19.11.2013 - News

Hotel room with a bedroom under the water appeared in Tanzania

On Pemba Island off the coast of Tanzania that the tourists can stay in a room with an underwater bedroom.

Manta Resort on the island of Pemba consists of a hotel complex with 16 rooms. But recently, tourists also offer live in unusual numbers: a new three-storey building with a roof – deck, which is located approximately 250 meters from the shore, at sea level is a bathroom and a living room and a bedroom located under water. Through the windows, guests can watch the fish and other inhabitants of the ocean. At night under floodlights illuminate the windows attract and small flocks of squid and octopuses.

The resort is popular with divers because of the coral reef around the island.

The project was developed by the Swedish company «Underwater hotels Genberg». This company previously provided Utter Inn – an underwater room in the middle of a Swedish lake, which entered the top 15 unusual places where tourists can spend the night, according to the ratings CNN.

The cost of staying in an underwater room is $ 1,500 per night for two people and $ 900 for one.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: edition.cnn.com