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Do you want to be successful? Be!

On a formula for success that will be helpful to all of us

You are young in spirit, ambitious, creative? Want to reach unprecedented heights in life? Think absolute formula for success is there? But now you also will see the opposite.

Almost everyone already weary of boring advice on how to theoretically become a successful person. Was pointless to teach and write, what is success for Homo sapiens. Like, why waste time in vain, life is rozstavyt everything in its place. However, actual recipes luck there, and they helped people from all over the world to do the impossible. Secrets of success derive scientists and psychologists, politicians and businessmen, actors and singers. Some explore how someone reached unthinkable, while others show by example that miracles exist, one should only believe in them. «Miracle happens» – that truth is best here.

Before turning to the right formula for success, let the comment of the expert.Here’s what to think about this psychologist Mariana Voytseh: “To be successful principal – believe in yourself, and not only set a goal, but also articulate ways to get results. Preferably all paint step by step, even the most insignificant achievement. When you see the full picture in front of it, overcoming each of the points, understand the how to move towards its goal. Do not ignore advice, especially successful people. No single formula for success for all occasions. Each situation is exceptional. There should forget about words like for example: I can not know, I would not, I will not know how. They only hinder you. Ignore the failure and defeat, even if they seem very serious. Do not be afraid to take risks. Remember that one who is never wrong, never learn to avoid them”.

Formula number 1 (Soviet)

Success = Case + audacity + Matches the first and second


The constant search for some features will be effective only in combination with insolence, will or perseverance (call it as you like and most importantly – the result). Do not be afraid of failure! Do not mistaken only one who does nothing (tested on my experience).

In addition, U.S. researchers were able to scientifically prove that the audacity and indeed is the second happiness. According to them, this feature together with the aggression is a necessary element of a successful career. But intelligent and peace-loving people is much harder to get the desired position and high salary. Hard person, able to go to conflict at work, resulting in higher take up official positions and earn 18% more than a conformist – study shows. Thus, the promotion of career ladder and audacity become synonymous concepts. Soviet formula for success completely justified.

Formula number 2 (U.S.)

Success in any business depends on three factors:

1) obtaining adequate information about the world;

2) proper evaluation and processing of information received;

3) ability to use these data in everyday life.

It sounds too difficult? Here is an example of successful application of the formula.

In 1815 occurred the battle of Waterloo. From an economic point of view it was a decisive moment. In case of winning the French British shares fell, and in case of winning the British – more expensive. Knowing this, the banker Rothschild (one of the representatives of the famous Rothschild family) has hired a group of people who were first to deliver the necessary information.Actually, the man finally said that the British won. Then Rothschild ran the stock exchange and began to sell shares to create the impression that he knows … to defeat the British. All this is seen – and also rushed to sell.Suddenly Rothschild changed tactics and bought all the shares sold short.Later it became known that loser did Napoleon, and it was too late. Thus, the possession of information, its analysis and the ability to use in real life and so did non-poor banker richer.

Unbelievable, but true.

Formula number 3 (also American)

A. common sense;

2. knowledge of the case;

3. self-confidence;
4. high level of overall development;

5. ability to prove begun to end.

Summary of how the formula deduced.

Employees Gallup Institute studied the deep roots of success. To do this they had to analyze the position and character traits of famous people in 1500 dollars. The researchers found several common features, which met in the most successful participants in the survey. They were asked to name the factors that have key made. From the responses received have brought algorithm. His respect for – win-win. Desired just float in the hands of willing.

The following is a Top 5.

1. Good sense

Common sense is the most common quality respondents. 61% of people convinced that this factor was a key to their success formula. For most of this ability means the ability to make optimal conclusions in everyday affairs. To do this, urging the rich and successful, you must discard all the extra thought and look at the root of the problem. According to respondents, with common sense are not born, it is a developing. One of the best ways is the ability to learn from the experience of others and their mistakes.

2. Knowledge of the business

This feature is second only to common sense is common to all respondents.Yes, Vice President of one of the largest industrial companies of America said, “Nothing helps to achieve the desired, as a deep knowledge of your favorite things. This reduces the potential risks and acting as a sort of insurance for their talents and abilities. Professional knowledge can not be considered a priori. For their entry must be extremely hard work and study.In addition, work on a continuing even after reaching the greatest heights. To get something, we should want this. And won it, try all known and unknown ways to avoid the conquered positions. Self-knowledge questions in their own business – the best way for this. “

3. Self-confidence

Scientifically proven that successful people rely mostly on their own strengths and abilities. However, this confidence does not mean recognition of its own perfection. Rather, understanding personal nedovershenosti encourages people to bold action in the presence of minimal resources and lack of normal conditions for the operation. This confidence means more willpower and ability to set a clear goal. For example, according to the owner of one of the largest accounting firms in the northwest United States, the formula for success in any business is not only proud for what you do. That is also the courage and stamina to sacrifice time with a number that will be necessary to achieve the goal.

4. The high level of overall development

This condition is probably the most urgent in order to become famous, successful and famous. The ability to include not only high general erudovanosti individual, but also the ability to quickly learn complex concepts and skillfully analyze the results. The scientists also found that the basic elements of the overall development is the ability to systematically read and write and have your luggage in a large vocabulary. For example, for the year preceding the study, each of the surveyed billionaires gave an average 19 books, with 10 of them belonged to the literary achievements. They are usually related to business, economics and time management. Should success also works on the life and work of prominent merchants past.

5. The ability to prove begun before the end

Approximately ¾ of successful people consider themselves “very effective” in the performance of tasks. They all agree that to be those whom they have to be now highly helped by three factors: organizational talent, good working skills and diligence. The rich call them qualities that should live in every person who wants to start a new life. A professor of physics even made his formula for success, consisting of hard work and ability to establish itself its optimal rate. He admits that employs more than 100 hours a week and always bring up your job to finish. This, in his opinion, lies the secret of success.

In addition to these five, there are other success factors. These include such as: the ability to manage people and workflow, creativity and creativity, establishing good relationships with colleagues and, of course, luck. Without the latter, as is not cool, can not do nothing. However, common sense, knowledge of their own business, self-confidence, high levels of development and ability to prove begun by the end play a critical role. If you develop these traits in yourself, then soon the time and your name will shine in the pages of the next handbook on life stories of famous and successful.

Formula number 4 (Albert Einstein)

It is hard to believe, but even Albert Einstein formed a mathematical formula for success (as this one!)! We recommend carefully read it. Never mind, love math or you ever met her only scary dreams. Please be assured: this is the most important mathematical equation that you have ever seen in my life.

Einstein said, “If – is a success, its formula is:

U = S + O + M, where

R – work;

Oh – opochynok (rest);

M – is your ability to remain silent (silence – gold). “

In Einstein, no doubt, was a great sense of humor. Now consider three variables separately:

1. Job. The scientist was a true workaholic, who gave the society and modern science, far more than any other man of his time.

2. Relax. Einstein certainly did not work on 24 hours a day: on the contrary, he always found time for fun and relaxation. Of course, his idea of how to relax, may differ from yours, but that does not mean that the idea of the scientist does not work.

3. Ability to remain silent. Naypikantnisha part of the formula is trite ability to keep silent and using the minimum number of phrases to express as much information (and this is a kind of art).

Formula number 5 (again U.S.)

This formula for success demonstrates that even the poorest man may, by hard work and talent to make a million. For the designation of a term such as “Self-made-man”, ie a person who has made herself. In reality the U.S. was a lot of lucky.

Yes, the legendary financier and investor George Soros special presentation is not required. In childhood and youth, the future-rich delayed every penny.He graduated from the prestigious London School of Economics, laboring along rail loader and a waiter.

In 1956, Soros moved to the United States, where he worked in several investment firms. In one of them he even promoted to vice president. After running a number of offshore investment funds, people with colleague Jim Rogers founded his own investment firm. The Foundation began with the amount of $ 12 million (do not know how much of this money belonged to Soros personally), and eventually grew into a many giant Quantum Fund.Condition known businessman now has more than 9 billion dollars.

However, in order to become a billionaire, does not have to be a businessman. English author JK Rowling’s vivid example. My books are about young wizard Harry Potter, a woman today has a condition in one billion dollars. However, at the dawn of art materials the author refused to publish a number of publishers. And the first British woman fee for Potter novel was less than 2500 U.S. dollars. However, already a year marketing rights of books purchased in the U.S. for 105 million dollars. Since then Rowling has sold nearly a million of copies worldwide. It is the only writer that got the list of billionaires magazine Forbes.

Another lady who personally earned its current $ 2.5 billion – U.S. television queen Oprah Winfrey. Grown starlet screen in poverty and napivholodi and unprecedented atmosphere of violence and cruelty. Oprah is very well studied as hard tried to escape from the social floor, which was born and grew. To do this, she even participated in numerous beauty contests and oratorical competitions, which has repeatedly won. Later Winfrey graduated from University of Tennessee and became the first black leading news cable channel WLAC-TV. In 29 years the woman conducted live on morning television show in Chicago, which later became famous under the name of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Millionaire in 32 years, Oprah has created his own studio Harpo Studios for shooting films and television shows. Among other projects Winfrey can be called a cable channel for women Oxygen. In 2007 he sold the NBC for 925 million dollars.

Well, interested? Do you want to test the effectiveness of the formulas? Then do not waste no minutes! But remember, success – a delicate matter and none of the formulas will not help those who wait only on manna.

Want to be successful? Get them!

Juliia Luchyk