26.11.2013 - News

“Harry Potter” has become the most popular children’s book

According to the survey fund Booktrust first book about the adventures of a young wizard has become the most popular children’s publication in the UK. 

Conducting a survey of 25,000 young readers, the organization Booktrust was “List of 100 books that are worth reading to the fourteenth. “When selecting products, researchers took into account factors such as the existence of an interesting and original plot, language, author, visual style, popularity, ability to broaden the horizons of the reader and the test of time.

Became the undisputed leader of “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling. The next is  ”The Hunger Games ” by Suzanne Collins. Currently, the screens out the second film, loosely based on this novel. Third place went to Ronald Dahl’s novel “The Big Friendly Giant”.

A series of seven novels Rowling’s Harry Potter series, released in 1997-2007 years, published a total circulation of 400 million copies and been translated into 65 languages.

Author: Olga Broskova
Soutce: telegraph.co.uk