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Caribbean invite divers

Caribbean beckons travelers with its warm weather and beaches, world-class, and the underwater world offers additional experience.

The water area of ​​the Caribbean includes three different systems of coral reefs from Central America to the Bahamas, including a large Mesoamerican Reef – the third largest in the world.

During a trip to the Caribbean, you have the opportunity to dive and see the underwater world. Diving can help you personally and intimately familiar with coral reefs and their inhabitants. Even if diving is not your favorite pastime, the clear waters of the Caribbean make it easy to see the fish floating on the surface.

You can visit the clear, warm waters of Grand Cayman, where you are waiting for scuba diving on the reef, meeting underwater inhabitants, fascinating excursions to sunken ships.

Turks and Caicos, famous for its clear water and huge reefs. As a result, they are one of the best places to scuba dive while cruising the Caribbean. In addition, one of the attractions is the Carnival cruise in which you can participate.

After diving you waiting for exciting excursions on land and beautiful beaches.

To study the underwater life all you need – it’s fins, mask and snorkel. These programs are designed for the whole family, because it’s fun for all ages available. Scuba diving is not the only option to go down to the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

If you do not have a certificate for scuba diving, but you still want to see more, try diving helmet that is connected to an oxygen tank on the surface and allows you to explore the bottom of the sea.

You can take part in excursions diving in shipwrecks and even see underwater statues, such as the Underwater Sculpture Park Moliner in Grenada.

In the port you can rent snorkeling gear and go anywhere – whether it’s secluded coves or beaches, clear waters.

Here are the most popular cruise lines, with exciting rides, both on shore and in the water.

Grand Cayman

This is a very popular holiday destination that offers exciting cruises, diving excursions, visits to the carnival, amusement parks. For shopping enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit the shops and markets.

Great restaurants and white sand beaches are sure to impress. During the dives you will be able to visit the Grotto of the devil and sunk in the 1940 schooner Cali. Islands are located near a lot of underwater caves and reef.


Despite the fact that the destination can be found on most of the routes on Bonaire stop several luxury cruise lines (Princess, Silversea, Celebrity).

Visiting the island is the best choice for a summer cruise, since it is located below the “hurricane belt”.

Turks and Caicos

Although the Turks and Caicos Islands are not technically considered part of the Caribbean, diving here is spectacular. For experienced divers invited to visit the walls of Grand Turk, which is a part of the many cruise lines Caribbean. Be sure to recommend you to visit the Marine National Park.

On the island there is a small village with buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. In this village you can enjoy the unique dishes of fish.

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