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Silk sun – solarium

 Scientific researches proved that a sun needs a human organism constantly. But for a year it can make us happy only a few months. For this reason and there was the invented solarium, so-called “artificial sun”, that the supporters of позасмагати could do it in any weather and at any time.

Fashion and tan

A sunny tan not always was the ideal of beauty. In a past century to influence and solvent people even warded off a sun. A snow-white skin was the sign of prosperity and testified that it is not needed to earn such man to itself on life under the passionate ray of a sun. Women did everything in order that a color of their person was as possible lighter. For this purpose they carried wide hats with a veil and small umbrellas sun.

This ideal of beauty began to change in 30th. With appearance of legendary woman Coco Chanel a tan became the symbol of prestige and health gradually. That, who could to itself allow such luxury had good засмагу, as rest on a resort.

The sunburnt skin remains in a fashion and today. But now actual character of energetic person is considered with easy засмагою that testifies that she cares of itself and knows all rules of this procedure.

What is tan?

There are 3 types of ultraviolet rays :

  • UV gamma-radiation: short rays that is filtered by the ozone layer of atmosphere.
  • UV beta-radiation: middle rays that stimulate making of melanin in an epidermis.
  • UV alpha-radiation: more long rays capable to get to the understrata of skin provide painting of melanin.

Discoloration of skin under a sunbeam (tan), it not that other as a protective reaction of organism. A skin consists of a few glowed: epidermis, derma and hypodermic fabric. An epidermis, in turn, is divided yet into two layers: horny and layer of bioblasts, that contains nourishing cages and plays an important role in the process of formation of pigmentation. The layer of bioblasts contains melanocytes. Under act of sunny UV beta-radiation they form a pigmental substance – melanin. It is brown pigments that accumulate round the kernels of keratinized cages, protecting the molecules of DNA by such method.

What must be known about a solarium

Between a tan under a sun and there is not a difference in a solarium. The process of origin of pigmentation is identical. A tan is got in a solarium the same time, as well as tan, is kept under a sun.

  1. All solariums are divided into amateurish and professional. They differ after correlations of UV-А and UV-В of radiations. In a professional solarium anymore UV-В of radiations that stimulate making of melanin and засмагу is done the same by more intensive.
  2. Solariums can be vertical, horizontal and turbo.
  3. Have a reflector, id est a reflecting layer that is inflicted on the internal surface of lamps is certain.
  4. A present obligatory component is an electronic management that gives an opportunity to turn off a solarium during a session.
  5. A solarium must be in a separate apartment.
  6. During pregnancy it is better to limit itself in this pleasure.
  7. It is categorically forbidden to accept sun-baths at the inflammatory processes of any character, and also at tumours.
  8. If on a body present tattoos, then better to cover them, because being in him paints during procedure can give allergic reaction.
  9. It is desirable not to accept medicinal preparations to the tan. It can entail the increased reaction on UV-radiation.

The here brought list over of substances that can react with an ultraviolet : sulfomanid(antibiotic), Tetracyclinum(preparation is against rashes), chlortalidon, diuretin, fenotizian(medications are from stress), psolarea(means are from a tan), musky oil(perfumeries).

Rules of visit of solarium

Modern woman that worries about the irreproachable kind does not present life without the visit of solarium. In fact him ultraviolet rays do a skin not only beautiful but also give the necessary to the organism vitamin of D.

Physicians proved that the frequent visit of this place increased the risk of origin of melanoma. To Tom, not to harm to the health and get a maximal effect from засмаги it is needed to know and adhere to the simple rules of visit of solarium.

  • Before procedure it is necessary to pass consultation for a doctor, namely for a dermatologist and internist.
  • For the first time a tan will be enough 5-7 minutes, and then this index can be gradually increased to 15 minutes.
  • A skin necessarily must be clean. Before a session it is necessary to take a shower without soap and clean her from a cosmetic, decorative make-up and perfumeries, pigmentation can appear otherwise.
  • Use the special cosmetic for a tan in a solarium. As a rule the producers of such cosmetic produce a few lines of facilities : for the receipt of base to the tan, strengtheners of tan, maximilizatores and facilities for fixing of tan and moistening of skin.
  • It is needed to elect a solarium in that there are separate lamps facial, because skin a face anymore reacts on a radiation. And after a session necessarily to moisten a skin.
  • On quality character of foods that is used influences also. Id est, to get the bronze tint of tan, it is needed to plug a mango in the ration, carrot and others like that.
  • It is necessary to purchase a little cap for hair, to protect him from ultraviolet rays. Also to use the special glasses that protect eyes.
  • And last, do not forget: “All good fairly”. It a rule is especially actual for self-tanning lovers. To get a desirable result it is needed to visit a solarium regularly. At first a base course is 4-5 sessions through a day, and then once enough for a week for 10 minutues.

From an author

But the main secret of success is such: “In the corner of self-tanning you must be in a calmness and harmony. Then he will bring gladness and will be safe. It is needed to relax and allow to the rays of a “Artificial sun” to do you happy”…

Anastasia Vasylenko