19.09.2012 - Здоров'я

Ideal look: underline advantages and hide defects

Originality of look of woman always testified to her intellectual level, about the emotional state and even about her desire. To us it is known that eyes are a mirror of the soul. In order that the «reflection of the soul» looked esthetically, we use a decorative cosmetic. Now and will consider the rules of her causing.

Correct make-up – as a method of creation of ideal look

Tradition to dye the face went a long ago. Yet in the days of rodopleminnych relations, to exude between the tribe, leaders decorated him various pictures. But as wise Solomon asserted: «all passes, will pass and it». Really, so it happened, took place so to say, revolution, in fact dyed women began to be and named this painting a «make-up». Such covering with drawings already a long ago is not symbolic, does not mean belonging to some tribe, is not the sign of boldness or cowardice. Today, it one of main facilities to look good and fashionable, to mask defects and underline advantages of woman appearance.

 As known, nature does not plagiarize, but creates us individual and unique. And farther already on the right after us. An ideal look can create every woman, it follows only correctly to pick up the above-mentioned make-up, in dependence on the form of eyes. Professionals assert that little eyes, look funnily, if to bring them a dark contour or large eyes at that rate, will be unnaturally protuberant. If to elect, then in such case, tender tints.

Here, take advantage of our advices, to underline your beauty and accent attention of all wider public on your look.

If you are a possessor of large eyes

Not always the «large» is considered good, and Poland assert that too, both not soundlu or in such situation listen to our advices:

  • Use a black it follows that to paint out the internal edge of underbody of eye
  • on overhead part it follows to lay on dark shadows
  • try not to use tender tints
  • if use bright tints, then nowise not mother-of-pearl shadows

If for you little eyes:

  • use the light, tender, brilliant tints of shadows
  • paint out all overhead part of eye
  • corners eyes, also, it is possible to underline brilliant shadows
  • do not do an accent on eyebrows, and vice versa try to do them narrower

If corners eyes tomentous:

  • underline only overhead part of eye by dark shadows and black contour
  • near corners use brilliant or light shadows
  • external corner eye it follows to distinguish dark shadows
  • at pleasure it is possible to draw pointers

If overhanging overhead part of eye :

  • dye overhead part of eye only
  • it follows to elect grey or brown tints without brilliance
  • paint out the underbody of eye a black contour
  • do an accent on eye-lashes
  • better in all will befit thin eyebrows

If present wrinkles round eyes:

  • use light tints
  • paint out overhead part of eye up to beginning of eyebrows
  • do not use a black contour and bright shadows

Psychologists assert that women that elect a make-up with an accent on eyes aim to show to wider public the capacity for an interesting and saturated communicative process. Such women always have outstanding what luggage of intellect and kindness.

Using basic rules, you will be able to create a good make-up in accordance with your type of eyes and look to perfection, but do not even think that little eyes are a defect, or large is an overstatement in your appearance. To confirm this persuasion, we appealed to the real judges of woman beauty – men.


Artur Shmelov  (photographer):

«…make-up of eyes? I think that a cosmetic must underline depth and charming of woman look. A make-up must be not for eyes, namely for the look of woman. He awfully looks with the use of plenty of shadows, but if it is needed for an artistic photo, then other business. In general, I consider that a make-up must be unnoticeable, that the impression of «drawn» was not.

Oleksandr (master of style):

«…I noticed very often, that the first glance of man on a woman is related not to the feet, as anecdotes assert, namely with eyes, then exactly with this part of face it follows to do some work more careful. Me it seems to that in an everyday make-up it most follows to distinguish eyes exactly, in fact it and beautifully and practically (after a pomade or brilliance on lips it is necessary to watch each 5 minutes). The classic painting of eyes looks like it: underline the form of eyes dark kayal (by a «contour» from avt.), add a bit light shadows near corners eyes and inflict dark shadows on an external edge, near eyebrows it is possible to use brilliant or simply white shadows and a bit carcass. A woman face must not look as the coloured picture, in fact it pushes away men and creates character of unreal, artificial woman».

Remember, that God created a man first, and then understood that capable on anymore and created a woman – the most beautiful from creatures. Then underline charming and do the world brighter, showing the beauty.

                                                                                  Inna Shevchenko