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Run if you want to be healthy

What could be better than running? It’s a feeling of freedom, ease, speed, confidence – and it’s not all sports can be felt. Running helps to improve the functioning of your heart, regulate blood pressure, lose weight quickly and tighten the body. Many people at least once in life, but trying to run regularly. And if everyone is doing it correctly?

What are the benefits of running

Running has long established itself as an effective way to lose weight, but this is not its only advantage. In addition, regular jogging improves blood circulation in the body, strengthen the heart and saturate all the cells with oxygen. If you have a poor immune system and you often carry a variety of viral diseases, the running will strengthen your immune system and increase stamina. If you are a fighter for healthy eating and adore anything that helps you to completely clean your body from all bad – run. After all, because you run and sweat from the body displays all the different toxins and toxins. Over time, improves metabolism and reduces cholesterol, which is also very good. Also, it is no news that jogging (and in general active sports) still life of about 5-10 years. After all, if you are reasonably fit for their runs and not feel discomfort, you all his body and soul a rest from intellectual and mental activities, and get a huge surge of adrenaline and hormones of happiness. A few advantages – it’s better coordination and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.


Do not forget that the body of every person – individual, so before you even engage in such conventional sport like running, you should consult your doctor. After major contraindications for jogging are:

• recent myocardial or stroke;

• congenital heart disease;

• high blood pressure;

• arrhythmia;

• insufficient blood circulation;

• exacerbation of chronic disease;

• disease associated with retinal.

If you have any chronic illness, but still want to run, then the doctor will recommend you the optimum time, the intensity and pace for your workout.


To jogging were the greatest benefit and brought not only a good mood, but noticeable results, you should take care of proper nutrition.

First, discard from your diet pastries, fried, fatty and sweet.

Secondly, the last meal should be no later than three hours before bedtime.

Thirdly, drink at least one and a half liters of water (just water and various sodas and juices Shop, tea, coffee and so on – are not counted.)

Fourth, do not eat for a half hour before classes (while in the classroom are encouraged to drink water in small sips).

And last, after class is not recommended to eat within two hours.

Tips for losing weight while running

Tip number 1. Begin with short runs

Your body is not yet accustomed to regular and heavy loads, so rationally will begin to run no more than 10 minutes, or even the first week or two just deal with walking trails. This is the golden rule for those who lead an inactive lifestyle, some rehabilitated after an injury or surgery, or have never played sports seriously. No need to be taught the first few days to complete, give your body a chance to gradually get used to the exercise.

Tip number 2. Remember to warm up and stretch

Before running as before any prolonged physical activity, just need to thoroughly warm up muscles before exercise and immediately do a little stretching after. This will prevent injuries of the foot, lower leg, knee, and various sprains.

Tip number 3. Increase the length of the run

After two weeks, you can gradually increase the length of your runs 30-50 minutes, because the direct burning fat starts to happen after 30 minutes of continuous operation from the beginning of the muscles. That will be enough, because the hour jog everyday will have to work not for the benefit and to the detriment of the body. So the best for you will be jogging three times a week for 30-40 minutes.

Tip number 4. Run in the morning

Yes, at first it is very difficult to gather his courage to wake up in the morning for a run. But it’s worth it, because it was the morning fats are broken down more quickly, and if you live in a big city, the morning air is ten times cleaner and nicer than the evening. Also, running helps to finally wake up and gives a boost of energy and vitality, which is enough for the day.

Tip number 5. Correctly Dress

The most important thing – forget about synthetics. Your skin needs to breathe, so jogging choose clothing made from natural breathable fabrics. Shoes also is not in last place – is best suited special shoes that are designed specifically for jogging. Of course, it should also be comfortable and fit your size and physiological characteristics of your foot.

Tip number 6. Comfortably Run

Do not get involved sophisticated technology professionals. You do not prepare for a marathon, you just make your life more active and healthy. Most prefer jogging, but you can experiment and alter the pace – from walking to sports sprint. The main thing – run as prompts your body as you most comfortable. If you feel bad, it is best to terminate employment or at least slow down.

Tip number 7. Breathing through the mouth

The whole point is that running for weight loss is considered aerobic activity, so inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth while jogging is considered a prerequisite for a successful workout.

Tip number 8. Pulse

Keep track of your pulse. If he will go beyond the normal – you do not get any positive effect on the run, and vice versa – you will find it difficult to breathe and therefore will not oxidize fat and heart will not keep up with your pace. His normal pressure can be calculated by the following formula: subtract 220 from the number of full years and first multiply by 0.6 (which is the lower limit), and then – 0.8 (this is the upper limit).

Expert commentary

“I used for a long time and dedicated running so I know all the pros and cons. The most important thing here – to gradually gain momentum and put the right foot when falling on them. Also, follow all instructions of the frequency of running – originally this is best done twice a week for about 8-15 minutes to run, and then increase the load. The main thing – get pleasure from it, or hike to the stadium will turn into a hell and you do not reach. I always say that everything you need to find its own approach and have fun. If you have not seriously engaged in running, then maybe you can run with a coach that will show you how to workout, how to warm up the muscles and how to run safely and with minimal risk to your joints “, – says Iryna Kolesnyk, a personal trainer and International Master of Sports.

Olha Kuznietsova