12.10.2013 - News

Using gadgets in-flight will be allowed

Aviation authorities in the United States and Britain are going to soften the rules of using of electronic devices by passengers on board the aircraft.

The report of the Advisory Group established by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States, said that the restrictions on the use of mobile phones, tablets, e-books and notebooks should be relaxed. It has been established that there is no scientific reason to require off gadgets while flying, as well as take-off and landing. Modern electronic devices do not harm the operation of aircraft instruments and do not cause interference which can affect the operation of aircraft systems .

But a spokesman for the British Civil Aviation Authority that it would not apply mobile phone call or send text messages. Devices can only be used in stand-alone mode.

It means that the new rules will be allowed to remain on, for example, mobile phones completely, and simply disable them from the network. Thus during the flight can read e-books and other text on gadgets, listen to audio, watch video, etc.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: telegraph.co.uk.