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K-pop: frantic fans

Punks, goths, rockers, emo – these youth trends on everyone’s lips and even have a little “pop”. Diggers and ruftery have slowly come into fashion. But have you ever heard anything about violent fans of Korean culture?

What is K-Pop and why you eat?

K-pop – is a music genre that originated inSouth Koreaand absorbed elements of Western pop, electro, hip-hop and rhythm and blues. Originally it was a single line in music now – a subculture with millions of supporters among young people all over the world, thanks to modern means of communication, including the availability of digital content and the Internet.

K-pop has gone from a little-known outside the Asian region to the popular music genre in the world of youth culture. Experts believe that this trend has become one of the most important parts of promoting a culture ofSouth Korea. Dance – an integral part of the key-pop. The songs of this genre are characterized by repetitive and easy-to-remember phrases and clips brightness and unpredictability.

So that this is in Korean representatives of the genre that attracts young people from all over the world?

First, it’s great looks celebrity. Idol – is primarily the role of the profession. Therefore, the appearance – more than a fetish, not only for fans but also for “idols” is one of their main “means of production”. Glow earrings in your ears up eyes and lips, fluffy fur and feathers, shiny hipsters – you would think once about gay boy? Not at all! It’s just his uniform.

A and beauty – this is only part of the success. Behavior – another component of attractiveness. Idol should be sweet, charming, likable and even innocent. He must have «aegyo» (concept describing facial expressions and gestures, which is an example of good manners). For example, one should always smile, even if you have suffered some kind of failure. First is a little upset, and sincerely smile and reassure his supporters that next time it must succeed.

Of course, demeanor and style of dress – is that, first of all, try to copy the key-pop fans from all over the world. European supporters use various tricks makeup to add your eyes more “Asian” form.

Management and organization

The majority of key-pop groups is running musical agencies. Similar companies are trying to control and subsidize the life of a professional musician, spending nearly 400 thousand dollars in his training and “run”. Usually future idols begin aggressively deal with this musical genre in the 9-10-year-old. They go to school in the morning, and taught dance and singing – in the evenings.

However, a pop industry is frequently criticized because agencies do their best to capitalize on young talent and plan their overtime working hours, or so-called “contract slavery”. Since musicians often enter into an agreement on many years, in fact, beneficial to performers financially.

Unfortunately, corruption component did not avoid this sphere. In 2011, on charges of organizing a system of prices, was arrested 29 officials relating to television and radio shadow which profit from malpractice amounted to more than 30 million won (30,000 dollars).


As for the musical characteristics of the genre, the most critical of so-called “pipeline” nature of music production and its commercial component. Artists rarely imitate American pop music, highlighting Korean ridiculous, “the surface text”, thus depriving the original work.


InKorea, there is a tradition fans favorite musicians give the bag of rice, symbolizing respect and support. Interestingly, in one of his speeches Korean male group BIG BANG gift fans were transferred nearly 13 tons of millet Saracen. This “jewel” called “the altar of key-pop idols.” Later even been established a special company whose purpose – to make sure the rice gets “on purpose.” One of them has 24 worldwide offices and collaborates with farmers, bringing them to ship rice to the destination.

Another way to show support for your favorite band – post lunch. This practice was the result of the experience of the fans that their idols badly fed due to busy schedules. After that there are companies that specialize in the delivery of meals. Also a large number of supporters goes on organized tours to see your favorite bands live.

However, often shocking fans idols their behavior. For fans often obsessed, impulsive and even prone to invasion of privacy musicians. These include mainly the girls, some of them even hire a taxi for surveillance of their idol. And this is not without commercial benefit: different kinds of firms openly offered his services for this type of action, installing hidden cameras and more.

In the words of the singers themselves have been repeated attempts to hack their homes, photographing buildings, theft of personal belongings, and sometimes even fixed on vehicles favorite artists GPS (to control their movement).

K-pop in Ukraine

The large number of Ukrainian fans of K-pop even started learning Korean. Many say that this subculture – the main cause of their “desire” to language learning. Students are also learning Korean songs and dances, participate in activities dedicated to Asian cultures.

Due to the active participation of Ukrainian fans, today organized overseas trips to concerts of Korean artists are also many Ukrainian send gifts to their idols. Instead, more and more Korean bands remember their Ukrainian fans on social networks and different programs.

However, the rate of interest to our fellow K-pop psychologists is not cautious. Jaroslava Gavrylenko argues that the Ukrainian movement until it turned into a violent “persecution” for idols and hopes that in the future and this will not happen.


“I am delighted key-pop for nearly a year, but my life is unthinkable without this music. There are many K-pop groups are not only pleasant to listen to, but also where it is pleasant to look at. Their songs – with content, dance – beautiful, often with elements of acrobatics. They communicate with fans, while many other celebrities consider it unacceptable. Apart from the domestic K-pop pop – something that causes irritation only (if at all it can cause something),” – says Tatiana.

However, not everyone shares this position. As a former member of this subculture Angelina mention of key-pop irritating. “I do not like K-pop. Maybe a couple of songs worthy of attention, but the rest – complete nonsense. Same song, same type of bands, girls with legs ear, without voice, albeit with attractive appearance … I myself was a fan of this subculture, but at some point I realized that this is a real nonsense, and returned to a favorite year.”

Expert commentary

Jaroslava Gavrylenko psychologist: “It is to distinguish between admiration and fanaticism. For any bigotry is, in fact, unhealthy phenomenon in psychology. And fans such behavior a little alarming. It can be caused by problems in the family, work, school. Thus, young people want to isolate themselves from reality and seeking admiration “out of my life.” However, the Ukrainian movement that has not yet turned into a violent “persecution” for idols, and hopefully in the future this will not happen.”

Tetiana Havryliuk