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How to marry a man on itself

 In love you in an ideal man only minus of that is an absolute unwillingness to bind by itself the bonds of Hymen? Time to recover in memory institute lectures on marketing and to undertake decisive actions.

We make the plan of actions

You are not difficult to find an answer for the most provocative question, operatively to accept a major strategic decision, because you are a business, repose in itself modern girl. But once you meet Him and understand suddenly, that all your personal achievements cost nothing. You begin to blush at every meeting, lost in words, behave foolishly and inadequately. Make sure once again, that He is the same “your man”, father of your future children etc. But here trouble, your elect possesses all qualities of modern macho: he is inflexible, always busy at the decision of very important problems, he does not absolutely have spare time, including on your with him relations. He is satisfied by that has, and nothing gathers to change. His future is games of large boys, but not daily amusing with movable indicators.

But also you are embroidered a not bast. Bravely connect the imagination and knowledge of marketing laws. Believe, on the personal relations they spread too. A plan following: we study a competitor and market (a man feeling, that him it is gathered to marry on itself, can grow into a serious opponent), produce strategy of actions (face-control, dress-code,self-promotion), occupy stable position at the market (we train him to itself) and take in a competitor (under the sounds of march of Mendelson, in itself). But about everything one after another.

Study of competitor and market

Proceeding to such not simple business, as a conquest of modern man, do not forget that a rival can not be underestimated. Let he looks as a typical botanist or obvious metrosecsual – will never guess, that is created in his head and to what conclusions and consequences can lead to this process of cogitative activity. In short, by a woman mind not to understand a man… But it is possible to study his predilections and model of behavior. So folded historically, that most representatives of stronger sex operate standard enough. And it to us only on a hand, but we will go back to marketing.

And, SWOT- analysis. It is the most effective method to know about all hidden dignities and lacks of any man. We will not deepen in scientific subtleties, in this case this superfluous. In the home terms of SWOT- an analysis can be done by means of the usual sheet of paper, divided into two columns: “pluses” and “minuses” in that it is necessary to write down all characteristic for your man actions, expressions and other. However this method has the defect: after working out the totals you can simply give up further actions, as, however, and from a man.

If dignities nevertheless outweighed defects, time to undertake field studies. Id est to collect all accessible to wide public information about your elect. To play an agent 007 does not cost, simply watch after that, how he behaves in one or another situations. Eventually, simply associate with his native and near – some piquant detail will emerge suddenly.

Main do not accomplish foolish errors from the series of the fanatic aiming of certificates. All must take place naturally and unobtrusively. In fact in an ideal the field researches for that come true, to study an object in a natural environment. And in our case – to understand how to operate farther.

The next stage is a focus-group. In her realization you will be helped by friends and parents are people that is directly interested in your happiness. Outside always more visible, whether lights to you with him anything. In fact to all women even most clever and advanced, in relationships with opposite sex inherently predilection for pink glasses and ignoring of obvious things. Mainly, that people that you chose for focus-group were not afraid to tell the truth and the did not more twist reality.

Choice of strategy

Agree, without her, nowhere. Even if pragmatism is not inherent you as such. It is possible, certainly, to yield to the gust (on occasion it even to the best) and throw oneself in a whirlpool with a head. But on business of domestication of such difficult variety, as Man Modern, woman impulsiveness can only harm.


Being base on results of researches, you must choose some model of behavior to decide, whether there will be you to represent from itself an unapproachable fortress or quivering fallow deer. It, certainly, extremes. More correct than all to remain itself in any situation. But in especially difficult cases for the achievement of the cherished aim it is possible to use some cunnings.

Price politics and packing completely depend on positioning. Woman with a bitch look and behavior of femme fatale dressed in pink ruches, looks, put it mildly, amusedly. As, however, and the vested in the pulled about overalls young lady chasing after a prince on “bently”. There must be harmony in everything. Believe, men, in spite of all their shortsightedness and short-sightedness, too feel falseness. Namely on an ideal make-up, well-groomed hair and hands, nice clothing is the same axiom, as mathematical about parallel lines.

Time to think about promotion comes after the choice of image, or, speaking a human language, to untwisting. The most effective methods are piar, advertisement, ivent andsempling. For example, you decided to conquer a man in character a diligent housewife. Id est actively participate in all mugs of cutting and sewing, visit culinary courses and training (desirably, that upon completion of educational events deeds were given out yet and). Then tell about achievements all and each, and upon completion arrange a supper at candles with tasting of brandname dish from a head-cook.

Important clarification: a meal must be edible, otherwise no promoakcja will help next time.

Building campaign

We will present that you already some time together. All is perfect as though, but the weakened is however needed. Forever forget about terrible dressing-gowns and cosmetic procedures in his presence – it is not necessary to injure the sensitive masculine soul by a circumstance that absence of vegetation on some areas of your body the not physiological phenomenon.

Research of the place at the market

You always must remain on the alert and not to forget that on ten girls on statistics nine guys, and if to eliminate all alcoholics (beer on Friday with friends not in an account) and spongers, there will be a not nearly impressive amount of ideal men on unit of woman population. Feelings have a tendency to cool off, nevertheless the way of life takes it. A competitor can remember about the freedom-loving positions and perepositioned. Exit – supporting promoakcja.

Open in itself something new, do not stand in place, raise (only not in breadth), be always interesting. Remain a puzzle, unread by a book. That yet? Pamper his healthy home food – remember a proverb about a way to the heart of man? If previous points were successfully incarnate in life, a competitor will decide to be taken in by you. And on this stage most important – in time to say: “Yes”!

Olena Ushakova