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Italy through the eyes of romantics

Her body is as half of Ukraine. Her voice – the Italian. She has 57 million children. She believes in Catholicism and in Euro. Her name is Italy. To watch and die…  No, it’s not about Italy. When you see her, you really want to live… Time in Italy is late for an hour, but she always has time.

Italian house is neat, usually whitewashed or gray, covered with a red roof, very poetic. Actually, the Ukrainian recalls. Traditional clothing in Italy is very romantic. The women wear a long full skirt, tunic, bodice, apron. The men – short pants, shirt, short jacket or vest, hat.

Assortment of food depends on the particular location. In Tuscany – beefsteak with blood, in Rome – roasted pig in Naples – the pizza. It is impossible not to recall the “Italian borsch” – minestrone soup (with beans and pasta), ribollita soup, ravioli – square ravioli stuffed, risotto – rice pudding with surprises and others. “Business cards” Italian food – tomatoes, seafood, cheese (cable paeze, burielle, gorgonzola and, of course, parmesan), already referred to pasta, oil, wine, artichokes and a variety of herbs.

Now seriously. Italy is a republic, headed by the president and the legislature – a bicameral parliament, elected for 5 years, the executive branch and the government is headed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Italy joined the UN in 1955, the Council of Europe – in 1949, in the European Union – in 1957, in NATO – in 1949.

In Italy there are a lot of mountains, which cause frequent earthquakes. The climate is Mediterranean. The average January temperature – 0-12 ° C, in July – 20-28 ° C. Dominated by winter rainfall (number of 600-1000 mm per year in the mountains in some places reaches more than 3000 mm). There are a lot of minerals (mercury ore, building materials – marble, granite), the recent discovery of large deposits of oil. The economy – a strong middle class, but there is a disparity between the north and the south, where unemployment is three times more. Italy sets the fashion world in the design and manufacture of products, household appliances, clothing and footwear. Leading industries – engineering, metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical, light and food. In agriculture, the dominant crop.

And about the culture and history of Italy to tell, we suggest you take a trip to the four most interesting gems of this romantic country. Are you ready? Four, three, two, one…


Usually familiarity with Italy starting from Rome. He certainly has a right to it. And as the capital of Italy, and as the historical center. For example – in the life of every man there is a woman who command respect and admiration, and there are those that cause love. Where in the world is the city in which you can fall in love, it is Florence. That’s why you want to start with it.

Florence was founded back in 59 BC by Julius Caesar. Just a sip of this amazing historical spirit will enable you to understand the incomprehensible Florence… The name of the town comes from the Latin word “Florentia”, that is, the “blossoming.” Florence flowers everywhere: in the park are the fortress Pitti, the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary with a flower, colorful romantic soul wanders the streets of Florence.

In fact, you might even forget that you are “russo touristo” of twenty-first century, as unwittingly become a part of the Florence, where he lived Michelangelo, Dante, Petrarch. That and look: what emerges from the corner of genius sculptor with a piece of marble, which would later become the statue of the biblical David. Here comes up a donkey laden with sacks of jewels, but, after hearing of Michelangelo reflections of an ideal society, you can not help plumped for Dante, and he tells you in detail exactly which circle of hell you will. But be careful not to get lost: we are just beginning the journey of Florence.

First of all, you need to look at the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary with a flower. It does not matter, you’re Catholic or not, and whether you believe in God at all – in this cathedral feel the presence of a higher power. Does not believe that the average person could build this building!

The Cathedral is the third largest in the world. It was built half a century. The project of the cathedral, designed by architect Giotto, has undergone a lot of changes, so that from it there were only outlines. Outside the cathedral is faced with a fine pattern of white, green and red and pink stone. As they say, weddings, a green marble is no longer produced, so there is nothing to restore the cathedral. Some say that the cathedral pompous outside, but inside it is an undeniable ideal of modesty and refinement of taste.

A visit to the cathedral is like the door of the inner world of a great personality. Space, gray walls and dark wooden beams, the light that is played in the details of stained glass, the blessed person in the pictures, graceful Gothic – captures everything.

Reverence cause picture of the Bible, the image of the Pope, coats of arms of noble families. By the way, those families who have paid a lot, made chic coats of arms, the same as that little – small, such that both the genus name could not be read. Weekly visits the Cathedral, Cardinal. The input is always free. Most also interesting sculptures, models and jewelry surcharge can be seen in the museum at the floor below.

This cathedral has its secrets. Outside shows a very tall bell tower and octagonal bath. But in fact it is an optical illusion. If overcome four steps to the top of the bell tower, you will see that the bath up to 30 m.

Next to the cathedral stands the baptismal or Baptistery, the oldest building in the world. At the entrance is a golden gates of Paradise. According to legend, they are called so, because the one who first saw the beauty of the gate, said that they have to stand at the entrance to paradise.

Do not stop! Narrow streets lead you to the Piazza della Signoria, Florence’s city center since the Middle Ages. Here you will see the Loggia della Signoria, the majestic Neptune fountain and Lanzi Loggia. You can visit the historical fantasy of mythical creatures – the brave and fearful, cruel and generous, very emotional, but the truth, marble. Lanzi Loggia – a museum of sculptures in the open air, where the “Rape of the Sabine Women” by Giambologna, “Perseus” Cellini, “Hercules slaying the Centaur” carried, “Menelaus,” and others. The most curious thing happens at night, when the spotlight shines in the waters of a fountain playing in the cold majesty of marble, and people are going to listen to the fantastic music of street musicians.

Stone streets lead to the house where he lived and worked Dante, it goes to the windows window Beatrice. A few minutes – and you are already standing in the church, where Dante first saw her. Everything is close.

But the Uffizi Gallery is inevitable in any art lover. This architectural masterpiece was designed by Vasari, who wished to cram all the offices (“Uffizi”) in one place. Now, in this majestic building exhibited artistic masterpieces – ”The Adoration of the Magi” Gentile da Fabiano, “Birth of Venus” and “Spring” Botticelli’s “Venus of Urbino” by Titian, “The Annunciation” by Leonardo da Vinci paintings of Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Rubens, Perugino and others. However, the gallery is constantly being renovated, so some work can not be reached.

From the windows of galleries perfectly clear old bridge, or the Ponte Vecchio, thrown across the muddy river Arno and the wild. However, it is more like a long house, under which for some reason the water flows. Completely built-up shops, the bridge has become a “paradise of women and men living hell”: here in the shops selling handicrafts, chests of gold, silver and precious metals for all tastes.

If you get past the bridge and under the weight of ornaments you can still move forward, you will reward Pitti Palace, less famous than the Uffizi Gallery, but no less interesting. When Florence was the capital of Italy, the palace served as a royal residence. Today there are “live” art treasures. And again you will meet famous artists as Titian, Rubens, Raphael, Velasquez, Botticelli, Perugino, Tintoretto, Rose and others. In the halls of the outline of historical trail of Italian art: on the lower floors are old time pictures, whimsical interior of the rooms corresponds pomposity paintings, framed in gold, they represent luxury and fame. On the upper floor provides a different atmosphere – the attraction to realism, the new method, the elegance, the embryos of Impressionism.

Behind the palace is a place where thinking about the novel “The Idiot” Dostoevsky – Boboli Park. But this is not a dark place as you might think. This magnificently beautiful garden. Gray elegant fountain with sculptures, manicured cypress trees, the green trail that goes up… This place has its own elegant and inexhaustible poetry…

If you’re lucky enough to get to Florence in July, you will see an annual competition of the historic football. This festival founded in 1530. All players are dressed in medieval costumes.

This concludes our tour of Florence. There are a lot of interesting places worth seeing – Orsanmichele, Basilica of San Lorenzo, the Medici Riccardi Palace, the Museum of San Marco and the others. But not all at once! If you really liked in Florence, get the golden pig and stroke his nose, and you’re sure to come back!

Venice unmasked

The man in black and wearing a mask, which floats on the street in a boat with a glass cock in one hand and a bunch of lace at the other. No, it’s not a robbery during a flood. This is a tourist caught in Venice. And this fantasy is not accidental – in Venice easy and fun to fantasize.

They say that Venice is a city where you can easily get lost. Truth be told. Get lost in the narrow streets, confusing like a maze, or when gift  is real, it’s impossible to come back from Venice without a real carnival masks or glass products, which, by the way, is made in front of astonished tourists. Get lost you can finally in itself. Venice – it’s a real challenge to human existence, the mind and outlook. Imagine that the water – it is a street, trees grow out of the stone, the house on the water and pulling a hand out the window, you can say hello to a neighbor… Here, the imaginary becomes reality!

This town is situated on 118 islands connected by 400 bridges. It is the only city in the world where there is no ground transportation: people move either on foot or by gondola. The main channel Grande – Venice’s “Maidan”, the central street of the city. In addition to the boat ride here gondolas and water trams. Water, however, is not very clean. All channels every two years are cleared, but the water in the Venice of the problem. Once upon rainwater collected in wells, but now they are closed. According to legend, a doge (ie the ruler) boring lover drowned in the well, she howled with rage, and he ordered the closure of all wells, not to hear it.

By the way, in the Doge’s Palace in Venice is one of the most famous buildings in the world. There you are waiting for the Golden Stairs, Hall of four doors, the Hall of the compass, the Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners could at last see the white light before his execution, and other interesting things. There is also a wall clock, which does not move a runner, and the dial, and another clock with zodiac signs. And on the Piazza San Marco, the patron saint of Venice, you’ll see a bunch of tourists and the invasion of pigeons that coo at the same time with the loud noise and orchestras playing cafeterias. But it does not spoil, and is decorated with the general atmosphere. On the square are the two pillars between which previously executed prisoners. Venetians considered bad luck to walk between them.

History of Venice, a bit like the story of the Dnieper Ukrainian Cossacks. When Italy attacked by barbarians, robbing people, people moved to the island to wait it out. But then they moved forever, along with their culture and religion.

Houses stand on wooden pillars, petrified by the action of sea water. Water depth – 1-3 m. Sometimes doors of the houses open directly into the water, sometimes also a small porch, which drove up the gondola. Probably all Venetians sane, it’s not so difficult to cross the threshold and flop into the water. And now, guess why the streets are so narrow in Venice? To build such a street, you need a lot of energy and resources. That is why only the rich and noble people could afford to have a public garden.

On the gondola you’ll see how gondolier, turning, repelled by the walls of the house. As soon as you ride away from the main streets, it is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Strange smells of moss and something else. The windows on the lower floors of the buildings are sealed shut, and dried over head hanging by a thread between the houses, clothes. On numerous bridges under which the floating gondola, play glare of sunlight…

In Venice, a lot of interesting things. It is worth visiting the Church of the Virgin Mary The Healer, the Basilica of San Marco, Santa Giovanni e Paolo… the list will be long. Yes, it is true that the Venetians earned mainly on tourists. But in giving their money, do not get more than you? And remember: Recte facti fecisse merces est. – The reward for good work is the accomplishment of it.

What thought the elephant when he came to Napoli?

People living under the volcano. People who know where he lives mafia. Their lives may be cut off every second, but they do not want to defend himself. Neapolitans. They live on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that threatens to explode every second new Pompeii. After all, the last major eruption was in 1944. The authorities have repeatedly offered Neapolitan move to another place, but they refuse.

Just look at the big house with a lived-posted linens, lots of screaming children and women, and, frankly, a bit of know, at first glance, strange brave souls who volunteered to run the risk of not only life. Today negligence for their own security, in contrast to the Middle Ages, brings a smile and the word “adventurer” has turned into a curse. Neapolitans is another matter. They are so used to this life, that they do not want to change anything.

But perhaps you are not too surprised by the Neapolitans superstition. They have their own strange signs that ordinary people do not understand. The tour guides are willing to talk about the Neapolitan mafia, which supposedly attracts young people on motorcycles in their ranks and manages garbage disposal. Relatively young people on motorcycles, it is really a lot. In the 15 years that the boy already has his moped. By the way, in Naples almost no intact vehicles. The fact that the Neapolitans always insure their property and, therefore, do not look where they were going.

About Naples a lot can be said. Vesuvius, Pompeii, Naples magical bay, where, as in the song of “Fleur”, “sea meets the sky,” the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, Umberto Gallery, Sansevero Chapel, the underground city, magnificent beaches of Sorrento, Capri, where he lived Gorky, Ischia and the most delicious pizza in the world – this is what awaits you in an incomprehensible Naples.


Go through the Appian Way, to discuss the neighbors in the forum, to buy food and pottery, then, passing a lot of arches, squares and stairs, politely greet acquaintances, to suppress the heat in your mouth after drinking water from a fountain, and then still pray for those neighbors (which so there!) in the Pantheon, and go home… so to come back, but in the Coliseum, where gladiator fights worth seeing, let all the feelings that have accumulated over a long time, to express affection to the brave soldiers or throw their tomatoes… Here’s a typical day of a Roman.

What? Do you think that such a life is impossible in our time? Your presence in Rome, a good map to get lost, and a drop of imagination – that’s all you need to transform your dream into reality. And, perhaps, a bit of bread, because there’s enough circuses. After all, Rome is history. Home, which turned a hundred years old, is considered new. Here every stone tells his story. Just touch the cool marble, cold to the continuous life for all these centuries, touch, and he’ll tell you about the feet in woven slippers, which grew on him, or blood-stained faces of gladiators who have absorbed immediately last breath of air, or overworked, tired women which were placed on the stones their overflowing amphorae, to get some rest. Or an echo of comedies and tragedies, the speed of sound is concerned the cold marble. Move your hand on the gray-haired treasure, perhaps he will tell you, what would you be if you lived back then. Emperor? Vestal? Gladiator? Or a slave? How would you live then? With what would you surrounded? What facilities, people, conversations, and desires? In what would you believe?

The story continues. Here, among these ruins, walking new people and see with new eyes. And you too can see – personally, not through the eyes of historians and soulless photocopies. If you want to.

Capitol Hill, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Palatine, the Pantheon, the “Mouth of Truth”, the catacombs, Galleria Borghese… Rome is fine during the day. But as beautiful and night: lights Tiber Island, Triton Fountain and the Trevi Fountain… Water, mix in night light that streams flowing directly into the soul, absorbing in the heart of all the tracks except one – the memories of it shining in the dark silver…

Rome is not only a wonderful city. It is also the whole state, which is hidden in it. And here is it’s not about antiquity. And about the Vatican, which has become a mecca for tourists from all over the world.

In 1929, the Vatican was the whole state, though, and the smallest in the world. St. Peter’s Basilica, gold and marble luxury museums, the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo… This beauty just can not be avoided!

Yes, we have not mentioned about the park Tivoli, nor of San Marino, nor of the Tower of Pisa or the many other interesting things. But that’s another story. Because if you do decide to go to Italy for you is just the beginning…

Anastasia Cherednikova, manager of travel agency “LLC “Travel company “Sanmayl”:

“Italy is very popular among tourists. Conventionally, it is divided into two areas: the winter – ski resorts, summer – sightseeing tours. Problem with this country – visa. Very hard to get it. As in any Schengen country on a visa you need to spend two week, but will need a very “good” documents. According to my opinion, Italy will always be popular.”

Elizabeth, manager of travel agency:

“To go to Italy, you will need to collect in advance and submit the documents to the embassy. All the necessary original documents to return the next day. Term of the visa – a minimum of 10 days. Required documents: a valid passport, 2 color photos 3×4, certificate of employment (students – certificate from the school), the accounting form number 3, the financial guarantee (credit card or the original traveler’s checks), a certificate of marriage (divorce), employment history, profile, internal passport, air ticket, for children – plus the same documents notarized permission to travel abroad. If applying for the visa fee paid at the rate of 45 Euros and is not refundable in case of undiscovered visa. passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of departure from Italy.”

Eugenia Perutska