24.10.2013 - News

Chinese Temple painted “cartoonish” frescoes

The Chinese authorities to “restore” the centuries-old Buddhist frescoes in the church , filling in their figures of cartoon characters from Taoist mythology.

This is the latest example of the controversial preservation of cultural heritage in China, where many of the ancient structures have been destroyed in recent decades, often then to replace them with a copy.

Temple in Chaoyang , in the northeastern province of Liaoning, was built over 270 years ago. His fragile original painting preserved to this day , albeit in a slightly dilapidated condition . While the authorities have not made ​​a “restoration” of frescoes , new paintings, done in a cartoon style , bold , too simplified and represent very different things .

Chinese Internet users have attacked the work in their microblogs , saying that the new film ” even worse than the cartoons .”

” As a resident of Chaoyang , it seems to me that donkeys took the brain in some people, ” – writes the user under the name Brave Brick. – “I would cut out the mural and took the knife to their home, if I could provide for such . “

Another user said: ” Ignorance is terrible! “

Tourist authorities in charge of the temple, hired ” substandard ” contracting out maintenance work and, therefore, the consequences caused by these pictures were horrible , told News Express, citing Li Haifeng , a spokesman for the government of Chaoyang City . In connection with the incident , two employees were laid off.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
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