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The art of yoga will be shown in the Smithsonian Gallery

Smithsonian Institution organized the first exhibition that visually represents the history and art of yoga , its origin and evolution.

In January, the Smithsonian Sackler Gallery is the exhibition of “Yoga : the art of transformation .” Later , she will go to Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and the Cleveland Museum of Art .

The organizers brought together Indian sculptures , manuscripts and paintings , as well as posters , pictures , photography and movies to showcase the history of yoga , which has more than 2000 years.

Museum Director Julian Rebbe said that years of research have shed new light on the importance of yoga and its history.

Visiting teachers will conduct yoga classes in the galleries of the museum on Wednesdays and Sundays. The museum will also host a symposium for scholars of culture yoga.

Curated by Debra Diamond said that will be presented as well as the world-famous masterpieces of Indian art as well as works that have never been shown before.

Firstly , the exhibition examines the concepts and traditions of yoga , including meditation and postures found in Indian art that goes back hundreds of years. The first piece of art – sculpture 11th century , representing a teacher of yoga, sitting in lotus position with legs crossed – symbolizes enlightenment.

These sculptures were featured in Hindu temples, so people can see the teacher and “understand the transforming potential of yoga, ” – said Diamond.

Three natural size sculptures of goddesses Yoga Hindu temples illustrate the belief that force women could be used to allow those involved in the practice of yoga, attain divine power and enlightenment.

The following gallery shows how yoga idea was spread around the world. Early American posters and film by Thomas Edison in 1902 depicting yoga as magicians or ” fakirs ” who perform stunts.

” There is much debate about what is yoga in America, ” – said Diamond. ” Is it deep implementing individual system transformation? Or is it that led the industry in which yoga is used to sell cars? “

Exhibition is funded in part by the first naaymasshtabnishoyu Smithsonian kraudfandynhovoyu campaign, which raised $ 174,000 in six weeks . Alec Baldwin Foundation is also a prominent sponsor. Last year, Baldwin married yoga instructor.

John Schumacher , a 40- year-old yoga teacher in Washington, said that visitors will see that yoga – it is so much more than postures and breathing.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: thestar.com