the memory of “comfort.” Enough once to catch and enjoy a sense of harmonic movement – and the chance of error is almost no

Salsa Steps relatively simple, and technology – Universal for many Cuban and Dominican dance, so that, once having mastered the “basics” can be based on them not only improve the salsa, but “conquer” see, meringue, rehheton …

Never too late to learn? Salsa – definitely not! Some people lack the flexibility developed in childhood and stretching, or he has built ballet dancer … But this does not necessarily! However, flexibility, and plastic developed with the active occupation of dance and expressive and rhythmic music helps to improve musical ear.

By the way, salsa helps timid and shy people become more confident and liberated in communion with the opposite sex.

There are five main styles of dance: Salsa Casino (Cuban Salsa), LA (Los Angeles), NY (New York), Columbia style Puertorikanskyy style and Rueda De Casino (collective dance, which is based Cuban Salsa) .

Hurry to introduce some features of the different types of salsa that you could choose the style of the soul.

Kasino Salsa

Kasino – a Cuban dance that began to develop from mid-twentieth century. Roughly, in 1956 the club Casino Deportivo individual pairs were separated from the general ruэdы (Ruеda – “wheel”) and danced separately from all others. This is how, paired dance Casino, which adopted the name of the place. Most tantsuetsya a tiempo – the first part, in some provinces of Cuba, for example, Kamahueye kasino love to dance contratiempo (on a weak part, “two”), the Cuban villages are simple people like to dance kasino on the third part. Geometrical picture of dance – mostly circular, but also occur Linear – mostly borrowing from Rumba. Center of the circle is usually a center between the partner and the partner. A characteristic feature of Cuban style are nodes (complex shapes hands) and a special plastic, which is the source of Rumba. Hands partners sometimes break, especially in street kasino, but the dance often retains a circular dynamics. In many countries, dancing kasino, use so-called heat (short and easy step to pause). Characteristic features of salsa – Size 4/4, phrasing with a period of two bars, fast paced, complex rhythmic pattern. In Cuba, kasino dance music Tymbou, not salsa.

Salsa Los Angeles

This modern style created about 90 years. The basic step tantsyuyetsya on the strongest part of the music – at the expense of 1, geometric drawing style – linear, based on a moving cross body lead (translation partner on the line). Typical dynamic pace, many fast combinations, less improvised solo, but many women’s and men’s style. Inherent to the use of acrobatic elements that demonstrate and emphasize the skills couples dancing.

Salsa New York

Style created by New York Eddie Torres, who he describes this dance as Modern Mambo, based Cuban ska (traditional Cuban music and dance-progenitor salsa). It is believed that because the partner starts to step forward, this style was created to show your partner in all its glory, so there are a lot of movement, where elegantly defile partner by partner. A basic step in a weak part of music – at the expense of two partners coming back. Geometric drawing style – linear, fast and dynamic pace, but at the same time soft and delicate reference shapes are made with short pulses. Characterized by a solo song, pauses and delicate accents in music. Lesser extent, using acrobatic elements. Reminiscent of “cat” soft style of dance.

Colombian Salsa

The basic step starts on any share. During one dance can change the fate of the base step because of the specific elements of this style geometric pattern not strictly fixed: can be both linear and circular elements. A characteristic feature of the Colombian style is a large amount of footwork and the permissibility of using elements of acrobatics. Salsa dance music for the style – fast.

Salsa Puerto

National style Salsa in Puerto Rico. A characteristic difference is that girls do not walk on two forward and back. Hence there are some peculiarities in the conduct and performance of various shapes.

Ruеda where kasino

Ruеda something like dance, but tantsyuyetsya pairs with frequently changing partners. Geometrical drawing circular dance with two or more pairs. All pieces are performed simultaneously by a team leader or singer (cantador). For ruэdy characteristic shapes of the nodes based on a very clear and neat solution, without releasing hands with partner prior to exchange pairs. Also for the current frequent characteristic shape change partners and partners, so by the performance of a shape they may change several times.

Ruеda where Kasino is divided into two subtypes: Rueda de Cuba and Rueda de Miami. The second subspecies originated in the USA under the influence of line styles, and therefore used in a dance number of linear motion.

A simple algorithm to dance – the soul and rhythm, soul and rhythm

Rhythm is a kind of meter time of life, a kind of pendulum. Time Tracker is inherent throughout the living: plants, animals and, of course, man. Nature itself says that music and dance – the best expressive tool. Nature is full of dance. All this man has opened a simple truth, if you want to survive – pidlashtuysya under the general rhythm of nature (unfortunately, we forget about it). Dancing, we get into that rhythm, which we feel most comfortable if nalashtovuyemosya to the rhythm of life in which we live. When people dance, dance, and their souls. You probably know the expression “soul singing” or “soul dancing”? Souls of people dancing out of time and space, dance inside constrained rules and responsibilities of bodies. Sometimes the only rhythm – that is the heart and the only viewers – a huge wall of boxes, where their relatives are hiding from life and each other. But none was upset, because dance and dance of the soul, like every witchcraft, often does not happen to anyone, but just so. Just because it’s time this happen.

Anastasia Kanonska