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Spanish Eden, or a trip to the Canary Islands

Canary Islands – is all that remains of the mysterious Atlantis, the legend of local residents. Island, where people always enjoy life. The place where the grand carnival where incredible shoot movies where they were going to look at the volcanoes, where the cold months of the year as warm where it’s always spring – Canary Islands.

The archipelago consists of seven large islands and several smaller ones. The largest of these – Tenerife, an area of ​​more than 2 million square meters. Other – Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro. In the Canary Islands a unique mild climate. It is always warm, but not sweltering heat. Promotes a wonderful holiday and the fact that the islands there are no dangerous snakes and insects.

Why Tenerife?

It is the largest island of the archipelago, is the most developed tourist infrastructure. This is especially important for those who like active rest and fun, and not just spend time on the beach. The number of rainy days in a year does not exceed 10-15, so perfect weather guaranteed. The average temperature in the coldest month – 17 °, the warmest – 21 °, the water temperature – 20 ° all year, so acclimatization takes place very easily.

It is better to choose to stay south of the island, because in the northern sky is usually dark, often stormy ocean, and there even are sharks. And in the southern part of the opposite – in the ocean only dolphins and whales are usually very calm water and bright sun, which allows you to get a beautiful bronze tan.

What to do?

On the island will not be bored, because there your attention is invited to a large number of excursions (each of which can be enjoyed speaking guide).

Loro Park – Park parrots. Here is the world’s largest collection of these colorful birds – about 3,500 species. But it’s an amazing place and combines circus, zoo and botanical gardens. Besides parrots, there are penguins, gorillas, crocodiles, giant turtles, aquarium with exotic fish and sharks. Visiting the park, you can enjoy four free show right in its territory: a great show killer whales, a traditional show of parrots, as well as shows with sea lions and dolphins. For lovers of flora – a collection of cacti, palms, ficus, orchid, etc.

Mount Teide – the card of the island, the highest point not only to the Canaries archipelago, but the whole of Spain (3718 meters). Approaching the island, you will see landscapes that resemble the moon or Mars, or the planet in the age of the dinosaurs. There were shooting the “Star Wars”, “10,000 BC” and other films. In some places you can not stop, there is produced a semi-precious stone of volcanic origin – obsidian. The cable-car “El Teleférico” a 10-minute climb to a height of 3555 meters (in order to visit the crater of the volcano and its peak, it is necessary to have a special permit). Under your feet spread a cloud, and in good weather you can see all six neighboring islands.

Mask – the gorge where the hidden pirate settlement, which can not be seen from the sea, and which still consists of several houses of traditional Canarian architecture. Only in the 1960s. here reached civilization. But today, to see the past of the island of Tenerife, have a ride on the mountain serpentine. It was here that a small rural restaurant serving traditional colorful dishes as well as live one of the few Spanish chefs, who according to old recipes prepared conejo al salmorejo, ie a rabbit in a special secret sauce.

Flamenco – Spanish folk ballet. In the concert hall “Pyramid of Arona,” you will be able to view the brightest act of passionate folk dances. The first part of the play is a classic flamenco, and the second – a musical based on the tank. Beautiful bright costumes and one of the best teams in all of Spain will make the evening memorable, driving and rhythmic.

But that’s not all. For fans of extreme Canaries offer scuba diving, horse riding or camel riding, go-karting. You can also spend time visiting the shops the world’s leading designers in the center of the island, and the incredible historical museums are open for true connoisseurs of antiquity and history.

Features of Culinary Arts

Spanish food is not perceived as the body needs a set of products, but as a form of communication. Typical of Mediterranean cuisine is the wide use in almost all the dishes a lot of greens, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers. All meals are served with aromatic sauces. In the Canary Islands an incredible amount of marine products: various fish, crabs, lobsters, mussels, clams. Those who wish to visit just this kitchen have a tip to go to a nearby fishing village (there are many of the coast), because there are guaranteed to be fresh food at cheaper than the city restaurants, prices. Local residents are much more like meat than fish, explaining that all the ocean for centuries they had enough. Therefore, they are perfectly cooked chicken, rabbit, pork and veal. Almost every dish as a garnish offer to try papas arrugadas, ie potatoes, boiled in salt water (boil it until the water has evaporated and all the potatoes are covered with salt crystals).

The islands are famous for their traditions and wine production. All dishes served white (vino blanco) or red (vino tinto) wines. A special feature is that, apart from the factory drinks, almost every restaurant has its own house wine, which is served in the ordinary clay jar. And among the hot day the locals drink cool cocktail sangria, which combines red wine, champagne, ice and sliced ​​fresh fruit.

National characteristics

Residents of the Canary archipelago is very cheerful, open to people contact. Almost all the islands not only communicate in their native language, but in English at a high level. For kanartsev family – most importantly, they often live for three generations under one roof. Love children very much time paying their education.

Useful tips for those wishing to visit the Canary Islands

• The official currency of the Canary archipelago – the euro. Most of the hotels and travel agents exchange money, but only in the bank you can find the best rate.

• Local time behind Kiev for 4 hours.

• According to local tradition in the afternoon (around 14.00) all go for siesta (3-4 hours rest). Therefore, all the shops, most of the restaurants, cafes and other establishments closed. The city may even look “dead.” So plan their affairs in accordance with local customs.

• Kanartsy greatly offended if they are called by the Spaniards, considering them conquistadors who conquered the island.

• Service in the restaurants will not be fast, so you know what’s for dinner one has to spend a lot of time. One of the principles of life of local people is that they never, nowhere in a hurry. They are satisfied with the slow pace of life.

• Most hotels, restaurants and supermarkets accept credit cards for payment. Using them, carry a proof of your identity, because they are often asked to produce.

• Extensive system of call boxes will call anywhere in the world, which will cost much cheaper than talking on a cell phone.

• Pay attention to the bill in restaurants. Often the service is already included in the cost – in this case, you can not leave a tip. But to 1-2 euros to the hotel staff is considered good form, though not a must.

• From December to February, prices on vacation on the island of Tenerife increase significantly due to the carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is on the scale and luxury that can compete with the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

• Plane tickets from Kiev are hard to find. Without a transplant can not do – will have to endure at least two planes, or even three. The grueling flight takes about 6-7 hours.

• Tourists will also have to remember that the Spanish Embassy for the Ukrainians are not always quickly and immediately opens a visa, so you need to prepare the documents very carefully and in advance.


Kateryna Ulianchenko