18.05.2014 - Family

And patience comes to an end

In a woman’s life more than once there were times when she wanted to end the relationship with your loved one. Perhaps this is one of the worst experiences that can happen in her life. It is possible that the effects will be felt for him for many years, regardless of the motives of rupture.

If a woman sees that the attitudes, feelings, and his half deadlocked, she begins to learn again, looking for a job, or trying to try his hand in other other activities may even seek relationships on the side, hoping to find the man who would be sympathetic would apply to his or her needs. Gradually woman paints a picture in your mind the gap in the relationship, as it were, that she felt able to move to live and even how she furnished the new facility. Then everything was caused resentment and forgotten woman trying not to think about the past. Although after a while it all starts again.

What to do? We have to go to the person with whom you have lived many years, and it is not always obtained by a simple divorce. Sometimes it can be so painful and sad, like never before. Then remember the past and the question arises, why not break these relations earlier, when it was easier. But there is nothing to do but to start life anew.

So the best thing you can do is to stop and take the right decision. But not always a woman lacks the resolve to do it, it can not always reject the idea that will make a mistake when leaves from a loved one.

Very often women, when they can not afford or do not want to change something in your life, the circumstances and subject to resent destiny – what can I do once I have the unfortunate female share, I have no luck in life, you need to accept, and humble themselves. In fact, they are simply not willing to make the effort to change in their favor, and even the course of events of his unhappiness get a useful lesson that past mistakes are not repeated. Lament the female share is much easier than taking positive steps.

Religious teachings instruct us patience, humility, forgiveness, and require substitute right cheek when they beat us on the left. Tolerance may have a positive value, but may be negative. Have to endure the pain and suffering, and resentment, and others’ shortcomings. Indulgence to some weaknesses lover – good quality, but excessive patience and forgiveness – is superfluous, patience should not walk away from the suffering. A woman should not suffer, she should be happy, free and self-sufficient…

There is a lot of features that you may find worth sever relations can continue their further. It was what happened, accident or is an act by which may be more serious and unpleasant things.

Some people make the right decisions to help parents or friends, but still it would be better if you decide itself. Then you will not regret anything and you will not be sad to look back. And for this it is necessary to feel attractive and strong woman who deserves only the best attitude to yourself, and never left alone.

Unequal relations never anyone give nothing but pain and grief, image, self-esteem and loss of vulnerable self-esteem. Woman thinks that a partner will find understanding and peace of mind it gives your loved one the whole soul, all kindness, but can not put yourself on the proper height, and eventually becomes disillusioned and unhappy. Life is a struggle for rights, especially in the relationship with her beloved.

Do not be afraid to be alone – certainly somewhere there is a man, created just for you. Do not be afraid to break the relationship that stalled. Only in this case we can say: «I’m happy!» And not to sigh sadly missed opportunities.

P. S. This article in no way seeks to incite disruption of relations, but, really, if you see that all is not as long as it was before, and it’s not about domestic issues, it is worth considering if you need that attitude to yourself, even if it is a loved one?

Svitlana Kovalenko