30.10.2012 - Education

Learning English: does more expensive is better?

With each passing year the need for language learning is growing at times. If 10 years ago, foreign language evidence of considerable intellectual ability and advantage of such a man, now is a great ignorance as lack of education, and in some circles even unacceptable.

Methods and benefits of mastering English

Ignorance of the world business language, ie English, significantly reduces the cost of employee labor market. In addition, the times of globalization have provided many opportunities that are not allowed in the Soviet. They include holiday abroad, watching movies, reading books in the original and, finally, listening to foreign music with confidence that the song is about love, not the prison routine.

Where there is demand, there is a suggestion. Today, methods, courses and methods of learning English is a furious amount. Each of these specialized institutions widely advertises itself boast unique, different from other methods of study, as well as luring granting diplomas to complete the course. Many in this pecks, but not everyone is willing to pay money only after a questionable dyplomchyk. So before you stop your choice on one of the options to consider its possibilities, wishes and individual needs.

The most common ways of learning are courses and English language schools in Ukraine, tutoring, school and college English-speaking countries, as well as independent study. Everything popular is the program Work and Travel, but this is more for maintaining a certain level for a person who does not know the language, it is hardly well learn it only through time spent in English-speaking environment.

English courses in Ukraine

Among the many schools it is difficult to choose one that would really give the necessary knowledge. An important criterion is the cost rate for roll does not mean the quality of services. Perhaps the high price sometimes caused no availability of qualified teachers, but simply an attempt to return spent on advertising costs. But this is only guesswork, so return to the topic. By entering a search engine phrase “academic English” get more than seven million references. In this case, the numbers speak better than words. Some offer cheaper, more quickly, and some of that and more. There are even such geniuses that promise to teach the language in two weeks. Folk wisdom is well characterized by the following promises: “Milka water noisy, stupid man hvastlyva.”

To see for yourself what is offered by such institutions, set off to one of the famous Kiev school of English. Immediately pass a computer test to determine the level (which is positive because the group will stay the same people with knowledge), then talk to us individually, and telling myself rozhvalyuyuchy pricing. In general, the amount depends on the knowledge of time you plan to give the study, and method of instruction (individually or in group). For example, we counted three thousand per month.

Marina Munteanu, educational consultant Speak up, agitating for the study in groups, because the advantage of this method is not only lower cost but also more opportunities to communicate in English. However groups should be no more than five people. According to the woman, time, which really explore each level can be up to five weeks to three months. This is just one level, and their seven in English:

- Beginners (original);

- Elementary (basic)

- Pre-Intermediate (below average);

- Intermediate (middle);

- Upper Intermediate (above average);

- Advanced (advanced);

- Master (perfect).

“The advantages of high-school English is drawing up an individual training plan with the help of experienced educational consultants, so you can independently choose the desired level, the purpose of learning, the time you want and can devote to training, aspects of language (spoken language, enrichment of vocabulary, grammar ). Also, your progress in training will be under constant professional supervision, – says Marina Munteanu. – The most important structural elements to be in all schools are:

- Club students;

- Small groups;

- Control system in the process of language skills;

- Cutting-edge multimedia solutions;

- Experienced teachers. “

So every man can choose the school that suits him, but more personal service, the more the cost of personal funds.

A similar situation of finding a tutor. Best friend and have to be aware of his professional abilities and ability to teach the material.

School and College English speaking countries

Opportunity to study in these schools is the one who is ready to put a considerable amount. However, some returns, such as the UK with only slightly improved level. Another example is the school of English for business, where adult men in suits offered to play games on English words with a ball. So the choice of host institution must also be very careful.

Manager of Educational Programs of Study.ua Daniel Goncharuk abroad learning English believes the most effective:

“No Ukrainian courses can not teach to speak, as does the immediate environment. Yes, you can teach a specific set of words, rules by which they are made in the sentence, but quickly and confidently speak foreign you will not. “

There are many intermediary companies that organize all travel abroad to detail, taking into account even who you will meet at the airport. Depending on the wishes you can settle in the family S (economy version), in the campus (a kind of dormitory) school, college or university. Accommodation will cost the most expensive. Studying in the UK costs an average of 250-350 dollars per week, excluding housing costs, food and personal needs.

Daniel speaks of another way of learning that is not listed above, but this proposal more concerned students:

“There is an opportunity to combine learning English along with training in an area that interests you. For example, if you are studying on specialty travel business, then, firstly, be able to expand vocabulary in your area, and secondly, to work in a large company engaged in tourism, and thirdly, to establish business contacts. Some companies even paid internships. “

At first glance, a very attractive offer, but to go for training in specialty journalism almost impossible: the job is very rare. Mostly need managers, agents travel business, and more.

Self study

Mentioned famous saying that you can not teach those who do not want. So the main key to success in learning foreign is conscientious and periodic training. Of course, it is sometimes very hard to make myself some schools this is very well used, vymanyuyuchy with your money. However, if you defeat yourself, the result surpassed all expectations.

One friend studied English in seven years, for this she went to many coaches and attended some courses do not, but speaking level was not reached. I decided to go to England, but being in a completely strange environment without understanding the language, fell into despair. She began to self-study language: reading books, watching movies and listening to English radio. Also appeared on the street and just listened to what people say. And it really helped, but is it worth it for this go to another country and pay huge sums?

Now the Internet can find many English-language audio and video products that are highly effective. The main is to create your schedule of study, distributing the load on each day and to honor him.

Here are some tips that might be useful.

Council first. Try to practice regularly. 20-30 minutes of daily activities bring much greater benefits than 1-2 times a week for 2-3 hours.

Tip third. From the first months of training go to the English web site. Especially useful travel sites. The information they provided mainly in the present tense. Vocabulary is simple, and most importantly – useful. And if one day you find yourself abroad, can boast of their practical knowledge.

Tip three. From the third or fourth month start viewing any interesting drama in English, preferably with Ukrainian subtitles. The fact that serials often repeated similar language: a situation viewed from different sides many times. This helps to memorizing new words and expressions.

Why is it better Ukrainian subtitles? When your vocabulary is small, will be extremely difficult and uninteresting to press pause whenever there is a new unit subtitles to understand what is written there. Ukrainian subtitles will enable to understand what is happening.

Not terrible, that the first series you will understand little of English. Gradually begin to capture the individual words and phrases, and then you will already notice the inaccuracies of translation, and very soon (about a series of 100-m) notice that all understand, even without subtitles.

Tip fourth. Do not neglect grammar and homework. Tips number 1 and number 2 will be completely useless if you do not know the rules by which words are composed in a sentence. In other words, no grammar, your language will be as meaningless set of words.

Tip five. Use the time you spends on the road to university or to work, to study English. Today MP3-player entered in each house. Listen to the same thing many times until zavchyte heart all the phrases. The more prepared statements nahromadytsya in your head, it will be easier to communicate. It is important when listening to try to repeat aloud all heard.

Tip sixth. Read in English. Everything that you want. Do not like fiction – read specialized for their interests. Pay attention to new words and expressions to grammatical structure. Do not miss if you are uncertain. Just trying to figure out you can move forward.

Therefore, ways and possibilities of English nowadays lot of power. Select up to you. One need only remember that the best guarantee of proficiency is not a diploma, issued on questionable courses, and your practical skills and the ability to speak freely.

Jana Polischuk