15.11.2013 - News

Aboriginal Festival will be held in Sydney

One-of-a-kind aboriginal festival will be held in the capital of Australia in November.

Music, singing , dancing, parades and various workshops will enliven the streets of Sydney in the period from 14 to 24 November. The celebration will be held in honor of the local culture Eora (which means “people” or “from”).
The action will be followed by a free concert and picnic at Government House Grounds – the very place where Europeans have witnessed first Corroboree (the aborigines of this word is used to define a ceremonial dance theater) for more than two centuries ago.

Another highlight of the festival will be a morning tea circle of elders. Aboriginal culture is based on respect for elders who are considered the spiritual leaders of their people. Such tea ceremony will be held in different places at different times throughout the festival. It will provide participants with the opportunity to communicate closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander zhiteleyami.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: bbc.com