12.10.2013 - News

To the South Pole in 22 days

A Brithish teenager will try to get from the Antarctica coast to the South Pole in the record time.

19-year-old Parker Liautaud is preparing to the record-breaking expedition. He is going to overcome a 640 kilometres long distance on foot. The rout is from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. It is worth noticing that the traveler is not a natural athlete.

Parker is planning to pass the rout for 22 days. If he manages, he will break a speed record. Meanwhile he may become the youngest male to сope with such a distance (only younger female did it in the past).

Preparations to the expedition are also unusual. For example, last month Liautaud spent a night in a cold chamber near Tower Bridge.

Every day Liautuad will carry out tests to show how the climate is changing. He claims that drawing attention to ecological problems is far more important than testing his physical capacity.

Autor: Oleksandra Prysiazhniuk
Source:  telegraph.co.uk