11.12.2013 - News

Spanish “ghost airport” Uninitiated

Huge airport in central Spain was put up for auction on Monday for only € 100 million.

On the runway, long enough to land the Airbus A380 – the largest passenger aircraft in the world, as well as potential receiving 10 million passengers a year, the airport in Ciudad Real, about 200 kilometers south of Madrid, became a symbol of the bubble in Spanish property market .

First private international airport in Spain, made its first flight in December 2008, but the transport of passengers and not started, and CR Aeropuertos, terminal operator,  went bankrupt in June 2012 with debts of around € 300 million.

“The airport was put up for auction on Monday at a starting price of € 100 million to satisfy claims of creditors. Bidding will end on December 27,”- said the spokesman of the arbitral tribunal in Ciudad Real, who oversees the sale of the airport.

Ciudad Real, a city numbering 75,000 residents, is located midway between Madrid and Cordoba, attracts few visitors, and the airport was designed to serve as the Spanish capital, and the Andalusian coast, which are less than an hour away by high-speed rail.

Airport, the construction of which has been spent around € 1 billion, took its last commercial flight in low-cost airline Vueling in late 2011.

He has worked the next six months to take a few private flights, and in 2012 the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, Oscar winner, used it for a week to take some of his latest movie, “I’m so excited!” on the doomed airliner.

Since then, according to Spanish media reports, 4,200-meter runway airport, the longest in Europe, was to be permanently stained yellow crosses that pilots flying over the airport, they knew that they could not land there.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: telegraph.co.uk