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How to live a balanced life

People are not so much afraid of  death, as of life lived insignificant. And the life of each person develops differently. Some drop out of personal ambition because of the need to support families. Other victim the joys of family life in favor of career. Many people spend long hours at the office or at home with the family, but did not have time to take care of physical and spiritual health. Some do not find any joy in children nor married, nor in their work, either in themselves. Lack of joy in life – a sign that it’s balance incorrectly prioritized.

Is there a balance in your life? 

Work hard to achieve this goal – a piece worthy and important, but the pursuit of the only successful goal should not overshadow the basis of a balanced life. Otherwise, it will cause problems that would seem to be neglected, but over time they will harass the soul, each time stronger.

Probably for every major pieces of the “life pie” are: family, friends, career, finances, physical health, relaxation, spiritual life, personal development. It is these eight pieces define the meaning of our existence. It is desirable to harmonize them so that they constituted a single entity, but each person has their own values, and hence their balance of these components.

One woman said she is living a balanced life, provided the daily implementation of the six things: reading spiritual literature, visiting the gym, use of vitamins and protein drink, embroidery, playing the piano and writing a few lines in his diary. It takes only two hours in the morning. Then she goes to work happy. Even if during the day she is no longer able to do anything for herself, she knows that has done the most important thing. In addition, this woman is planning to meet with friends, family members, people whose values ​​are shared. She finds time to go to the cinema, theater. But it does not happen every day.

Someone important family dinners, someone – a quiet retreat, someone needs a massage, and someone – to drive a car or go to the country. And that creates an inner sense of balance do you have? And whether you do it regularly, what feel the need? What needs to be corrected in your life, so that it was more fun and harmony?

You can estimate using the wheel of life balance, as set out in the picture aside, how much of our life is balanced and where to wait for problems.

Each sector corresponds to a specific wheel of life on a scale of 0 to 10. With its help, we determine the degree of satisfaction of a particular sphere of life, and denote the corresponding values ​​on the axes. Then successively connect all the dots and look, similar to the figure on the wheel.

In each of our lives there are moments when we pay more attention to just one of the aspects. In such cases, we must recognize that we need a break, otherwise everything goes awry. Sometimes work takes all of our time, or any of our loved ones is sick and in need of our care, or long trip knocks us out of the normal rhythm. In inharmonious condition, we can not feel the joy of life. The purpose of the balance – quickly recognize when we over-emphasize just one area of ​​life at the expense of others, and as quickly as possible to restore the balance.

Wheel balance of life – a great tool to clarify the situation, sometimes very difficult to be able to change it. In case we need to understand the difficult circumstances, to decide the balance of life will gather to focus on what we want and find the key to success. If your wheel is not ideal, it is necessary to correct the situation. How to do it?

The balance can be planned

First of all, analyze the resulting picture. In what areas are worse off? Highlight the most important of them. In which area you want to change in the near future?

Write down the three steps that you can do to improve the situation in the areas where the strongest skew. Determine how often you repeat these steps – every day, several times a week or several times a month. Schedule these activities in your daily schedule.

Balance and harmony translate into cyclical and regularity of certain actions. Suppose we are done charging once. This, of course, good. But physical harmony in the body, we have not reached. Harmony will come when we will take care of your health on a regular basis. Only sustained efforts produce results.

When planning a change in your life, start small. It is not necessary to make a decision to do exercises every day, if you have previously been sedentary. You do not last long. First, the first very difficult to find in our schedule extra half an hour to do what we have not done before. Secondly, you will be difficult to sustain such burden. Start with a simple – plan each morning to 20 times squat and push-ups. But every morning! It does not take much time, do not drain you, but in the long run will give significant results.

Let’s say you have decided to learn a new activity, or learn a foreign language. Plan to give this case 15 minutes daily. As a result, for the year you will be able to devote 146 hours of the new case.

The same goes for relationships. Ask yourself what your actions will help to strengthen relationships with family and friends: a phone call, card, small gift, words of support and approval. Plan for these actions in their daily routine, until they are in the habit.

Do not carry all the actions to improve the balance of life in the evening. Make them gradually throughout the day. Otherwise, the charter of the day, you’ll miss something important or set aside for later. Create a balanced schedule, based on your priorities and start acting!

Take the first steps on the road wheel alignment balance of life – very important. With these small steps, you can gradually adjust all aspects of life and provide a wheel balance perfectly round shape.

Daily activities – the key to the balance

So, we realized that the creation of the balance of life – is a planned process, not a one-time action. And here are the most important factor in daily activities. Simple daily activities, augmented over time – it’s a fine line that separates a balanced life from the one in which there is no balance.

For example, 95% of health – it’s a choice we make every day. Physical activity, a balanced diet, taking vitamins … After a couple of days we did not feel the changes, but if you include it in our lives, in a year, five, ten, we can look younger than their peers. And as we build our relationship? What do we tell our loved ones? The fact that support their self-esteem or lowers it? Their daily activities, we are destroying the relationship or reinforce them?

Personality development also requires daily activities. For example, if you force yourself to read fifteen pages a day, the first day we become wise man in the world, but over the year we will be able to read 20 books in five years – 100 books. So we go up the intellectual ladder one step higher.

Daily affirmative action requires and our financial sector. Robert Kiyosaki says that creating wealth is easy, but boring. Whatever your income, carefully plan your expenses and delay a small percentage every month for long-term savings. This will give you confidence in the future at the expense of small restrictions today.

Time inexorably moving forward, so you need to plan activities so as to be in the positive dynamics that time was working for us, not against us. The previous five years of our lives have been, will be held the following five. The point is, in what dynamics we will be – in a positive or negative.

Make a plan for your life balanced and set himself in the most important areas on its positive trend. Think about what you want to improve in the family, relationships, work, finances, physical health, spiritual life, your personality? What will help to bring peace, pleasure and joy in your life? What does it mean to you a balanced life?

Stress – a major imbalance factor 

Wheel balance – this is the list of priorities in life, which can help overcome stress and not let it spoil our lives. Dr. Duke Johnson calls the stress any directional pressure on us, requiring an appropriate response. The source of stress may be one or more of the mentioned eight areas of our lives. Trying to do away with stress, people use different ways. One of them – the flight using drugs and alcohol. However, it does not help to find a balance and destroys our soul and body.

Look again at the wheel balance. Is there such a sphere, which becomes a source of stress for you? If so, you can not get away from it because you can not ignore the important things in our lives.

Stress occurs when, in the opinion of Stephen Covey, people driven by a desire to respond only to urgent matters, as well as pleasant and popular among others. This leaves little time for what really is important.

In this approach, a person begins to “invest” in a relationship only when they become urgent and cause stress (when the wife is on the verge of a divorce or a child just got out of hand). Such a relationship can not be just a “build.” They become a thorny issue that will have to solve for decades. Such a situation can be avoided if the “Invest” at the stage when they are important and not urgent.

Another example would be health. If you eat properly or do not do sports, citing a lack of time or non-urgent of these aspects, you may find yourself in a situation that is life threatening. When health becomes an important issue, other problems become irrelevant. However, if the daily fine to watch your body, you can reduce the likelihood of any disease.

Stephen Covey believes that there are no quick ways to achieve life balance. Our priorities may change as well as the circumstances. It encourages to think about what we value the most, and lay a solid foundation of a balanced future. Sequential urgent reassessment of priorities, should become a habit. “It requires determination, but remember, it is not necessary to exchange what you want most for what you want at this very moment,” – says Covey.

Jaroslav Vigul